PlayStation Store: Nobody Saves the World, Road 96 and Sociable Soccer '22

PlayStation Store: Nobody Saves the World, Road 96 and Sociable Soccer '22

PlayStation Store

"April, sweet sleep": the well-known proverb can certainly also be applied to the PlayStation Store releases, which at this central stage of the month appear decidedly relaxed and sipped, with only a few games making their debut on the Sony digital platform.

Among these we find Nobody Saves the World, the new title from Drinkbox Studios, the authors of Guacamelee !, but also the roguelike-style adventure Road 96, which finally lands on consoles, and Sociable Soccer ' 22, updated edition of the spiritual heir of Sensible Soccer.

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World, a fighting sequence Nobody Saves the World after the short Xbox timeline exclusive (PS5 and PS4, € 24.99 with 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers) is now also available on PS5 and PS4. This is the new, original project by Drinkbox Studios, the team behind Guacamelee !, which in this case has decided to take a different path.

The protagonist of the game is in fact a real nobody, Nobody precisely, which awakens in an unknown place, affected by the inevitable amnesia: a way that the authors have found to make fun of this narrative device. However, when the character gets hold of a magic wand, he discovers that he can transform himself into many different creatures, each with their own unique abilities.

The situation changes radically: from a protagonist lacking talents we pass to one who can acquire countless skills, using them to make their way through fantasy-based levels generated by a procedural system and therefore never equal to themselves, able to offer an experience and a challenge that change with each game.

Engaged in the search for a person who could free the mysterious kingdom in which we find ourselves from the monsters that have invaded it, we will have to face furious fights and solve small puzzles, earning a few more points with each step to be able to further develop Nobody's features, unlock new transformations and upgrade those that are already part of his repertoire. The review of Nobody Saves the World.

Road 96

Road 96, one of the characters we will interact with Road 96 (PS5 and PS4, € 19.99) is a ' narrative adventure that tells the story of a boy fleeing the oppressive regime of Petria, but who must travel along Road 96 to reach the northern border of the country. The parallels with Donald Trump's America are clear, while the roguelike setting of experience conditions the way in which we will face our journey of hope from time to time.

The story unfolds in fact in the context of sequences that are repeated, albeit in variable order, and with which we will be able to interact in different ways depending on the skills and information learned during the previous attempt. This mix of situations will lead us to a different epilogue from time to time: the border is aggressively guarded, how are we going to cross it? The Road 96 review.

Sociable Soccer '22

Sociable Soccer '22, a shot on goal Made by Jon Hare, author of the classic Sensible Soccer, Sociable Soccer '22 (PS5 and PS4) collects the baton of the iconic football game to offer us a renewed experience compared to that described in the review of Sociable Soccer for Apple Arcade, which was already able to offer a fun and carefree arcade gameplay, enriched by the mechanics related to the collectible cards.

On the occasion of the debut on PC and console, the developers have therefore introduced a whole series of innovations concerning the technical sector of the game but not only, fixing the problems relating to matchmaking and updating the squads of teams in the 2021/2022 season, so as to deliver an even more solid and convincing package.

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Sony adds even more games to PlayStation Store spring sale

In a nutshell: Sony has updated its annual PlayStation Store spring sale with even more discounts across a range of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 titles. Those who prefer physical game discs might want to head over to Best Buy and check out their ongoing sale for additional deals.

Diving right into the best sellers category, we find that The Last of Us Part II, Far Cry 6: Standard Edition and Back 4 Blood: Standard Edition are all half off. If that's not enough to entice you, perhaps 67 percent off NHL 22, a full 75 percent off Madden NFL 22 MVP edition or 80 percent off Mortal Kombat 11 will do the trick.

From now through April 27, you can also nab Diablo III: Eternal Collection for $19.79 or pick up the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for a few cents more at $19.99. Batman: Arkham Collection is down to just $8.99 after a massive 85 percent discount. Sonic Mania is also probably worth picking up for just $9.99, and Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker can be yours for only $5.99 after a 90 percent cut.

Several hit PS4 titles including Bloodborne, God of War, God of War III Remastered, Until Dawn, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us Remastered are marked down to just $9.99 each over at Best Buy should you prefer physical games.

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