Scudetto race Milan, Napoli, Inter: next matches and where to see them

Scudetto race Milan, Napoli, Inter: next matches and where to see them

Scudetto race Milan, Napoli, Inter

The Serie A TIM championship is coming to an end, but never as in this edition the championship race is full of protagonists who are only a few points apart. Until a few weeks ago there were even four contenders, but after Inter's recent victory at Juventus, the latter had to surrender to the coveted title, giving way to the Nerazzurri. However, Milan and Napoli still remain at the top of the table, but let's see together the situation of each of them from now to the 38th final day.

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Milan: a sprint that is anything but simple

Milan currently occupies the first position in the standings with 67 points. He could certainly have done more, but he was stopped by a very defensive Bologna which allowed Napoli and Inter to recover. Now the challenges that await the Rossoneri are anything but simple, because it starts with a very difficult Turin at home and continues with an almost relegated Genoa but still stubborn to play every possible chance for salvation. From the Sampdoria onwards, the matches will all be a minefield. It starts with Lazio away from home, then with Fiorentina at home and, apart from the Verona interlude which is anything but simple, Atalanta is back at home. Lazio, Fiorentina and Atalanta are competing for important positions to hope for the European experience, so they will not be ordinary challenges. Final match against Sassuolo, away. In short, it will not be child's play, but Stefano Pioli's men will do everything to grab a championship that has been missing for 11 years now.

32nd round - Turin-Milan 33rd round - Milan-Genoa 34th round - Lazio-Milan 35th round - Milan-Fiorentina 36th round - Verona-Milan 37th round - Milan-Atalanta 38th round - Sassuolo-Milan

Napoli: many home games, but a strange weak point

32nd round - Napoli- Fiorentina 33rd round - Naples-Rome 34th round - Empoli-Naples 35th round - Naples-Sassuolo 36th round - Turin-Naples 37th round - Naples-Genoa 38th round - Spezia-Naples

Inter: one match does more mean more physical fatigue?

Finally we find Inter at 63 points, but with one more game to play. She started as the favorite at the beginning of the championship, she was until about the beginning of January, but then week after week she started losing precious points and positions in the championship, moving from the undisputed first place to the third place as a chaser. The victory against Juventus, however, was very important to confirm his absolute desire to win the title, but the next matches will not be easy. We start with Verona, we move on to a match, at least on paper, against Spezia, but then there is immediately the Rome of the great former Mourinho. To continue the fatigue against Bologna in the recovery match could be felt, but then a series of matches against middle and low ranking teams or Udinese, Empoli, Cagliari and Sampdoria. The pressure will be very high, to win the Scudetto absolutely no mistakes or missteps must be made and Inter have shown that they cannot keep these promises.

32nd round - Inter-Verona 33rd round - Spezia-Inter 34th round - Inter-Roma * 20th round - Bologna-Inter (recovery) 35th round - Udinese-Inter 36th round - Inter-Empoli 37th round - Cagliari-Inter 38th round - Inter-Sampdoria

Where to see the games

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Where to see all the AC Milan, Napoli and Inter matches

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CorSera: Who would win the title if Milan, Napoli and Inter finished on level points

With the Scudetto race now tighter than ever as we head into the final seven games of the season, we have to think about every eventuality.

One of the scenarios that must be taken into consideration – underlines il Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) – is the idea that Milan might finish level on points with both Napoli and Inter, which makes things a bit more complicated than the usual head-to-head between two sides who finish even.

The Rossoneri are ahead of Napoli and Inter in the event of an equal finish, the paper underlines, because if the trio finish on the same points it would go to a mini-table at that point which sees Milan in the lead with 7 points from the games against the other two, then Inter with 5 and Napoli with 4.

If Milan and Inter finish level then the red half of the city would celebrate thanks to the 1-1 in the derby on 7 November and a 2-1 win on 5 February for Pioli’s men, while against Napoli it would go down to goal difference as each team won 1-0 in head to head games.

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