Ironheart armor shown in Wakanda Forever promo art

Ironheart armor shown in Wakanda Forever promo art

Wakanda Forerver, the next cinematic chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, seems to be expected more for the entry of Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne), aka Ironheart, than for the events that could radically change the franchise. She is Tony Stark's designated heir, after Iron Man's departure at the end of Avengers: Endgam and, Riri will make her debut in the film directed by Ryan Coogler, and given the heavy legacy she will have to collect, one side of her in particular is under careful scrutiny. Reason why the appearance of new promo art featuring Ironheart's armor in Wakanda Forever has been met with great interest.

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This is what Ironheart's first armor will look like in Wakanda Forever

In this promo art we see the Mark I version of Ironheart's armor in a more evident way, which to a certain extent also incorporates the one inferred from a Funko Pop shown earlier. As we saw in the Wakanda Forever trailer, Riri builds her first armor following a sort of initiatory journey similar to that experienced by Tony Stark in Iron Man (2008). Both, in fact, build the first armor with recycled materials, to face a violent situation (the escape from the Ten Rings for Stark and the invasion of Wakanda by Atlantis for Riri), and as the cinematic myth of Iron has shown us Man, the Mark I is only the first step towards the creation of ever more advanced armor.

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Appeared in the Marvel Universe in 2016 at the hands of Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato, Eve Ewing and Kevin Libranda, Riri Williams inherits for a certain period the role of Iron Man, who disappeared after the events of Civil War II, who saw in her a worthy heir, to the point of honoring her with one of his I.A. personal modeled on the personality of the Golden Avenger. After having built a first armor using waste material from the M.I.T .. Riri finally find themselves not only having the means, but also the possibility of being the new Iron Mna, as long as they can stand up to the other contender for the role: Victor von Doom, alias Destiny.

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