Xbox Game Pass, April 2022: games for the first half of the month for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, April 2022: games for the first half of the month for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, April 2022

Big news coming in the field of subscription services from the parties of the competition, but for the moment Xbox Game Pass continues according to its own path, with a first wave of games for April 2022 that is quite rich in interesting proposals, without particular tips of extreme hype but still with an excellent overall level.

In the meantime, there are rumors about possible changes to the Microsoft subscription plan, with the possible merger of the old Xbox Live Gold within the base Xbox Game Pass and the reorganization of the tiers, but this is a rumor that has been going on for years and has not yet found effective reflections in reality, so we do not know how to take it.

Xbox Game Pass, the games arriving in the first mid-April 2022 The moves taken by Sony with the announcement of the general reworking of the PlayStation Plus could, of course, push Microsoft to a response in this sense, but in fact in terms of serv izio on subscription with games included the Redmond house is still far ahead of the competition and therefore there is no particular need to make changes, without prejudice to the now historical backwardness of Live Gold, its being almost anachronistic, compared to the proposal of the other services . In any case, for the moment everything continues according to the standard path and we therefore proceed with the overview of the first wave of titles expected in the first half of this month, after having seen those of the second half of March 2022, to which we must also add the fascinating Annapurna's A Memoir Blue, released on March 24, 2022, which was not on the first official list.

Cricket 22 - Xbox and Cloud, April 5, 2022

Cricket 22, a screenshot in the game Well, we can't say that this is a very popular discipline in our country, but if you feel in the mood to try exotic sports you can take a look at Cricket 22, or what should be the official simulation of the activity in question, which apparently reproduces in a video game the 2021-22 season of the Ashes Series, which Wikipedia teaches us to be the Official Cricket League between England and Australia. Developed by Big And Studios and published by Nacon, the game presents itself as the definitive title for fans of this sport, wherever they are, with a completely reworked system of physics simulation for the ball and players, as well as of course the new introductions. in terms of licenses and content. In this regard, Cricket 22 introduces the men's and women's Big Bash league, the Caribbean Premier League and The Hundred. In short, if you feel in the mood to experience this great Anglo-Saxon mystery, this is the best opportunity.

MLB The Show 22 - Xbox and Cloud, April 5, 2022

MLN The Show 22 , an image of the game of baseball Let's continue with the "particular" sports, even if in this case we are dealing at least with a well-known and practiced discipline in these parts. Let's talk about MLB The Show 22, the new chapter of the official simulation of the top American baseball league, produced by the Sony San Diego team. That's right: exactly as happened last year around this period, we again witness the strange spectacle of a PlayStation Studios first party game also arriving on Xbox platforms and even launched on day one directly within the catalog, while "at home. "is sold for 80 euros. Beyond the strangeness of the situation, which we are now getting used to, however, it is still an excellent game as far as baseball is concerned, as well as practically the only one with such a wide and widespread distribution: obviously it is especially suitable for those who know something. of the sport in question, given the high tactical rate of the gameplay, but it can also be an excellent introduction to this particular world.

Chinatown Detective Agency - Xbox, PC and Cloud, April 7, 2022

Chinatown Detective Agency, a screenshot of the particular graphic adventure Another launch on day one on Xbox Game Pass, Chinatown Detective Agency is probably one of the most interesting titles of this release, even if not very well known. It is a point and click graphic adventure defined as "cybernoir", as it focuses on a setting that blends the typical characteristics of cyberpunk science fiction with the noir style typical of certain detective stories to which this game is inspired. The protagonist of the story is Amira Darma, an ex-policewoman who has decided to go on her own and now works as a private detective, dealing with several cases in a Chinatown in the near future. In addition to the fascinating setting, the peculiarity of Chinatown Detective Agency is the ability to blend traditional features such as the general structure and the 2D pixel graphics with different innovative ideas, mainly linked to the investigative adventure dynamics, which grant considerable freedom of action to the player through different investigation systems but which also require a careful mix of resources between time and money.

Dragon Age 2 (EA Play) - Cloud, April 7, 2022

Dragon Age II, an image of a fight Directly from the year 2011, EA Play recovers the excellent Dragon Age II, the second chapter of BioWare's RPG in a classic fantasy setting. Originally released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, the game is now revived in the cloud version, and although it is a title now a bit dated from a technical point of view, it still represents a decidedly interesting role-playing game, moreover a shining memory. when BioWare was still able to launch quality titles with considerable regularity on the market, with a great appeal. We therefore return to Ferelden, threatened by the advance of the Darkspawn, with the protagonist Hawke who from a refugee is destined to become the Champion of Kirkwall, obviously supported by a large cast of various other fighters with whom to build a party of great power. Although the great fans have complained about an excessive simplification of the game systems compared to the first chapter, Dragon Age II is a fantasy RPG of considerable depth, recommended to anyone who is passionate about the genre and has not yet played it.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (EA Play) - Cloud, April 7, 2022

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, an image of the shooter Another title that has long been in the EA Play catalog but recently introduced in the magical world of the cloud gaming is Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the first chapter of the shooter adaptation derived from the famous strategy series. After the planetary successes recorded by PopCap's strange idea of ​​staging a post-apocalyptic battle between zombies and garden plants, EA had the idea of ​​bringing it all into the field of team-based multiplayer third-person shooters: an idea that can seem a bit cheesy but instead it worked really well, also thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the series. The strong differences in characteristics and styles of play between the various species of plants and the zombies and remnants of the tower defense structure have helped to build an atypical shooter with a certain depth, despite its decidedly crazy and facetious appearance. Considering the presence of the second chapter in the catalog, the offer of the first could be redundant, but it is still a very fun title.

Star Wars: Squadrons (EA Play) - Cloud, April 7, 2022

Star Wars: Squadrons, a screenshot from inside an X-Wing Even Star Wars Squadrons has been present for some time in the EA Play catalog but now it is also available through the cloud, thus opening up new possibilities to launch into stellar dogfights between rebels and imperial. It is a simulation / shooter based on the universe of Star Wars, which aims to recover the tradition of the unforgettable simulations of LucasArts such as X-Wing and Tie Fighter (doing the due proportions). In fact, the Motive Studios game manages to propose on the screens what is its main intent: to put us in the cockpit of the iconic ships and starfighters that characterize the tradition of Star Wars, on both sides of the star wars. Giving up some aspects that can be considered secondary with such a premise as a particularly developed and cinematic story, Star Wars Squadrons presents itself almost as a pure simulation with elements of a shooter, focusing essentially on flight and immediate action, between dogfights and situations. that recall the most famous scenes of films.

Life is Strange: True Colors - Xbox, PC and Cloud, April 12, 2022

The successful series of narrative adventures created by Dontnod, Life is Strange, returns with a completely new story arc in Life is Strange: True Colors, also available this month on Game Pass.

With new characters and settings, the common thread with the previous series remains the presence of supernatural elements in the form of "special powers" that can be used by the protagonist, as well as common characteristics regarding issues related to social relations, to growth and maturation and to the dramas and wonders that are connected to them. The protagonist Alex Chen is an American girl of Asian descent, raised in a foster family and returning from a troubled childhood, who reunites with her brother in Haven Springs, Colorado, only to see him die shortly after her in a mysterious accident. From that moment, Alex decides to investigate the background of the tragic accident, taking advantage of her particular acquired power that allows her to read and manipulate the emotions of the surrounding people. Read more in our review of Life is Strange: True Colors.

Panzer Corps 2 - PC, April 12, 2022

Panzer Corps 2, an image of the strategic map The catalog is further expanded already quite rich in strategy of the PC Game Pass with the arrival of Panzer Corps 2, a title that is linked to the most classic tradition of the genre by proposing the well-established setting of the Second World War. Developed by Flashback Games specialists and published by Slitherine, Panzer Corps 2 is intended as a direct continuation of the first chapter and connects to the genealogy of Panzer General and company. In the role of a general of Panzerarmee, we find ourselves having to fight various battles between Europe, Africa and Russia with a particular focus on ground vehicles, with tanks as key elements of the deployments. Panzer Corps 2 is a turn-based strategy game with a traditional soul but characterized by several additions in technical and gameplay terms that can satisfy fans of the genre, also based on vehicles and units taken from the historical ones used during the Second World War.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk - PC, April 12, 2022

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, a combat game image Shortly after the launch of the console version, the particular The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos on Game Pass. It is a strategic role-playing game developed by Artefacts Studio, which at first glance presents itself as a sort of parody of classic fantasy and serious RPG, but despite the facetious aspect it still has a considerable depth and structural complexity. In the game we find ourselves leading a team of seven characters, each belonging to a different class, within various quests that mix epic and heroic elements with a decidedly humorous tone. The Ranger, the Elf, the Dwarf, the Barbarian, the Mage, the Ogre and the Thief all have different and complementary characteristics, to be exploited to the fullest in a strategic turn-based combat system of considerable depth. Despite its constant joking on the stereotypes of the fantasy role-playing game, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk must be taken very seriously with regards to the actual gameplay, being well structured and demanding, evidently dedicated to lovers of the genre.

Lost In Random (EA Play) - Xbox, PC and Cloud, April 14, 2022

Lost in Random, an image of the fascinating settings After the fascinating Fe, the Swedish team Zoink Games is confirmed with Lost in Random, an action adventure released last September that arrives this month in the EA Play vault and therefore can also be downloaded by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The game is a third-person action adventure characterized by settings and graphic style that recall a bit the expressionism typical of Tim Burton, which in itself is already an element of great attraction. The story tells the great adventure of Even in search of his sister Odd, inside a strange world dominated by the case in which, however, a queen has taken over, starting a rather dark era. Accompanied by Dicey, a small animated dice who also becomes an indispensable element of the gameplay, Even finds herself exploring bizarre environments, fighting and solving puzzles to get to the bottom of her mission and also help the other inhabitants of the strange world of Alea. You can learn more by reading our Lost in Random review.

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