Cionet, for 7 out of 10 CIOs, corporate culture is the first obstacle to digitization

Cionet, for 7 out of 10 CIOs, corporate culture is the first obstacle to digitization


According to the Italian CIOs, corporate organizational culture remains the biggest obstacle to the digital transformation of businesses.

This is the main data that emerges from the "CIOs & The Board" research carried out by CIONET, the first international business community of IT directors and digital leaders of the IT industry with more than 9,000 members worldwide, and Workday, a multinational company for cloud-native applications for financial management and human resources.

According to 71% of respondents (178 chief information officer of large companies operating in Italy), in fact, the corporate organizational culture is the main barrier that slows down the digital transformation of companies.

In second place were the working skills of employees (54%) , while in third place the compliance and privacy requirements on cybersecurity (33%). “Digital transformation is a cultural change rather than an operational one and the fear of change is the first obstacle to overcome. Organizations must adopt digital and innovative business management tools that can help the company quickly adapt to new business scenarios ", comments Federico Francini, Workday country manager for Italy.| ); }

Interesting to note that the main company division where they will concentrate the innovation and technology efforts in the next 12 months is linked to Product & Operations (38%): an important signal that demonstrates how organizations are accentuating investments in this business unit with the aim of offering increasingly technological products, different from those of the competition and in line with new market demands.

“It is clear how the IOC becomes a 360-degree manager. It needs and will increasingly require strategic vision skills, an innovative drive towards change and a stable and continuous relationship with the company board ", explains Luigi Pignatelli, Head of Digital and Information Technologies, Carl Zeiss Vision Italy and Board Member CIONET.

Strategic collaboration between the various business units has now become an imperative within organizations and the CIOs are dedicating more and more effort and resources: over 66% of respondents indicated that they reserve between 40 and 60% of their time in this activity. The percentage of respondents who dedicate themselves almost entirely (over 60% of the time) to company innovation and digitalization programs is just over 30%.

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