Cisco studies the world of work of the future in Venice

Cisco studies the world of work of the future in Venice

Venice - Studying the future of the labor market immersed in the lagoon, with a pilot experiment involving sixteen young people from Southern Europe. Almost a game, taken very seriously. Cisco, an American high-tech multinational, sent a group of its employees from Italy, France, Spain and Greece to Venice for three months to participate in Venywhere, the foundation project of Venice in collaboration with the Ca 'Foscari University for the spread of a modern and inclusive work model. “The way we think about work has changed profoundly,” said Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco: “People are looking for flexibility and companies need to know that if they want to attract talent and retain the best, they have to offer hybrid ways of working. ".

Through the three months of Venywhere, explained Robbins, "we can collect concrete indications on what could be achieved, thanks to the experience of our sixteen employees in a historic city that is redefining its future" .

Manghi, at Cisco Italy: "Creating a new harmony" The Cisco team, in Venice since early March to carry out their usual activities, has agreed to participate in an analysis on the hybrid work experience. The tech company monitors their behavior in total freedom, what hours they choose to work and where they prefer to do it. The results will be analyzed together with a Ca 'Foscari research team and will allow the extraction of indications and best practices for the implementation of models and hybrid work solutions that can be replicated by Cisco and partner companies.

"There is no need to find a compromise in the way of working, but we have the opportunity to create a new harmony," said the CEO of Cisco in Italy, Gianmatteo Manghi. “The world of work must be increasingly inclusive, allowing everyone to feel involved and have a positive impact. Companies must be sustainable and digitized, to ensure connection between people in total security in terms of cybersecurity - he added -. Everything must also be open to ecosystem players, to promote ever new exchanges of ideas. In Venywhere there are the characteristics of the flexible work of the future and what the group of pioneers will give us back from this experience will represent a precious contribution to understand how our idea of ​​the future of work can enter the reality of a community, transform it and make it. grow".

Venywhere as a living innovation laboratory Venywhere is only at the beginning: the 16 Cisco employees are the first to embrace the project which will start at full capacity in September and will be open to returning Europeans, Italians and Venetians. The idea is to involve those arriving in the city in social activities, such as the "pioneers" of Cisco who are volunteers for the 'Venice, world capital of sustainability' project conceived by the city to study the future of the lagoon. “Venice is the city of twenty minutes by design - said Gianpoalo Barozzi, head of human resources at Cisco -. This collaboration allows us to create a living innovation laboratory. We are already noticing that those who are here are greatly increasing their networks of connections, a group that is forming and that is destined to stay ”.

The project serves to interpret the dynamics within the world of work and to map out a new future for Venice, a complex commitment led by the Ca 'Foscari management teacher, Massimo Warglien. “The pandemic - he said - has shown all the fragility of the development model that Venice has had in recent decades, all focused on tourism, giving us the opportunity to question it. The launch of Venywhere with Cisco has given us the opportunity to work with people out of the ordinary, phase two has already started: the platform is attracting an increasing number of people, a very interesting population of under 45 which is exactly the hole of active population that the city has. From May we will open to new arrivals who will disembark in Venice in September ".

For those who live in Venice every day, the hope is that" the project will bring change in relationships and opportunities for young people ", said the director of the Ca 'Foscari, Tiziana Lippiello: "Ours is an important community and I hope that Venywhere can also represent a job opportunity for our 16 thousand graduates. Internationalization comes here, not just for tourism. Many Italians want to return to our country, there exodus abroad is coming to a halt. Now we have to bring them back to Venice ".

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