A rare BMW 507 sees the light again after 43 years

A rare BMW 507 sees the light again after 43 years

A BMW 507 forgotten in a garage for 43 years, was sold at auction for the exorbitant sum of 2.3 million dollars. This is not the description of any collector's dream, but what has happened in recent months in the United States.

"It is truly incredible that such an important sports car could have been hidden in a warehouse for over 40 years, without being seen," said Eric Minoff, Senior Specialist at Bonhams US Collector Cars. - It is a real hidden treasure and has offered its new owner a great opportunity "

The importance and rarity of this model derive from various factors. The small BMW spider was born from the idea of ​​Max Hoffman, a luxury car importer who in the mid-1950s convinced the Bavarian house to invest in his project. BMW was coming from a period that was not particularly prosperous due to low domestic sales of the 501 and 502 sedans, and welcomed Hoffman's proposal. The idea was to create a sports car, designed primarily for the American market, costing about $ 5,000 (1956 value), placing itself halfway between the affordable MG and Triumph and the luxurious Mercedes-Benz 300L. The unique design, which makes it universally considered one of the most beautiful roadsters ever made, was entrusted to Albrecht Graf Goertz.

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During production, costs soared due to the long manual labor required for the construction of the body, and the selling price was raised for $ 10,500. Only 252 units were built against the expected 5,000, bringing BMW to the brink of bankruptcy.

But despite the price (or perhaps because of that), some famous people bought it, including Alain Delon, Prince Rainier of Monaco, John Surtees, and Elvis who even owned two.

Let's go back to the specimen for sale. It was purchased, complete with a hard top, in 1957 by the American Lester Stebbins in Venezuela, who, following his move to Canada, took the car with him (apparently it was one of his favorites). In 1975 it was repainted and the original silber blau (silver blue) disappeared under Pontiac's new bright blue metallic color. In 1978 it was sold to another collector who moved it to California, in his garage, from which he has not moved (literally) until today.

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