Try, Dacia Sandero: Streetway and Stepway compared

Try, Dacia Sandero: Streetway and Stepway compared

Try, Dacia Sandero

In recent years, the Dacia brand has done nothing but amaze us, introducing more and more inviting models characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio. A clear example is represented by the electric Spring, a real sales champion who, with the previous incentives, could be purchased for just under 10 thousand euros. In this test, however, we were able to experiment with two versions of the Dacia Sandero and unlike our more classic approach, considering the degree of kinship between the two models, we preferred to create a single test.

Let's start by emphasizing the progress made by the house in recent years both in terms of offer and finishes and in terms of safety and equipment; the platform on which this version of Dacia Sandero is based is directly shared with the French sister Renault Clio while for the previous generation, the two houses had always wanted to maintain a more marked distance by granting the Dacia brand the platforms of previous models.

This translates into a decidedly improved safety and driveability not even comparable with the previous one, moreover the presence of active safety as standard on each set-up - such as the automatic emergency braking - helps to make Dacia Sandero a very valid alternative to other cars of the segment.
The external appearance has in fact been completely revised, the lights are even LED on the front while at the rear we find traditional lights which are accompanied by a design modern and pleasant. The lines remain faithful to the classic Dacia style and we do not hide the fact that we would have liked to see the new logo already in use on this also very modern version. The dimensions have changed compared to the past, extending the Streetway city version by 2 cm and the Stepway crossover variant by 3 cm bringing the total length to 409 cm and 410 cm respectively; the lines while being unmistakably Dacia, manage to give an interesting and definitely above expectations, especially if it is chosen in a flashy color.

Dacia Sandero Streetway is offered starting from 11,100 euros in the Essental version equipped with the 1.0 65 hp engine, which unfortunately is too little equipped even for everyday use as it is not even equipped with air conditioning, for that you have to switch to the Comfort from 12,150 euros. In the versions we tested we appreciated the presence of a gem usually reserved for high-end cars or Apple CarPlay Wireless, however, compatibility with Android Auto is not lacking.

To get a clear and complete picture of the range proposed, we tried almost simultaneously also the crossover Dacia Sandero Stepway which is characterized by a more aggressive and off-road oriented look even if the traction remains purely front; the sample tested was equipped with a manual gearbox and a 100 hp engine with LPG, a surprising combination that allowed us to travel enormous distances with only one full tank.

The capacity of the tanks is in fact exceptional, guaranteeing 50 liters of petrol and 40 liters of LPG which added together, according to the house, lead to a total autonomy of 1,300 km. Also of note is the excellent native integration of the LPG system within the on-board computer which manages to show the combined range between the two fuels and also the individual options, all manageable via a button located to the left of the steering wheel. Consumption recorded over a 1,500 km journey was 14 km / l with petrol and about 9.5 km / l with LPG.

Inside Sandero Stepway takes up the external color with the seams on the seats and on the door panels, also the profiles of the air conditioning vents follow the same stylistic choice going to give a premium look to this cabin; the plastics are replaced by a fabric covering (in our opinion brilliant) which elevates the general feeling without going to raise the costs with more precious materials such as leather. At the wheel Sandero Stepway behaves in a very similar way to the Streetway version except that it is less direct in fast corners certainly due to the increased ground clearance and the additional weight given by the LPG.

In one word, Sandero can be defined as a smart choice and we would like to highly recommend it to anyone who is considering purchasing a car in this price range. Between the two versions tested, for city use, we preferred the Stepway with 1.0 100 hp Petrol + LPG engine which allowed us to travel long distances without ever worrying, furthermore the cutting-edge solutions on the safety and infotainment front make it extremely easy to recommend to anyone looking for a concrete, no-nonsense subcompact at a great price.

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