All monsters featured in Werewolf by Night

All monsters featured in Werewolf by Night

After making us wait a long time to bring the horror component of the comic book Marvel Universe to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios saw in the Special Presentation dedicated to Jack Russell the possibility not only of giving life to a character who can be the interpreter of this horror vein of the franchise, but also to offer fans of the saga a first taste of the rich parterre of monstrous creatures that could populate the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Reason why, precisely in Werewolf by Night, the monsters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear, which are subtly introduced using the presence of the Bloodstone family to highlight the 'monstrous' aspect of the franchise.

Subscribe now to Disney + at € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year As good monster hunters, in fact, the Bloodstones have faced most of the monstrous creatures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If in the film the only non-human creatures we met are Jack Russell and Man-Thing, thanks to the intro which shows the bestiary of the Bloodstone family and the trophies hanging on the walls of the mansion we can get an idea of ​​what the future monsters will be. of the franchise.

The future monsters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear in Werewolf by Night

Rightly, with Werewolf by Night one could only focus on werewolves. Jack Russell best embodies this traditional horror movie character, that is a human being who, following a curse, is condemned to live a double nature, which in the nights of a full moon brings out the animal side of him, erasing his personality. It is not yet clear what the future of Jack Russell will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but if it were to develop as in the comics, the lycanthropy could come to interest other characters, perhaps introducing Man-Wolf, or John Joanh Jameson III.| ); }
Werewolf by Night does not speak openly about vampires, but about 'monstrum alatum', winged monsters. The drawings shown in the film's intro and the trophy hanging in the main hall of the Bloodstone mansion, however, indicate that these creatures, if not vampires, are akin to the bloodsucking race. Considering that for some time we have been waiting to see Mahershala Ali wield the sword of Erik Brooks, aka Blade the vampire hunter, this umpteenth clue of the presence of these creatures in Marvel Cinematic Univere seems to indicate the desire to give a very specific solidity to the horror contersto. of the franchise.

The readers of the Marvel comics will have recognized in one of the drawings of the grimoire of the monsters of the Bloodstone the Wendigo, monster of the legends of North America, which according to tradition would be born when a human being, in a moment of desperation, is possessed by an evil spirit. In the comic book context, this monster was one of Wolverine's first opponents, who repeatedly collided with similar creatures in the forests of Alberta. The Wendigos belong to that family of imaginary beings which are also associated with Bigfoot and Sasquatch, characters who have often made appearances in the comics of the House of Ideas.

Curiously, in the adventure of Jack Russel we discover how Michael Giacchino did not want to present the mermaids according to modern iconography, who would like them to be beautiful women with the lower part of a fish, but preferred to refer to a conception monstrous, recalling how different cultures have attributed different aspects to this type of creatures. Apparently, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we will have a particularly monstrous version of these creatures.

Among the macabre trophies we see in the Bloodstone Mansion appears the head of a demon, another type of monstrous creature that could play an important role in the horror context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. The demonic component has already been implied in previous works, such as WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, or the small demons that appeared in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. In Werewolf by Night, however, the demon head exhibited as a trophy, as confirmed by the director Michael Giacchino himself, is that of Krogg, a demon who appears in Marvel's comics in Werewolf by Night # 8 (1973), in which he is revealed to be gifted of the power to take possession of the bodies of other living beings.

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