Elden Ring, Ranni's cosplay from Win_winry is far too bewitching

Elden Ring, Ranni's cosplay from Win_winry is far too bewitching

Elden Ring

With the enormous popularity of Elden Ring within a short space of time, the fact that it became an inspiration for cosplayers as well, it was only a matter of time, as this cosplay of Ranni from Win_winry demonstrates.

The character in question already seems to be a favorite of cosplayers, for the possibility of playing on the particular figure of the witch between restlessness and charm, and the reinterpretation of Win_winry is particularly bewitching in this photo, far too much compared to the original. The reconstruction of the cosplayer quite faithfully replicates some specific characteristics of the witch Ranni, such as the four arms and the wide hat that characterizes her style.

For the rest, the costume is well made, although the model points on some aspects that are much more disturbing than the original character does, who is otherwise rather chaste compared to this version. Apart from this, however, the interpretation is truly remarkable, also for the originality and choice of the subject, as well as for the great care with which the costume is made.

Ranni the Witch is an NPC of considerable importance to the interior of Elden Ring, which initially introduces itself as Reindeer and then reveals its identity only later. She has a fundamental role in some aspects of the lore of the game, which we avoid disclosing here in order not to run into possible spoilers, but which will reveal themselves by continuing in Elden Ring, being in fact also the protagonist of a line of quests.

If you are looking for other cosplay, we remind you here of some of the most recent ones published on these pages, like that of Marin of Shirogane from My Dress-Up Darling, the cosplay of Keqing Shiro's from Genshin Impact, Bunny Bulma's from itskawaiikitten from Dragon Ball, Mikasa's cosplay from Kleinerpixel from Attack of the Giants and The Lady of Lyanz's from Genshin Impact.

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Elden Ring Fan Theory Says One Ending Leads Directly to Dark Souls

One fan theory suggests that the ending of Elden Ring directly leads to the setup of the very first Dark Souls game.

One Reddit user enthusiastically shared his headcanon on the Elden Ring subreddit, as he thought he figured out the secrets of the game. According to the user, what is considered to be the “bad ending” of the game, the Frenzied Flame Ending, is actually the canonical ending of the game.

The Reddit user argues that the Frenzied Flame’s ending would bring about a “renewal” of the Lands Between, which would lead to a new world order. The former Golden Order becomes the Undead, who are not endowed by the Frenzied Flame’s power. Many years passed and the Frenzied Flame grew weaker, and those endowed by its power also grew weaker. The Undead, having never touched the Frenzied Flame, received a small dose of it, bringing to him power. And thus, the Chosen Undead embarks on a journey to the “First Flame” with a choice to prolong its fire or to completely douse it. The First Flame, the Redditor argues, is the Frenzied Flame from the Elden Ring ending mentioned above.

The argument sounds plausible. However, other Reddit users quickly reminded the user that FromSoftware themselves have previously declared that Elden Ring is in no way connected to the Dark Souls series. In a 2019 interview with IGN, Hidetaka Miyazaki himself confirmed that the two games’ stories are not connected.

Even if this theory didn’t pan out, Elden Ring’s mysterious lore encourages these kinds of speculation. Hence, fan theories are as ubiquitous as discussions on Dark Souls’ accessibility and difficulty. Games rarely make this kind of impact and, even if they don’t always lead to a happy ending, it’s nice that there are games like Elden Ring that really get people thinking.

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