One Piece 100, review: Anarchy in the Wano Kuni

One Piece 100, review: Anarchy in the Wano Kuni

One Piece 100, review

Star Comics has finally brought One Piece 100 to the bookstores and comics shops of our country. The manga of the tireless Eiichiro Oda reaches the triple figure in the name of a battle announced for a long time but equally bloody that can lead to only two results: one authoritarian drift or to the liberation of the country of Wano. The volume consists of 11 chapters (from 1005 to 1015) originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump, so one more than the regular one.

In the previous volume the final battle on the roof of Onigashima began between a group chosen of the Worst Generation (Luffy, Zoro, Killer, Kidd and Law) and the Emperors Kaido and Big Mom, but not only. Immediately below, in the lower levels of the castle, a series of skirmishes have ignited which sees the components of Straw Hat and their allies face the strongest minions of Kaido in a literally Jurassic scenario.

One Piece 100: crying is for men, fighting for women

The recognition of female power, in this historical moment is also a great appeal made by the author for gender equality, and Nico Robin, consistently, is obviously ready. The archaeologist arrives on the battlefield saving Sanji immediately before turning to Black Maria and starting the battle.

The virus induces those affected to evolve into ice monsters and Chopper, precisely because of the broken headphone, manages to create his own virus that cancels the malevolent one and saves all those who were about to lose consciousness. Alongside the theme of gender equality, the sensei therefore places a reflection, if we want premonitory, on science and on the scenario of a global epidemic. In this sense Queen suffers a double defeat since she not only has lost the scientific battle, but also the respect of her own men of hers. In fact, Queen did not hesitate for a moment to sacrifice her troops as well in order to infect her enemies. Shaken by this conduct, the troops abandon him and are ready to lose their lives with honor rather than being betrayed by their leader and becoming monsters.

In this juncture the difference in the conduct of Kaido and his allies is denoted stronger and more trusted. Kaido would never have sent his companions to die and has shown in the course of events that a defeat is not always the demerit of his men (as would be said in the judgment of a typical villain). An abysmal difference that demonstrates how much Kaido actually is a general at least just in his ranks.

On the roof of Onigashima, meanwhile, the main battle continues to be fought. After a first great start of the Pirates of the Worst Generation, it's up to the Emperors to reveal what they are made of. Joining their frightening forces they unleash a devastating attack that would surely have decimated all warriors if the brave Zoro, strong with his new Enma, had not for a moment taken and deflected the blow.

On other fronts. He continues the flight of the only male heir to go to the throne, Momonosuke, along with Yamato and Shinobu. In fact, remember that another goal is to completely eradicate the vassals of Oden.

One Piece 100: the last act of the Red Fodders

The Red Foders, after the losses suffered in the against Kaido, are preparing for their last act: in front of them is revealed one of the enemies of the past, Orochi. Believed to have died at the hands of Kaido, in reality the heads of the Orochi snake have reappeared, more evil and evil than ever, with the sole aim of exterminating the Sheaths. The latter take very little time to decapitate him again, will it really be the end for the unpredictable Orochi? The very last act, however, has as its protagonist the renegade Red Fodder and partner of Orochi himself, Kanjuro. The latter, in fact, reveals himself in front of the samurai disguised as the late Oden Kozuki, the one who offered them all food and shelter. The samurai are dismayed to see Oden, although they know very well that it can never be the real one because he is dead.

It is a mean staging by the one who, in the same way, had received the paternal love of Oden. Despite this, however, he wishes to perpetrate the deception and fulfill his destiny and role. It will be a distraught Kin'emon who will take charge of piercing Kanjuro with his katana, bringing down the curtain. The reference to the theatrical practice of kabuki in the scenes in which Kanjuro appears is incredibly strong, and Eiichiro Oda also seems to enjoy having the actors rotate to that effect in this announced tragicomedy.

Non-stop , the action moves to Big Mom, now separated from Kaido after the combined attack of Kidd and Law, which started a real anarchy, as the title of Chapter 1013 (Anarchy in the Big Mom) says. . Initially angered by the Worst Generation, she now only wishes to defeat Ulti and Page One as O-Tama was able to outwit the Empress of Whole Cake Island by claiming that Kaido's henchmen destroyed the Okobore village. This village initially rescued and helped Big Mom after she lost her memory once she entered Wano Country. Actually the village is intact, on the other hand this strategy will help Nami and Usopp gain an advantage over the two of the mentioned Six Flying Warriors.

In a weird but temporary alliance, Usopp, Nami and Big Mom get together they mock the two flying warriors, dismissing the file. Here Oda-sensei hits the feelings of readers with a cloud. During the battle, Big Mom decides to improve her lightning power by brutally replacing her old ally, Zeus, with Hera, deemed more reliable and capable than her. Zeus, it should be noted, had temporarily unwittingly helped Nami at Whole Cake Island, feeding her some stormy Back Balls, so Big Mom felt betrayed.

Despite being welcomed back by Big Mom, Zeus disappears in the moment of need. The empress swears vengeance and threatens Zeus to kill him who begs for mercy by turning back to Nami who, though reluctant, decides to help him.

Just when Zeus and the cloud are about to throw a powerful man storm energy attack, supported by Nami's Back Balls, Big Mom intercepts the attack in the bud. Only the providential intervention of Kidd will be able to restore a certain balance.

One Piece 100: a winner is a loser who never gives up

In Onigashima the moment is again critical for the Worst Generation. After a controlled confrontation, Kaido collects his second victory over Luffy and the latter even collapses into the sea depths under the flying island. The Emperor announces to all present of his victory and the beginning of a massive cleanup that will lead him to finally establish a regime of terror and then obtain the throne.

Kaido's first step is to eliminate the head of the chosen Shogun, or Momonosuke, managing to reach him, but it will be Kin'emon to sacrifice himself. The samurai, already shaken by the confrontation with Kanjuro, is forced to capitulate without hesitation under the blows of Kaido. The outcome of the battle is more uncertain than ever: the first weariness and discouragement begin to be felt, but always, as usual, Luffy gets back on his feet.

While he is in free fall, mysteriously, he enters telepathic contact with Momonosuke asking him to tell everyone not to give up and not to back down as he will be back soon, stronger than before, to beat the despot. He is sure of it. The troops, therefore, suddenly regain energy and the battle resumes but now moved more by hope than by strength.

The first to take this hope by the hand and turn it into a strength to act is Yamato. After strenuously defending and securing Momonosuke and Shinobu, he presents himself in front of his renegade father, Kaido, to challenge him openly in a symbolic confrontation that has the flavor of a showdown: breaking the curse of the chains that hold him in place. , the same ones that keep the country of Wano still.

One Piece 100: cultural references

One Piece 100 is steeped in cultural references. From music, to literature up to folkloristic references not only Japanese, even international. From the chapter titles, to the techniques of the characters to the jokes of the characters themselves, Oda-sensei seems to have really enjoyed himself. Noteworthy in this sense are the title of Chapter 1013 and the title of Chapter 1014.

Retrieve our article: The musical and literary references in the last 100 chapters of One Piece Chapter 1013, entitled Anarchy in the Big Mom, is a clear reference to the famous debut single of the punk rock band Sex Pistols, “Anarchy in the UK ", Released on November 26, 1976 and then included in the album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols (1977). The chapter focuses on the Empress Big Mom, who is literally ruling over the castle on the island of Onigashima after falling from the roof. Before her she indirectly injures her ally Ulti, then she wants to get rid of her own power of the lightning bolt Zeus forever, replacing him with Hera and, finally, she starts her duel against Kidd. A real anarchy.

The title of Chapter 1014, or L'istrione, is a reference to the cover of the famous song "Le Cabotin" by the French singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour also reinterpreted by Italian artists of the caliber of Massimo Ranieri and Renato Zero under the title of L'istrione, in fact. The Japanese version of the song that inspired Oda-sensei was performed by Akihiro Miwa in 2013. The title refers to Kanjuro's entire life and alleged death lived in the role of an actor (histrion) until his death. The character, in fact, turned out to be the traitor among Kozuki Oden's vassals, revealing his true identity only recently, taking his historical companions by surprise. The last act of his story will be written by Kin'emon when he wounds him with his devastating katana.

The volume

One Piece 100 is available in two variants: regular and Celebration Edition. The regular edition, at the standard price of € 4.30, is available from March 30 and the classic 11.5 × 17.5 cm paperback volume. The Celebration Edition, on the other hand, will arrive on the online stores, newsstands, comic shops and in conjunction with the Napoli Comicon 2022 starting from April 20, 2022.

The Celebration Edition presents the volume in a special box designed by designer Fabrizio Verrocchi. The box, in limited edition, will be enriched externally by a gold foil print and a doubloon in relief on the lid. Inside the box, in addition to One Piece 100 in the special Celebration Edition equipped with a transparent PVC dust jacket, there will also be space to insert the celebratory editions of volumes 98 and 99 (not included in the box).

Purchase on Amazon your copy of One Piece 100 Celebration Edition The volume will also be accompanied by a very special "parchment": an exclusive and very long color poster to unroll which depicts all, absolutely all, of the most important characters in history, sealed by a original One Piece and Star Comics personalized fabric bracelet. Finally, inside the box there will be a message from the master Eiichiro Oda to thank and pay homage to his millions of readers. The cost of One Piece 100 Celebration Edition is € 18.

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