Secure your home with new offers on EZVIZ cameras!

Secure your home with new offers on EZVIZ cameras!

Our review of the best Amazon Spring Offers continues, the discounts of which, as you know, are affecting the most disparate product categories, lowering the purchase prices of even the most technological and sophisticated products by many.

It follows that this is therefore an opportunity to purchase those products that, throughout the year, are often available at high, if not prohibitive, prices, such as security systems which, especially when equipped with multiple cameras recovery, can involve an expense of several hundred euros, even for apartments that are not too large.

This is why today we suggest you take a look at the excellent offers that Amazon is dedicating to Ezviz products, already for some time now. the most purchased in the field of home security, and considered highly performing and reliable.

The options are not many, but you will still have the opportunity to buy excellent cameras for inte rno and for outdoor use, obviously at bargain prices, as is the case for example of the excellent Ezviz CTQ3N, which from the original € 79.99 is now available for only € 47.99.

A bargain, especially because we are talking about an outdoor camera with IPX6 certification, and more than capable of withstanding rain and bad weather. In addition to this, the CTQ3N security camera offers excellent shooting quality at 1080p, and a sharp shooting even in the dark, thanks to its night sensor and the ability to automatically turn on the spotlights, recording easily both in white. and black and color depending on the light conditions.

Equipped with an internal AI that makes it capable of recognizing human activity, the Ezviz CTQ3N guarantees maximum safety, and is even able to focus its monitoring on specific areas of its visual range, all thanks to the convenient free app attached, through which you can also take a live look at the camera shot.

Finally, and it is not to be underestimated, the Ezviz CTQ3N is one of the few cheap choices to enjoy even a built-in microphone which, thanks to its noise cancellation system, guarantees excellent audio perception, up to 5 meters away!

In short, a really excellent product which, as mentioned in opening, is just one of the many proposed by Ezviz for his new promotional round! For this reason, we suggest you to view the entire discount proposal of the brand, thus referring you to the portal page dedicated to Ezviz offers.

Likewise, we also suggest you take a look at the entire prospectus of the Amazon Spring Offers, reachable, which you can consult directly through the dedicated page of the portal. Alternatively, subscribing to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers can also prove to be a winning choice. There, in fact, you will promptly receive information on all the best offers on Amazon, and on many other stores, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping!

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