Ghostwire: Tokyo and Gran Turismo 7 are the most anticipated games of March 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo and Gran Turismo 7 are the most anticipated games of March 2022


The richness of this new videogame year continues to reveal itself in the lineups of the first months and after a portentous February we are approaching an equally rich March, as demonstrated by the candidates for the election of the most anticipated games of March 2022, among which Ghostwire finally won : Tokyo and Gran Turismo 7 in terms of expectation and hype.

There may not be the heights seen in February, particularly when it comes to a game characterized by universal anticipation and appreciation like Elden Ring, but it's the quantity of choices that is quite impressive in this March 2022, with different but equally interesting games that range between different genres and platforms, all concentrated in this month.

Obviously, the two titles that competed for the most anticipated game title and then won, given that both received recognition in the two polls, far outweigh the others, but there are still many different possibilities in the starting month.

Among new intellectual properties, followed by historical series, indie games, triple A productions and somewhat unconventional titles, the 2022 videogame continues at truly high levels also in this third month of the year , waiting to see what the spring period will preserve for us, which, moreover, could bring several interesting news. Considering that there are rumors of large-caliber presentations from both Sony and Microsoft, the next few months will certainly be one to keep an eye on, while in the meantime we continue with this really rich winter. So let's see what came out of the polls on the most anticipated games by the editorial staff and by the readers, who once again gave two different results.

The most eagerly awaited by the editorial staff

Ghostwire: Tokyo, an image of the game showing the particular urban setting The election within the editorial team was hard fought, and finally Ghostwire prevailed : Tokyo of good measure, but at the end of a fight that then saw an important tie on the podium. The new game from Tango Gameworks has caught everyone's attention and there is great curiosity about what Shinji Mikami has built with this new production.

The last presentation was pretty exhaustive, but there was still a great desire to see in practice how to translate, controller in hand, the strange idea of ​​the Japanese team now part of Xbox Game Studios: the setting Japanese, with the strange horror declination suspended between the more classic meaning of invasion and references to the local folkloristic tradition, is certainly the greatest attraction of Ghostwire: Tokyo and is enough to make it the most awaited game of this month. However, two titles have come together not far away, just to show how much interesting stuff is coming.

In second place we find a tie between Kirby and the Lost Land and Gran Turismo 7.

Kirby and the Lost Land, a screenshot The latter was certainly one of the main candidates for the most anticipated game of the month (as well as of the year), but we know well how editorial brains often work in an inscrutable way, therefore the new chapter of the "real driving simulator" of Polyphony Digital in the end seriously risked finishing third behind Kirby, who with the recent presentation at Nintendo Direct has truly conquered everyone. Still in the Nintendo Switch field, the third position is occupied by Triangle Strategy, the new strategic RPG from Square Enix that carries on the "2D-HD" style with another extremely interesting project with a very classic flavor. Outside the podium, we note above all Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin which came very close to the top three, in a somewhat unexpected way.

The most awaited by readers

Gran Turismo 7, a screenshot of the new racing game for PS4 and PS5 The result that emerges from the survey released to readers of is similar to that seen previously, but with the fundamental difference represented by the first position: in this case, the most anticipated game of March 2022 turns out to be Gran Turismo 7, which far exceeds the runner-up and therefore takes the title assigned by the public. On the other hand, the new car simulation exclusive to PS5 and PS4 has been a pillar of the PlayStation gaming offer since the first Sony console, so it is only natural that it still has a notable following today.

In second position we find the winner of the editorial poll, or Ghostwire: Tokyo, demonstrating how this March is a month of fundamental importance for PlayStation, since this title is also an exclusive, albeit temporal. Moreover, this is another bizarre case of Xbox first party game exclusively on PS5, as happened also with Deathloop.

In this case, the distance between second and third is quite clear, while on the last step of the podium we find two games arrived on a par, namely Kirby and the Lost Land and Triangle Strategy.

Triangle Strategy, an image of the strategy game for Nintendo Switch Both cases are Nintendo Switch exclusives, which keep the exclusive lineup of games for the hybrid console in prominence. It is difficult to consider Kirby in the same way as the major series of Nintendo, but he always remains the protagonist of titles of great interest, especially in this case, with the new game that has proved particularly rich and well built judging by the last presentation seen.

The other is instead a strategic RPG endowed with great charm, which had emerged with some evidence even within the internal voting of the editorial staff. Otherwise, the votes of the readers then spread over a large number of other titles in much smaller percentages, among which we mention Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and Syberia: The World Before.

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