One UI 5.0: here's how Samsung Galaxy will change with Android 13

One UI 5.0: here's how Samsung Galaxy will change with Android 13

One UI 5.0

A few days ago, Samsung officially announced the release of One UI 5.0 beta, the fifth version of the custom interface of Galaxy smartphones based this time on Android 13.

For the moment, the beta is only available for Galaxy S22 series devices (“base”, Plus and Ultra). The novelties that characterize it are different, and range from new ways to customize your smartphone experience (with new palettes and with a new arrangement of widgets on the home, for example) to changes more strictly related to functionality (see changes made to the camera app, which make it easier to use and more responsive).


Aesthetic changes Call interface changes An even more professional camera New ringtone by Suga from BTS Extracting text from images Other additions and changes How to install One UI 5.0 beta

Aesthetic changes

The very first change visible when the phone starts up is a minor change, of course, but we report it anyway for the sake of completeness. The release animation, played when you place your finger on the sensor and the fingerprint is recognized, is slightly different: now the "vortex" effect seems to be faster than the classic undulation we used to see. The change is most noticeable on light backgrounds, while if you have a dark wallpaper you may struggle to notice the difference.

Call interface changes

In One UI 5.0 , if you receive a call while you are running an app in full screen, you will see a pop-up with the name of the caller, the keys to answer and hang up, plus another key that opens a drop-down menu with the options Send a message (some preset SMS follow) and Remind me in an hour. In addition, the green key to answer is animated, to simulate the ringing (and therefore the vibration) of an old handset.

The actual call interface offers the possibility to take quick notes while you are on the phone (at least for the S22 Ultra).

The background image of the calls, finally, can be customized for each individual contact directly from the phonebook of the smartphone.

An even more professional camera

Users can more easily capture high-quality photos and videos by following the tips built into the Camera app. The tips (and tricks) in question are available in Pro and Pro Video modes and consist of simple tips to make the most of the various lenses, functions and controls. The classic photographic histogram is also added which helps to manage the brightness of the scene and prevents the photos from being "over" or "under" exposed.

In addition, the zoom bar has been made more responsive; in this way, close-up shots can be achieved more quickly. It will also be easier to focus on the subject using just one hand.

If you are proud to use your Samsung smartphone as a camera, you can consider adding a watermark indicating which model the photo was taken. Doing so is very simple: just go to the Camera settings and move the relative toggle to ON. By tapping on the Watermark item, you have access to a series of options to customize the watermark, which can include - in addition to the model name - also the date and time the shot was taken.

New ringtone by Suga by BTS

Surprise in the sound and vibration settings: among the ringtones, in fact, a brand new version of the iconic Samsung Over The Orizon ringtone has been added. This is a cover made by Suga, rapper of the well-known South Korean boy band BTS.

Extracting text from images

Just like iPhones, Samsung devices now also have the ability to extract text from images. Once the photo has been taken and the Extract text option is selected, the text will be highlighted automatically and you can select the desired portion to copy or share it.

A very convenient button appears on the new keyboards too, useful for starting the camera and use it as an OCR scanner.

Other additions and changes

Finally, we have a number of minor changes limited to the Settings menu. For example, by expanding the Connected devices item, it is possible to quickly manage all the devices connected to the smartphone such as the headsets of the Samsung Buds range.

A new dashboard allows users to view the security status of their smartphone, as well as offering useful advice in case of problems.

The interaction of users with visual difficulties is facilitated by the Magnifier function, a valuable aid to better read on their devices . The audio descriptions of the videos and the voice input of the keyboard are also designed to offer a better user experience for blind people.

A nice, but certainly not essential, is the new Easter egg , which can be accessed as always by repeatedly tapping the Android version item. The Easter egg consists of a clock; bringing the hands to 13, the clock will give way to the Android 13 logo on a background of bubbles. The background will change by simply tapping on it, replaced by a pattern with lots of random emojis.

How to install One UI 5.0 beta

As mentioned in the introduction, One UI 5.0 is not yet available in our country, at least as of the date of writing. If you read this article a few weeks later, however, you may want to try the following procedure and see if it works. The beta, for the moment, is only available in Germany, but will soon arrive in China, South Korea, India, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The first thing to do to install the beta of One UI 5.0 is to become Beta Tester. You become a Beta Tester by accessing the Samsung Members app (available on the Play Store) and choosing the Registration for One UI Beta Program item. Afterwards, go to Settings> Software Updates and tap Download and install to start the installation.

Downgrading is always possible, just in case you find the beta unstable or change your mind. Also from Settings, select the One UI Beta Program item and from the screen that opens, choose the appropriate option to exit the beta program. Afterwards, just connect your smartphone to your computer and use Smart Switch to perform the actual downgrade.

Before installing the beta it is advisable to always backup your data via Smart Switch; the software we are going to install, in fact, is still immature, and the possibility of encountering problems is not remote.

In case you are looking for an alternative (unofficial) method to force the installation of the beta, we refer you to reading this article.

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