Yamaha E01, the electric scooter shows itself in disguise

Yamaha E01, the electric scooter shows itself in disguise

Yamaha E01

For months now we have been wondering why the big two-wheeler manufacturers have not yet committed themselves to launching electric scooter models capable of challenging their counterparts with internal combustion engines: this long wait seems to be close to the conclusion, given that the rumors about the new scooter electric Yamaha E01 become more and more insistent. Today we show you some new images of the Yamaha E01, immortalized during some tests still well disguised by a wrapping made on purpose so as not to let us enjoy the lines of the new Japanese scooter to the fullest.

As we have known for some time, the new Yamaha E01 will be the equivalent of a 125cc endothermic scooter, so the power of the electric motor should not exceed 11 kW for homologation reasons; with an engine of this type, it is reasonable to expect a maximum speed of around 100 km / h, more than enough for city and extra-urban use for short stretches.

On the one hand, the Yamaha E01 has managed to maintain a futuristic and captivating line, the one we were able to admire in the images of the concept, but on the other hand we can certainly notice some substantial differences: first of all the saddle, which changes shape returning to a more traditional design, but also the mudguards and the line of the nose appear to have been modified, with the latter now embellished with two round spotlights set above the front wheel.

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Among the widespread photos, one also shows us a very simple digital display: given the direction in which the market is moving, which increasingly uses color displays that are much more captivating than this seen in the photo, we can imagine that this is just a choice made for convenience during the last tests.

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Yamaha E01 electric scooter spotted testing

Published On Jan 11, 2022 07:00:00 AM

A development unit of Yamaha’s electric scooter was reportedly tested by Japanese media recently, indicating what the production version could look like.

Yamaha unveiled the E01 electric scooter concept at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, stating that it would develop into a production e-scooter with performance and output comparable to that of a 125cc scooter. Now, a development unit of the E01 has reportedly been tested by the Japanese media, and it seems to be nearly production-ready.

The test unit maintains the overall shape and form factor of the concept, with the biggest change being to the seat, which now sports a far more conventional design. Other minor changes appear to have been made to the front fender and mirrors.

Instrumentation is in the form of a basic LCD display, which reportedly showed a range estimate of 70km at full charge. There are three riding modes available: eco, normal and power. The warning lights surrounding the display seem to contain something that resemble a connectivity icon, indicating that Bluetooth connectivity could be part of the mix.

Speaking to the Japanese press, Yamaha’s CEO and president Yoshihiro Hidaka states that the company is aiming for a spring 2022 launch, with the first priority being Europe, followed by Japan, the United States, and China. Keeping in mind European regulations, it’s likely that the E01 will have a power output capped at 11kW (15hp) to conform to the light electric scooter regulatory class.


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