Like GTA, but with a squirrel: here's the latest, crazy indie game

Like GTA, but with a squirrel: here's the latest, crazy indie game

Like GTA, but with a squirrel

After the sweetness of Stray, comes the brutality of an armed squirrel who steals the passers-by of a small town. No, we're not kidding: an independent developer is working on a kind of GTA, but starring one of the most beloved rodents in the world. Created in Unreal Engine 5, it goes without saying that this is yet another madness and experimentation of the independent market, which can afford this kind of off the rails.

Simply called Squirrel With a Gun, the title perfectly describes the type of game that players will be able to play. In this crazy work, created by Dan DeEntremont, the rodent wanders around a city armed with a gun (and more) with the intent of robbing passers-by and killing police officers. And the description of the game on Steam is also quite clear: “A squirrel with a gun! What crimes will he commit? ”, Reads the official Valve client website.

Hello, everyone. I finally got around to cutting a Squirrel With A Gun trailer up on Steam! #gaming #indiedev #gamedev # UE5 # UnrealEngine5 #indiegame # blender3d #blender # b3d #indiegamedev #screenshotsaturday #wishlistwednesday

- Squirrel with a Gun (Dan DeEntremont) (@QuiteDan) August 14, 2022

Now, if the game has won you over, make yourself comfortable: the release date, at least for now, is still unknown. Dan Dentremont's game won't debut soon, but we're ready to bet it will be available before GTA 6. Our advice is obviously to put it on your wish list, just so you don't miss any news and updates on it. And who knows: maybe, somehow, Squirrel With a Gun will also be able to reach the success of GOAT Simulator. Never say never, right?

Upcoming Steam Game Is Literally Just A Squirrel With A Gun

Gif: Daniel DeEntremont / Kotaku

Video games can offer us a chance to inhabit new worlds or discover new experiences. They can show us things we’ve never seen or dreamed of. Like an ancient civilization or a far-off alien planet somewhere deep in the cosmos. Or uh…what about a squirrel with a gun who can shoot people? Yeah, that’s cool too.

Recently on Twitter, clips of a still-in-development game called Squirrel with A Gun have gone viral, with thousands of people sharing the video online. In the gameplay clip, we see a squirrel who happens to have a gun point said gun at a person who tries to take a photo of it. I mean, what did you expect? The game is literally called Squirrel with a Gun.

I do appreciate that the gun isn’t a squirrel-sized gun. That would be ridiculous and would imply that the squirrel had somehow figured out a way to build its own tiny firearms. Very unrealistic. Instead, in Squirrel with a Gun, the squirrel is using a gun it stole from humans against anyone who gets in its way.

Over on Steam—and yes, this game has a Steam page—there’s not much more information about this upcoming game-of-the-year contender. It’s being developed by Daniel DeEntremont and according to him, it’s a “sandbox game” that is all about “exploration and shooting” stuff. DeEntremont says you’ll be able to help people or rob them, and you’ll also be able to use gun recoil to reach out-of-the-way places. How does that work? Take a look at this gif.

Don’t you feel silly for asking?

There’s currently no release date for Squirrel with a Gun. On Steam the game’s release date is listed as “Good Question!” Fair enough.

If you are curious to see more about Squirrel with a Gun and its ongoing development, you can follow DeEntremont on Twitter. There he shares behind-the-scenes clips of his progress on the game, including videos of the squirrel fighting agents using hand-to-hand melee combat and more. Watch out Grand Theft Auto 6, you got some real competition.


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