Washer-dryer | The best of 2022

Washer-dryer | The best of 2022

Although having a dedicated washing machine and dryer is the best solution, not everyone has the opportunity to install two large appliances at home, and this is why we often rely on a washer-dryer. As you know, the latter can be considered a 2-in-1 appliance, since it will allow you not only to wash clothes, but also to dry them. Obviously, you will have the possibility to choose whether to carry out only the washing phase, the drying phase or both. In the latter case, the washer-dryer will first complete the washing cycle and then start the drying one.

Read also: Dryers | The best of 2022 The technologies implemented in a washer-dryer are the same as those found in washing machines and dryers but, as anticipated, a washer-dryer has several disadvantages. The most important is certainly that relating to the load capacity which, although it will not be a problem during washing, decreases when the drying phase begins, due to the space required to complete this phase. The second disadvantage of a washer dryer is that it can sometimes leave the clothes damp. However, this is a problem that rarely arises, especially if you rely on a recent and avant-garde model, such as those we are going to mention below. This article, in fact, aims to make the buyer discover which are the best washer-dryers, and then learn, in the second part, what are the main factors to take into consideration during the purchase.

The best washer dryers

Candy Smart CSWS43642DE LG F4DV509H0E Samsung WD10T634DBH Hoover HDE 5106AMBS AEG L7WEE961 Electrolux EW7W396B Hotpoint AQD1172Duga

Candy Smart CSWS43642DE let's start with the list of the best a model with an excellent quality / price ratio, and that's why we chose the Candy Smart CSWS43642DE. As the name suggests, it is a smart model, able to connect to your smartphone via NFC and thus improve the user experience, adding new programs and functions to those already present in the washer-dryer, a noteworthy feature that surprising for a model with such a competitive cost. On the other hand, however, it is a washer-dryer with reduced load capacity, ideal for couples or in any case for a few people. The washing load is in fact 6kg, while the drying phase can hold up to 4kg. There are a dozen features and among these it is worth noting the vapor mode, typical of the more expensive models.



The LG F4DV509H0E is a larger washer-dryer than the previous model, both in terms of load capacity and real dimensions of the appliance. In this case, in fact, the washing capacity reaches 9kg and the drying capacity also rises, which goes from 4kg to 6kg. The dimensions, on the other hand, are 60 x 56 x 85 cm, which makes it a less suitable model for those with very little space, but it is also true that the market offers very few slim scrubber dryers. That said, the LG F4DV509H0E is equipped with artificial intelligence, which allows it not only to detect the weight of the load, but also to identify the type of fabrics and independently choose the most optimal settings for each wash. According to the company, the artificial intelligence of this washer-dryer will allow you to achieve 18% better results than a traditional solution. Obviously, the programs are numerous and there is what the manufacturer calls “LG Steam” which, thanks to the sanitizing steam, eliminates 99.9% of mites.


Samsung WD10T634DBH

If you need a state-of-the-art washer dryer with a large basket, the Samsung WD10T634DBH is the model to focus on. Among those we have chosen, in fact, it is one of the few to boast a load capacity of 10kg, which however drops to 6kg in the drying phase. In this case, the price becomes important but the e-commerce giant often tends to offer it at a discounted price, which makes it an excellent model to consider. The Samsung WD10T634DBH is equipped with a beautiful touch panel and an eco-dispenser, designed to release the right amount of detergent in order to eliminate waste and get over a month of washing. This model also memorizes your washing habits and with the help of artificial intelligence optimizes the settings to make you get impeccable laundry. In short, it is one of the most sophisticated scrubber dryers available on the market today.


Hoover HDE 5106AMBS

Another scrubber dryer with a 10kg and 6kg basket , respectively for washing and drying, is the Hoover HDE 5106AMBS. In addition to its enormous load capacity, this model deserves to be taken into consideration for its excellent washing performance and for the drum that reaches a rotation speed of 1500 rpm. This model can also connect to your device via wifi and bluetooth, and with the dedicated app you can control it remotely, starting the washing cycle, interrupting it, checking consumption and much more. Interesting is the Scan To Care function, which will allow you to scan the labels of the clothes so that the washer dryer will select the most suitable washing settings for you. Here too there is also the automatic dosage, which calculates the right amount of detergent based on the load. In short, even in this case we are dealing with a top model!



If you are looking for a washer-dryer capable of washing and dry as soon as possible, the best is probably the AEG L7WEE961. Thanks to its NonStop program, in fact, this model will take about 1 hour to wash and dry small loads, allowing you to obtain garments that are always ready for every occasion. The steam function is inevitable, as well as the technologies that will allow the washer-dryer to automatically set the right washing program according to the load and the type of fabric. Very fast the speed of the drum, which can reach 1600 revolutions per minute, even higher than the Hoover model. Undoubtedly a concentrate of technology!


Electrolux EW7W396B

The Electrolux EW7W396B has the same NonStop program as the AEG L7WEE961, that is the mode that will allow you to wash and dry small loads in just 1 hour. Furthermore, this Electrolux model is extremely quiet, since it does not exceed noise thresholds that could annoy you. As far as functionality is concerned, we find the typical washing programs present on the best washer-dryers, including the steam mode which, remember, is indicated for reducing creases in clothing. The basket is 9kg.


Hotpoint AQD1172D

Generic photos. With a capacity of 11kg and 7kg, respectively for washing and drying, the Hotpoint AQD1172D is one of the best scrubbers available on the market. The drum speed exceeds 1,500 revolutions per minute and this means that the results will be ready in no time. Being a household appliance of a certain level, but not one of the most expensive, there is the "steam" program, with which the washer-dryer will remove up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria without chemical additives. In addition, this model has a mode that will only allow you to refresh your clothes without washing them, useful for making ironing easier.


How to choose the washer-dryer

As the washer-dryers are very similar to washing machines and dryers, the factors to consider during the purchase they are substantially the same as the latter. Anyway, we summarize them for you below.

Drum capacity

The first factor to consider when buying a washer-dryer is the capacity of the drum. If you live alone or live with your partner, in fact, buying a washer-dryer with a 10kg basket means going against an unnecessary expense, since, obviously, models with a large basket tend to cost more. Likewise, if you need to wash and dry numerous items, it would be inappropriate to evaluate a model with a very low drum capacity. That said, if you think that a low load washer dryer is not good, you are wrong, as the load capacity does not affect the actual performance of the appliance, only the amount of clothes you can fit.

Washing programs

Almost all washer-dryers have the most important programs, but if you need to wash and dry specific and delicate fabrics, it would be advisable to consider the model that integrates the greatest number of programs, which in the range models high can be even more than 14. Furthermore, it is important to know what the performance of the washer dryer is, which is difficult to understand until you try it. Fortunately, the energy label could answer many of your questions, especially after it has been updated with the new requirements in March 2021, as the latter contains information on noise and cycle times, as well as to the energy class.

Smart functions and steam

A good washer-dryer should not be without the steam mode. As you may have noticed, each manufacturer uses its own technology to allow this possibility, but the final goal is the same. Thanks to the steam, in fact, the washer-dryer will give you softer and less wrinkled clothes. Furthermore, if you want to get the best results, it would be preferable to rely on a model also equipped with artificial intelligence. Yes, even the washer-dryers implement algorithms capable of understanding the weight and type of fabric inserted in the drum and, consequently, suggesting or automatically starting the most suitable program. According to several manufacturers, with the help of artificial intelligence the washing and drying results will be better.


Unless you are willing to go against high energy consumption , the efficiency and, consequently, the consumption of the washer-dryer are very important, and this is why our advice is to consider, if possible, a Class A certified model. It is also true, however, that in the case of washer-dryers, it is difficult to find models that guarantee the highest efficiency both during the washing and drying phases, as long as you are not willing to spend truly exaggerated figures.

Washer dryer or separate dryer and washer?

Since the washer dryer is a 2-in-1 appliance, it is a good option for those with little time to spend washing clothes. Except for interesting offers, buying a single appliance also means saving money, so the washer-dryer is a good solution even for those on a limited budget. Another benefit of using the washer dryer rather than a washer and dryer combination is the fact that you don't have to worry about moving wet clothes from one appliance to another.

However, having two separate appliances for washing and for drying it means that everyone can concentrate on doing their job, thus making them more efficient. On the other hand, this is to be expected, since they are designed to perform a certain operation. Opting for two separate appliances also means that you can perform a wash and a drying cycle at the same time, an important factor for large families who usually wash and dry a huge amount of clothes.

When to replace the washer dryer?

You don't need to replace your washer dryer unless it starts to perform below average continuously. The performance drops are sometimes caused by small leaks or by an incorrect washing program. Other times, however, it is enough to replace a component to return the performance to the original ones. However, if your washer dryer is older than 10 years and the problems are not solved at a small cost, then it would be best to consider purchasing a new model.

What is the best brand for a washer dryer?

There are many companies that produce high quality washer dryers. Among the most popular and reliable brands we mention Electrolux, LG, Samsung and AEG, but there are others equally reliable and that make the quality / price ratio their winning weapon. If you buy a washer dryer from one of these brands, chances are you will be fine with it. In addition, these brands are also recommended for a discussion of assistance that, on this type of appliance, should not be underestimated.

When to buy a washer-dryer?

Sometimes you need to buy a washer dryer as soon as possible. If this is not the case and you can wait a bit, companies and retailers tend to cut the prices of these appliances during the holiday and holiday periods, such as New Year, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. These are the best times to buy a washer-dryer, although obviously great offers can arise at any time of the year. However, if you have the opportunity to wait and want to save as much as possible, plan your purchase during one of these events. In this regard, our offers section will be for you!

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