Sulle Nuvole by Tommaso Paradiso, review: a film that does not take off

Sulle Nuvole by Tommaso Paradiso, review: a film that does not take off

Sulle Nuvole by Tommaso Paradiso, review

Among the Home Video news coming out this month we find the new Warner Bros. proposal dedicated to the film that sees Tommaso Paradiso as director for the first time. Let's find out all the details of the DVD of Sulle Nuvole by Tommaso Paradiso, the film released in cinemas on April 26, 2022.

Sulle Nuvole by Tommaso Paradiso

The DVD edition of Sulle Nuvole by Tommaso Paradiso is presented in a guise that we could define as standard. In fact, in addition to the presence of the single disc, the edition does not bring with it any additional gadgets such as postcards or a possible photographic book.

Sulle Nuvole by Tommaso Paradiso
Nic Vega (Marco Cocci) has a successful past in music, with a glorious career as a singer and a great love story that has been closed for years. Now in crisis for some time, when he realizes he has lost everything - fame, friends and inspiration - Nic decides to return to her, Francesca (Barbara Ronchi), thus breaking into her life, serene and happy with her.

And you, are you ready to immerse yourself in the Rome of Tommaso Paradiso? So get ready to immerse yourself in a story that will lead us into events made of successes, failures, and the time that flows in each of us.

The cast and production
The choice of the Sulle Nuvole DVD was released on the market in the DVD edition. From a technical point of view we are therefore faced with a support that for intrinsic reasons brings with it a series of technical limitations. In fact, a DVD has a much lower capacity than a now common Blu-ray. Specifically, there are single-layer DVDs of 4.7 GB up to a maximum of 17 GB of capacity for those with reading on both sides and the presence of the double layer. A Blu-ray disc, just to give you a term of comparison, boasts a minimum capacity of 25 GB.

All this therefore leads to technical choices that generally affect the overall quality of the product. In fact, DVD requires, compared to other media, necessarily a greater compression of video files and audio tracks.

The audio and video sector

From the choice made on the type of media used, or the DVD, it is easy to understand (or at least hypothesize) the direction taken on a technical level by the production of Sulle Nuvole. In fact, the film released on the market does not seem to aim to amaze on the technical side.

The film partially limits the damage thanks to the presence of a photograph interesting, what many could identify as "cinematic". This stylistic choice leads to a painting with pastel colors, almost veiled, and shallow blacks capable of not drowning the scene details. Basically, it is as if the frames have some kind of film that can make everything very soft. This choice choice has as against an uninspiring contrast and lackluster color rendering. From a colorimetric point of view, however, we can confirm that the complexions are extremely beautiful and natural. Overall, from our point of view, this technical choice was very apt.

On the audio front, on the other hand, the film does not have particular special qualities but not even particular defects to report. The voices are clear and following the dialogue is simple and not tiring. The moments of apex, from the sound point of view, are those dedicated to the musical parts, in which the songs are the masters. However, it is a pity that these are quite limited in the overall length of the film.

Extra content When it comes to Home Video editions, one of the things we believe to be of most importance is the additional content. Having the opportunity to get behind the scenes actually makes the effort made by the entire film production more understandable and in fact gives great added value to the film. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case.

The Sulle Nuvole DVD does not contain any additional content other than the trailer for the film. We believe this lack is a real shame, a kind of missed opportunity.

The question we ask ourselves is one. Why haven't added contents been included that can further enhance the film? One of the many answers could be linked to the type of media chosen and its capacity.

In conclusion, by virtue of what has been said so far, the Home Video edition of Sulle Nuvole reaches the sufficiency without surprising or leaving the sign. The lack of additional content was instrumental in our overall rating.

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