The best apps to avoid a fine with a speed camera

The best apps to avoid a fine with a speed camera

The Italian roads are full of pitfalls, and one of the most widespread is undoubtedly the speed camera, a technological tool that over the years has spread all over the world with the task of controlling the speed of passing cars, and fining them if they exceed the limit: speed camera is a tool that helps reduce accidents caused by high speed, but it can also be a big annoyance when you are in a new location and you don't know its location - nobody likes fines, especially those taken for a few km / h over the speed limit. Assuming that to avoid fines it is sufficient to respect the speed limits imposed by the highway code, knowing where the speed cameras are can be an important information for driving more relaxed and avoiding dangerous braking. Today, finding speed cameras is a little easier, thanks to the applications dedicated to the purpose that accept input from the user, who can report the presence of fixed or mobile speed cameras if they are not already marked on the map; let's find out which are the most functional apps to carry out this task.

Let's start with the most famous navigation application of all, Google Maps: over the years the Google navigator has been enriched with an enormous amount of functions which make navigation, even in unknown places, very simple and intuitive. Among the various functions there is also that of signaling speed cameras, which will then be indicated along the path you are traveling on - the application also constantly reminds us of the speed limit on the road we are traveling on, so that we immediately know which speed to keep. in order not to run into fines, but be careful, the limit given by Google is not always correct, it is always advisable to also check the signs along the road.

Google Maps also offers the possibility to report the presence of a speed camera along the road: just press the '+' symbol in the comic balloon, choose the 'mobile speed camera' option, and tap 'Confirm 'to enter your report. Google Maps is available for free on Android devices, and on iPhone and iPad.

To see the speed cameras on Waze it will be sufficient to set the desired route, and once the navigation is started, the application itself will signal the presence of speed cameras, even with an acoustic signal. If you notice mobile speed cameras along the road, 3 simple touches of the screen will be enough to insert a signal of 'Velox mobile', to which you can add an indication such as 'Visible, hidden or opposite side' so as to explain even better where it is. . We remind you that in Switzerland there are no fixed radars in line with the country's legislation; there is no re-activation of this app feature unless the law changes.

Waze is available for free on Android, iOS and iPadOS devices.

Radarbot is an application designed to detect speed cameras, and is among the most popular on Android and iPhone systems: Radarbot is able to report the presence of any type of speed detector, alerting the driver in time both in the event of an oncoming speed camera and when the speed limit is exceeded. The application is available for free, but is also offered in a 'Pro' version for € 5.99 which is free of banner ads. Once the application has been installed and given all the necessary permissions to make it work correctly, all you have to do is activate the detection: on the main screen of the app there is a key with the power off symbol, which is responsible for activating and deactivating speed camera detection - once the button turns red we will be ready to go, with no worries about unexpected fines.

As in other cases, Radarbot also allows you to report the presence of a speed camera, a roadblock or heavy traffic, with the possibility of including a brief description in the dedicated field. TomTom AmiGO is another application developed for Android and iPhone dedicated to detecting speed cameras and driving directions: developed by the homonymous manufacturer of satellite navigation systems, the TomTom AmiGO app is able to report the presence of mobile and fixed speed cameras, as well as traffic jams along our route.

Fixed and mobile speed cameras is another application dedicated to the reporting of speed cameras - as the name implies - fixed and mobile. Compatible with Android and iOS, the app can provide us with useful information about speed cameras in 30 countries, including traffic light cameras, tutors, and mobile speed cameras. The '+' button allows us to send a speed camera report not present on the map, then indicating whether it is a fixed speed camera, a mobile one, or a control camera on a traffic light.

Available for free on Android and iOS, it offers the possibility to remove advertisements with € 2.29.

Coyote is a paid application available in Italy and Europe, compatible with Android and iPhone systems: the main difference compared to to other applications is Coyote's community of users, made up of more than 3 million people who participate and provide useful information to everyone else. You can report accidents or traffic jams in real time, as well as receive precise reports on fixed and mobile speed cameras along the route.

The price of Coyote is € 5.99 per month, with the possibility of using 15 free trial days after the first installation, to test the goodness of the service.

Flitsmeister is a mobile application for Android and iOS developed in the Netherlands: this app is able to warn us of speed cameras and other obstacles along the road in real time, and in May 2020 it could boast 1.2 million active users, a fundamental detail to ensure that the information shown on the map is up-to-date and reliable.

The application is free but also offers Premium functions a payment, and has the advantage of working in several European countries, thus becoming one of the favorite applications of those who travel a lot abroad by car.

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