Elden Ring: How to Get All Legendary Spirits

Elden Ring: How to Get All Legendary Spirits

Elden Ring

In this Elden Ring guide we will explain how to get all the ashes of the legendary Spirits scattered around the Interregnum and thus unlock, among other things, the Trophy / objective of the same name.

In the last effort of FromSoftware the player can summon in battle of the ghosts in exchange for AP (and in some cases of VP) thanks to special ashes and the bell summons spirits, an object received as a gift or purchasable in the first hours of the game. Spirits not only inflict damage and altered status during clashes but also have the utility of attracting the attention of enemies making many boss battles significantly easier, so they are a resource that should not be underestimated.

In Elden Ring there are a large number of spirits and in particular there are six classified as Legendary, not very easy to obtain, but given their power it is still worth adding them to your collection, a bit like the legendary Talismans.

As usual we have tried to limit spoilers as much as possible, but inevitably in this article we will have to mention advanced and / or secret areas of Elden Ring, NPCs and more.

Elden Ring: where to find all the ashes of the Legendary Spirits

Elden Ring, the location of the ashes of Luthel Headless

Luthel Headless

The ashes of Luthel Headless are without doubt the simplest to obtain and it is possible to do it already in the first hours of the game. You will unlock this legendary spirit by defeating the boss located in the mini-dungeon "Catacombs of Guardiasepolcro" in the western part of the Wailing Peninsula, the region south of the Tomb, refer to the map above. This is not a particularly difficult dungeon and can be tackled already in the first hours of the game. To unlock the boss door, advance until you find a fire-breathing trap as a totem pole. Reach for it and hit it to make it sink to the floor. Now hit it again and immediately jump on it, to reach the upper floor and find the lever that unlocks the boss door.

Lutlhel Headless is a pretty good spirit, if not one of the best in Elden Ring in the world. early stages of the game. She is equipped with armor and a heavy shield, which make her quite resistant to enemy hits and therefore a good tank. Additionally, she can attack from both short and long range and teleport. On the other hand, it has a rather high AP cost (104 AP).

Elden Ring, the location of the Ashes of the Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

You will get the Ashes of the Ancient dragon knight Kristoff by defeating the boss of the "Tomb of the Blessed Hero", located in the Altus Plateau, west of Leyndell. Refer to the map above. Watch out, once you get close to the entrance you will be attacked by an optional boss: you can choose whether to face him or run away with high legs by entering the building and activating the elevator.

Tomb of the Blessed Hero is a rather treacherous optional mini-dungeon, as there will be enemies shrouded in seemingly invincible darkness. The only way to defeat them is to have them enter the glowing circles scattered around the dungeon, thus removing the spell that makes them invulnerable. To unlock the door leading to the boss you will have to eliminate a humanoid enemy armed with a heavy ax, also shrouded in darkness. Therefore, it will be enough for you to be chased up to a bright circle to make it vulnerable. Once killed you can face and defeat the boss of the dungeon and thus obtain the ashes of the Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff.

This legendary spirit costs 108 AP per summon. It is quite resilient and has lightning-based medium and long-range attacks, which might come in handy against some bosses, but in general there are better spirits in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring, the location of Ogha's Ashes , Red Mantle Knight

Ogha, Red Mantle Knight

The Red Mantle Knight Ogha is found in the "Catacombs of the War Fallen", east of the Caelid region. The only way to access this mini-dungeon is by defeating the boss "Radahn the Celestial Scourge". From the homonymous place of grace that you will unlock after the fight, head north, near the beach you will find the entrance to the dungeon, refer to the map above. By defeating the boss you will get the ashes of the legendary spirit, as well as a golden seed.

Ogha despite being a legendary spirit, between the high cost of 106 AP, is a somewhat disappointing and unreliable helper. Once invoked, in fact, he will not follow you, but will continue to patrol a small limited area, attacking any enemy on sight with the bow, which makes him useful only in boss fights and in medium-sized arenas. After one of the last patches, Ogha will use gravity arrows using the "War Cry" War Ash.

Elden Ring, the location of the ashes of the Reflected Lacrim in Nokron

Reflected Tear

The Reflected Tear is located in "Nokron, Eternal City", an optional location accessible after defeating "Radahn the Heavenly scourge ". In fact, coming out victorious from this boss fight, a gigantic chasm will be created near Tetrobosco to the east of Sepolcride. Climb into the crater on the back of Torrente and you will find the access to Nokron. Advancing in this area sooner or later you will find yourself facing a boss, the Reflected Tear, which is none other than your double who uses your same armor, weapons, spells and war ashes. Once defeated, you will unlock the "Reflected Tear" place of grace and receive a Larva Tear, an item needed to respec attributes in Elden Ring.

From the place of grace proceed north on the back of Torrente and at the end of the bridge drop to the left. From here continue west, leaving the main path, to find another place of grace to activate. Now you need to do some parkour: jump over the ledge to land on the roof opposite and then jump to the ledge of the building next door. Now go around and jump to the platform in front and advance. Jump to the dome of the tower opposite the stairs and again to the balcony opposite. Now go straight on, go through the stone arch and you will find yourself inside a building. Here you will find a room sealed with magic, unlockable using a stone sword key. Inside is a single enemy (he will have his back to you so you can backstab easily) and a chest with the Reflected Tear inside.

Like the boss of the same name, the Reflected Tear is a spirit that perfectly replicates your gear, spells, War Ashes and consumables. It was hands down the strongest spirit of Elden Ring, perhaps too much, which is why FromSoftware has decided to weaken it (in particular now the AI ​​is more "clumsy" and less aggressive) with a patch. However, he remains a useful ally in various circumstances. Another peculiarity of this spirit is that to summon it you will not consume AP, but rather 660 life points.

Elden Ring, the location of the ashes of the Black Tiche Blade

Black Tiche Blade

To get the ashes of the Black Blade Tiche it will be necessary to defeat the boss of the "Eternal Jail of the Chief", which is located south of the region of Liurnia, to be precise northwest of the place of grace "Altar of the moonlight". You will only bea> able to access this quest in the final stages of the Ranni NPC side quest. You will meet this NPC at the "Spire of Ranni", reachable after exploring the Cariano Manor which is located north of the Liurnia region.

The Tiche Black Blade is considered to be one of the strongest spirits in Elden Ring, especially after the Reflected Tear nerf. She costs 132 AP but she is quite a tough fighter, as thanks to her great agility she manages to dodge a large number of enemy attacks. The damage it inflicts is also not bad and it is able to use a ranged hit that can reduce the maximum hit points of the enemies by percentage, which is particularly useful against the toughest bosses.

Elden Ring, Ephael

Rotting Knight Finlay

The last legendary spirit of Elden Ring is found in Elphael, a secret Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring. It is located at the far north of the map and can be reached from "Order, the liturgical city" located north of the lands of the sacred Miquella Tree. Here you can unlock a portal that leads to Elphael by solving a puzzle that requires you to light four candles in the "eternal jail" located in the area. In turn, the Lands of the Sacred Tree Miquella is an optional secret region located west of the Giant Peaks accessible from the Great Hoist of Rold using the Secret Pendant of the Sacred Tree. This medallion consists of two parts, one you can find in Castel Sol (north of the Giants' Peaks) and the other in the Albinauri Village (south of the Liurnia region) interacting with an NPC disguised as a vase.

Once you have access to Elphael, advance into the dungeon until you unlock the "Prayer Room" place of grace. From here exit, advance, pass the soldiers and go down the stairs. Drop from the balcony onto the stone beam below and from here jump to the clearing on the left. Enter the building on the left and defeat the enemy inside. Once done, you can safely open the chest with Finlay's ashes inside.

127 AP are required to summon the Rotting Knight Finlay. He fights both short and long range. In general he is not bad, but he cannot compete with the other spirits we have talked about so far, especially with Tiche.

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