Why review Malcolm in the Middle on Disney Plus: one of the best TV series ever

Why review Malcolm in the Middle on Disney Plus: one of the best TV series ever

Why review Malcolm in the Middle on Disney Plus

To describe Malcolm in the Middle and effectively explain why the Linwood Boomer television series is one of the funniest, cheekiest and best ever, just mention the first scene of the first episode: an American family of the third millennium meets at the table. for breakfast, the children talk, eat and argue in front of their parents who, serenely, are busy shaving their father naked. And it is almost a shame to throw away that good of God, “at least the birds could make nests there”, concludes the mother.

Subscribe now to Disney + for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year Here, Malcolm is this and much more, a pink parenthesis between the words "American family", the connecting link among the most successful sitcoms of the time, such as Will & Grace, and the yellow genius of the Simpsons. If you were already familiar with the series, the time we have been waiting for has finally come, as it is now available on Disney +. While if you've never had the chance to see Malcolm in the Middle, we'll explain why you can't miss them anymore.

Why see Malcolm in the Middle on Disney Plus: one of the best TV series ever

Malcolm in the Top Breaking Dad Malcolm in the Middle: 22 years later

Malcolm in the Top

Let's start with an assumption: what were American sitcoms like at that time? Malcolm in the Middle makes an appearance on January 9, 2000. It was the time of E.R. , X-files and Buffy the vampire slayer. If you wanted to try to laugh, the audience would put the channel when they broadcast La Tata, Dharma & Greg and Friends, children of an evolved generation of comedy, poised between the tragic and the real, but still with those laughter in the background. Then Fox decides to support the screenplay written by Linwood Boomer, former actor of the NBC series House on the Prairie.

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This innovative direction in a television series has allowed to expand the infinite characterizations of his characters: the close-up shots that emphasize Lois's thin, sharp looks, the wide angles and shots of Malcolm when he breaks the fourth wall, cameras from above, cameras from below, from different perspectives and with casual angles made it possible to film, literally, the Wilkerson family (probably called).

The series is not related to the studio audience and can range in the most unusual environments, such as deserts, highways or bowling alleys. She is not interrupted by comic breaks nor does she need to follow a joke pattern: Malcolm takes the show to the level of cinema in the state as well. And that makes room for a phenomenal cast: we'll tackle the subject Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek aside, first let's talk about the then semi-unknown Frankie Muniz, Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan. Muniz was 14 at the time of filming and despite his young age and (palpable) inexperience with him, he managed to give the show the right perspective, thanks to his big, sly blue eyes. The viewer perceives his point of view, which is the main one, and thanks to his balanced intelligence and innocence, he can easily "familiarize" with him. It is no coincidence that he has won several awards, including a Young Artist Awards in 2002 and a Golden Satellite Award. | ); } Malcom is a budding little genius, he asks himself many questions about life and through his gaze, we have the opportunity to discover both adolescence and adult life. Over the course of the seven seasons, the series shifts its focus from Malcolm's to the rest of the family and as we discover every flaw, every virtue of each of them.

We discover the simplicity of Reese behind her being a bully, we empathize (or joke) with Dewey's innocence and wander like young boys with Francis's adventures-misadventures. Their jokes are never stale or out of time, we laugh "with them" and never "at them". The accompanying characters also offer hilarious moments of reflection, such as Malcolm's friend Stevie, played by Lamar Traylor: a boy in a wheelchair and with difficulty speaking, but big glasses and an even greater sense of humor. . How can you not love him?

Malcolm in the Middle

Breaking Dad

Malcolm in the Middle Then there is Lois, the hyper authoritarian mother to be used in American military schools as a teacher to follow to learn how to torture cadets. Jane Kaczmarek revolutionizes the American woman, showing us a mother who does not stay in the kitchen, who does not take care of the house, who does not spoil her children, does not care about nails, shopping, men, in short, does not follow any stereotype so far seen in the female protagonists of the sitcoms of the time. Lois is (justifiably) angry and imperative, behind her the iron discipline of her is perceived as a caring woman and devoted to her family. She has the manner of an army sergeant, but in a family like hers, every day is a battle, especially as she has never hidden the economic status of her family.

Another revolutionary characteristic of Malcolm: his parents work and have to deal with the middle-class. They can't afford babysitting or lobster for dinner. But even then, over the seasons, we learn the greatness of the series, when, for example, Malcolm ends up spending more time at the home of an upper-middle-class family. High life is good, satellite TV, swimming pool and tropical fish in the living room. Yet at the end of the episode we discover that appearances are always deceiving and we learn that the secret glue of Malcom's family is not in his money. But in its value.

Malcom in the Middle: 22 years later

Malcolm in the Middle is so called because the protagonist is in fact "in the middle" of his family, being the third child among four boys ( until the fourth season). But the truth is that Malcolm has always been a bit in the midst of many elements: halfway between comedy and reality, halfway between adulthood and childhood, between genius and madness. Now that Malcolm has "aged" twenty-two, is he still in the midst of current events? We answer you with a dry and provocative "yes". Better, with a "Yes, no, maybe, I don't know, Can you repeat the question? ”, Just as They Might Be Giants sing in“ Boss of Me, ”Malcolm's opening theme.

Malcolm in the Middle For seven seasons and 151 episodes the series received seven Golden Globe and 33 Emmy nominations. In total, he won seven of those Emmy nominations, a Grammy and a Peabody Award. It was also one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s, averaging 15 million viewers and even a video game named after him. But all this great success today translates as a great metaphor of American life, sometimes a little teased, other times squeezed into its crudest peculiarity. We are sure that, contrary to what Dewey would say, when looking at Malcolm you don't expect anything, but you will never be disappointed.

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