4K LED TV for console gaming | The best of 2022

4K LED TV for console gaming | The best of 2022

If you are looking for the best 4K LED TVs for console gaming you are in the right place. By now the benefits of high definition have become a necessity and after the arrival of the new consoles it is good to have a television capable of optimizing your games as well as becoming the fundamental component of your living room.

Before proceeding, however, you must know that the excellence in the television field, especially for the latest generation consoles with support for HDMI 2.1, is given by the OLED panels (here a large selection) which offer much more intense colors and more blacks. deeper than traditional LEDs. The 4K LED TVs, however, are not to be thrown away, on the contrary, if you want to save a little bit while maintaining a very high image quality we advise you to focus on this type of TVs that use the same backlight technology of the old LCDs by replacing the fluorescent lamps with the LED to offer a much higher range of colors.

Choosing the best 4K LED TV is not easy, since it is a household appliance that will have to accompany you over time and must be able to offer you excellent quality not only today , but also in the years to come. Below is a selection of the best divided by brand, suitable for every need and above all for the pockets of every gamer (if you want, you can find the cheapest ones here).

The best 4K LED TVs for gaming

PHILIPS 43PUS8506, the best for price-quality HISENSE 43AE7000F, the budget-friendly LG UHD TV 43UQ75006LF, also the best for SONY BRAVIA KD movies and series -43X80K, best for Playstation LG NanoCell 50NANO806PA, best with NanoCell SAMSUNG Q60A QLED SERIES, best with Quantum Dot

PHILIPS 43PUS8506, best for price-quality

Generic photos If you want to go straight to the point without waste time reading specifications or comparisons with other products, here is the gist of the features you should look for in the best 4K LED TV to play.

SCREEN: 43-inch at least, 4K LED UHD, HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision OPERATING SYSTEM: Android TV AUDIO SYSTEM: Dolby Atmos (for dimensional sounds) OTHER FUNCTIONS: voice assistant, HDMI 2.1 and VRR PRICE: Not more than 600 euros Features that the Philips 43PUS8506 fully responds to. In addition, it also offers the quality of Ambilight mood lights, intelligent LEDs that project a series of colors on the wall behind the screen, filling the room with a warm and colorful light for the eyes, offering relaxation and tranquility even when the TV is off. Also present the supports for VRR and Freesync to play to the maximum with PS5 and Xbox Series X. The slim and elegant design and the P5 Processor for superior quality images make this TV a must for all types of gamers. Available in various sizes up to 70 inches!

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Hisense 43AE7000F, the cheap

One of the cheapest solutions if you want bring home a good 4K LED TV to play. Hisense 43AE7000F offers a good panel in 4K Ultra HD, with HDR and HDR10 + support, quite dark blacks and very bright whites. It uses proprietary Precision Color technology to work on colors and optimize everything its hardware fails to do, even in a rather unexpected way for a TV in its price range. To accompany the video quality we also find the audio one thanks to the integrated Dolby DTS that enhances every sound. The design with thin edges, full support for Alexa voice assistant and, above all, the reduced input lag to ensure that every command given by the controller is instantaneous, make this TV one of the best 4K LED TVs for gaming on the market. The only flaw is given by the Vidaa 3.0 operating system which, although complete with app and quite immediate, is still far from the quality achieved by systems such as WebOs and especially Android TV.

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LG UHD TV 43UQ75006LF, the best also for movies and series

Generic photos Other very cheap but great quality screen optimized for sports, cinema and an even more fluid and exhilarating gaming experience. LG UHD TV43UQ75006LF offers a 4K Ultra HD panel with a wide viewing angle and vivid, clear and brilliant images thanks to the α5 GEN 5 quad core processor that adjusts brightness based on ambient light and optimizes sound depending on what appears on screen. As an operating system this time we find the very complete WebOs 22 with a good application store and all the apps and streaming services of the moment already pre-installed on the TV. If you have other LG devices at home, you will be happy to know that this TV uses the proprietary LG ThinQ AI system that allows you to manage your entire smart home from a single device and do so with the help of your voice. In fact, there is also great compatibility with regard to the voice assistants front with full support for Alexa, Google Assistant and even Apple Airplay2. If you are looking for the best 4K LED TV to play and give you a great cinema experience as well, you have just found it.

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Sony BRAVIA KD-43X80K, the best for Playstation

Generic photos Sony is truly a manufacturer expert in creating high quality televisions as well as perfectly optimized for gaming. “Mamma Sony” has in fact created Playstation and the Sony BRAVIA KD-43X80K 4K LED TV is the ideal candidate to offer you a great visual quality even if, among all the models proposed so far, it is the most expensive. The combo between the X1 processor and the automatic image quality setting will give you great games without having to worry about setting the best parameters for each game every time. Great quality also on the audio front with the X-Balanced speakers that clean every sound to return music and dialogue that are always perfect and an incredible soundtrack. Thanks to multidimensional technology, in fact, the TV speakers strike the viewer from multiple angles by manipulating the sound to make them feel at the center of the action. Finally, if you are looking for an all-round entertainment product, this 4K LED TV is also equipped with Google TV with a huge application store. Naturally present HDMI 2.1 support and the possibility to take advantage of Bravia Core, Sony's new service for watching Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.

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LG NanoCell 43NANO756PR, the best with NanoCell

We finally arrive at the quality offered by the QLED, the plus version of the classic LED, with LG's QLED technology called NanoCell. LG NanoCell 43NANO756PR, as we said at the beginning, uses a nanoparticle technology capable of absorbing excess light to optimize images even better than a traditional LED can do. This allows you to achieve a more faithful color range and really clear images, thanks to a Quad Core Real 4K processor and support for HDR 10 PRO. On the operating system side we find the proprietary LG WebOs 6.0 which, even if a step below Android TV, now has almost nothing to envy to the Google operating system. For cinema enthusiasts there is also the FILMMAKER mode that allows you to faithfully reproduce each film with the same cinema quality. The Game Optimizer functions, on the other hand, make any game extremely fluid and with vivid and deep colors, to be tried absolutely with the latest generation consoles.

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Samsung Q60A Series, the best with Quantum dot

Last, but not for quality, the Q60A QLED Series by Samsung, the manufacturer who invented this type of technology. The panel offered is a 4K QLED with support for Samsung's Quantum HDR, which adjusts the lighting of each frame and Quantum dots, capable of optimizing color volume by 100%. This allows you to have up to a billion shades of color for each image. Think how the views of The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima or the neon lights of Night City can become, thanks to this level of detail. All this happens thanks to the powerful Quantum Processor 4K Lite that makes every input immediate from any source. On the operating system side we find Tizen OS, one of the best on the market with all the apps of the moment and which also allows you to manage the other Samsung devices at home through a Smart Hub function. The Object Tracking Sound Lite will finally take care of managing the dimensional audio, taking you into the gloomy atmospheres of games such as RE Village or Little Nightmares.

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How to choose a 4K LED TV for gaming

If you need to buy a 4K LED TV for gaming, there are also a number of requirements to consider when purchasing. These features are essential in order to bring home a gaming TV with all the trimmings.

Screen and image

Beyond the size of the screen that may be subject to the space you have available , even if by now going under 40 inches is equivalent to losing many of the details of your video games, we advise you to always choose televisions with support for HDR 10. Why this? Because it will allow you to enjoy extremely bright whites and deep blacks. If you like horror games, you absolutely must not give up a very precise darkness management system. Furthermore, we recommend taking a 4K LED TV because it is currently much less expensive than QLEDs and with a technology that has been tested and made to last over time.

Another essential feature that cannot be missed in terms of image is support for HDMI 2.1. In fact, this is able to make the images travel from the consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X support this type of HDMI) up to the TV at twice the speed compared to the classic HDMI 2.0. In practice, if you want the much-dreamed 120 Hz to play at a fluidity that only the best performing computers are capable of, you don't have to give up this feature. VRR, aka variable refresh rate, is also an essential feature for a good 4K LED TV for gaming. Support for this technology is essential to ensure that the screen continuously adapts the images according to what appears, increasing the fluidity of the game.


To immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere of a video game and fully enjoy every dialogue and above all every action scene, on the audio front a TV with Dolby Atmos (or Clear Audio +) is ideal. This technology allows the viewer to be struck by the sound of video games as if he were the protagonist of the game itself. From the outside, as gamers, we often hear flat, unique audio coming from the speakers. But with Dolby Atmos, if hit with a bomb from the right, we can hear the explosion spread from that direction and then fill the whole room. It is a truly incredible audio technology that also makes movies even more immersive.

Operating System

Almost every brand has its own operating system, but the most popular and recommended are in principle 3: the TizenOS, usually offered by Samsung, the WebOs of LG and the Android TV of Google. The latter is a sort of home version of the most popular smartphone system in the world. Extremely practical and rich in applications, it allows 360-degree TV control. WebOs is already less performing and has a reduced store and so is Tizen Os. If you want to have all the possible applications always available, then bet on Android TV, but if you want to save money and take advantage of less complete systems (but which still include all the apps and streaming services of the moment) the others are still very valid.

Other functions

Since you are buying a new TV, why give up, for example, an interested function such as the voice assistant or the support for the integrated app of your smartphone? Both of these functions allow you to control the TV remotely, to turn it off with your voice but above all to create a smart home system that could integrate perfectly with Alexa. Furthermore, if you love the atmosphere, and never give up a nice strip of LEDs, there are TVs (like the Philips) capable of projecting colored lights on the wall behind the screen to give the environment that extra touch that you need. allows you to immerse yourself in a video game at 360 degrees.

Difference between LED, OLED and QLED

4K LED TVs are the most popular on the market even if there are QLEDs, an acronym that is often confused with OLED but it is not the same technology. The 4K QLED TVs (Quantum Dot LED) work in the same way as an LED TV, therefore always with backlight, but between this and the LEDs there is an additional filter of nano particles that filters the light, absorbing the excess, and returning colors. more natural. We can define this technology as a micro-evolution of traditional LEDs, initially conceived by Samsung to stand out in the market and then also adopted by other manufacturers. Among these is LG which has created a similar one, we can almost call it the QLED version of LG and which bears the name of NanoCell. The 4K NanoCell TVs exploit nanoparticles to absorb excess wavelength of light and colors, enhancing their purity and chromatic range.

Recommended price

Let's say that if you really want to do a bargain and take home a great 4K LED TV to play, then you can safely focus on models that are around 400 euros. These represent a bit of the economic range of these televisions and of course they are a bit more dated and give up super bright screens or the much sought after HDMI 2.1. If you are satisfied, however, they can give you a lot of satisfaction, in our selection we have chosen only former top-of-the-range models.

Going instead to the mid-range, around 500 euros, support for HDMI 2.1 arrives, but not only. There are also exclusive features like the Philips Ambilight or better operating systems like that of the Android TV. a few years ago is not bad at all. These televisions, such as the Bravia chosen in this selection, are a true concentrate of technology, equipped with very bright screens and able to adapt the images to the surrounding environment so as not to tire the vision. They are truly high-level products that will give you a unique sound and image.

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