Today's Short Circuit talks about The Batman, in an episode with very special guests!

Today's Short Circuit talks about The Batman, in an episode with very special guests!

Today's Short Circuit talks about The Batman

Il Cortocircuito returns today, live on Twitch, starting at 17:00, with a memorable episode of our weekly column, always in the company of Pierpaolo Greco, Alessio Pianesani and Francesco Serino but with very special guests. The question under discussion this time is only one, but a big and very interesting one.

Today 's topic is exclusively The Batman, the new Warner Bros. movie about the Dark Knight with Robert Pattinson in the title role . Written by Matt Reeves and Peter Craig, and directed by Matt Reeves, it features a cast that includes Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro and Peter Sarsgaard.

The Batman is released on March 3 in Italian cinemas and has already received very positive reviews at launch from critics, including our review. Critics have generally rewarded this particular dark and hard-boiled reinterpretation of the DC Comics myth, revisited as a real detective story with super-heroic elements set in a corrupt and complex Gotham City.

The cover of IlCortocircuito di today To go deeper into the theme of the film, the famous streamer Dario Moccia, obviously a great expert on the subject and subject in question, will be connected throughout the episode. But that's not all: we will also have another truly exceptional guest, thanks to a telephone connection with Stefano Crescentini, the Italian voice actor of Robert Pattinson.

We will talk with both of them for the entire episode of The Batman , examined from many points of view and with a particular introspection also as regards the dubbing, obviously, being able to discuss it with the voice of the protagonist in the Italian version.

The cast of today's special short circuit themed The Batman But there will be many aspects to consider: the sources of inspiration, the original Batman comics, Year 1, the Riddler and much more, counting on Dario Moccia's knowledge of the subject and Crescentini's immersion in the character.

In short, there is really a lot to discuss with Pierpaolo, Francesco and Alessio in what promises to be a memorable episode, certainly one of the most important and interesting views recently.

Naturally there will also be space for your questions and messages, which you can send in written or oral form, by subscribing to our Telegram group. We will broadcast as much of it live as possible!

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