Beat 'em up: short story and narrative inspirations

Beat 'em up: short story and narrative inspirations

Beat 'em up

Beat 'em up, beat' em up or even - for the poor nostalgic of 90's TGM - roll to cart. A thousand names for a genre that explains itself: beat everyone up and go on. The genre develops in parallel with the success of arcades in the Eighties, the simple and immediately understandable gameplay of having to hit all the enemies on the screen naturally blended with the "money-eating" nature of the cabinets.

Let's go back, then, briefly the history of Beat 'em up and the narrative inspirations that have marked the way of a genre.

The birth of a genre

Kung Fu Master Kung Fu Master The acknowledged founder of the genre is Kung Fu Master, from 1984, inspired by classic martial arts films with Bruce Lee. Developed by IREM for arcades and later converted - by a young man named Shigeru Miyamoto - for NES, it featured simple 2D scrolling and enemies coming from both sides of the screen. It is interesting to note, from a historical point of view, the introduction by IREM of a new concept of the "end-of-level boss": an enemy different from the others who prevents access to the next stage. As we know, this conception will be successful for many genres. While martial arts films appear to be a generous reservoir for the fighting game genre, in reality they will remain rare cases.

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