One Piece Novel Law, the review

One Piece Novel Law, the review

One Piece Novel Law

Trafalgar D. Water Law is one of the most beloved characters of One Piece, so it is not surprising that an entire novel was chosen to dedicate to him, just as happened previously for another much-loved character: Portgas D. Ace. One Piece Novel Law then traces the history of Trafalgar Law, but not from the very beginning, and there is a more than valid reason for this narrative choice, which we will see later.

As often happens in the endless work by Eiichiro Oda, although the stories of the many characters are often abundantly illustrated in the manga, some details do not find a place in the main work; Oda likes to talk about details that can be simple curiosities concerning blood type, date of birth or the appearance that the characters would have if they were of the opposite sex or older. For this type of information, the Master responds directly to the questions and requests of his fans, providing them himself and even creating the bizarre illustrations that are requested by fans of his world directly on the pages of Weekly Shōnen Jump.

However, sometimes there are long years of "emptiness" in the biographies of some characters, even those who play a role of some importance in the general economy of the One Piece narrative. And this is the case with One Piece Novel Law, an adventure novel that will certainly be very popular with fans of One Piece in general and of Law in particular.

One Piece Novel Law: the origins of the death surgeon

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The story, however, does not begin with the birth of Law, but from the moments immediately following the death of Donquixote Rosinante, also known as Corazon, the man who, to save his life, sacrificed his own. Cora, as Law affectionately calls him in One Piece Novel Law, had a mammoth impact on Law's lineup and personality, who, among other things, decided that his crew should be called Heart in honor of his savior. br>
You may be wondering: why doesn't the story begin with the early stages of Law's life in Flevance? The reason is contained within the Oda Opera itself: we already know that part of the story, that phase of Trafalgar Law's life, so talking about it in One Piece Novel Law would have been superfluous, because the purpose of this novel is not to talk about it. in general about every aspect of the life of its protagonist, but rather to let readers know those completely unpublished details, up to this moment.

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The Autobiography of Trafalgar Law

One Piece Novel Law is a novel that presents itself as an autobiography of its protagonist, who tells his story directly, as in a diary. From a narrative point of view, it is a choice that aims at greater identification on the part of the readers: in fact, the story of the direct experience of one's life by the protagonist is often more engaging, from an emotional point of view, rather than the chronicle of those same facts by another person. Another advantage of this narrative expedient is the fact that the protagonist also tells how he feels and shares his thoughts, almost as if he were confiding in the readers.

Even direct speeches, very present in One Piece Novel Law, have the same function: let us read the real words spoken by those characters, not an inaccurate reinterpretation of them, which would be reworking those words to adapt them to indirect speech.

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Il problem of the lack of coincidence between the characteristics of the characters and the language they use in One Piece Novel Law then leads to having uniform lexicon and constructs: from a strictly structural and formal point of view (therefore not content), all the characters, including Law, they speak very similarly.

Is this all a problem? This depends on how important these details are to you, but in any case it should not be forgotten that One Piece Novel Law is a novel designed for children, even if it can be used by anyone who loves One Piece and Law, so the lexical nuances may not have had much. importance in the drafting phase, or in any case they have much less importance than the real cornerstones of the novel: freedom, adventure, pain, joy, passion, friendship and piracy.

Speaking instead of the edition of One Piece Novel Law edited by Star Comics, it is a beautiful volume with a soft cover in color very well bound. Inside, then, each chapter is introduced by some illustrations that anticipate the topics and protagonists of that chapter.

Ultimately, therefore, One Piece Novel Law is a good adventure novel, full of information on the protagonist and his crew and whose reading flows smoothly, despite some lexical inaccuracies, which, however, do not absolutely invalidate the incredible charm. A unique opportunity to learn more about one of One Piece's most beloved characters.

The narrative universe created by Maestro Eiichiro Oda is boundless: manga, novels, animated films, collateral stories and even the recipe book Sanji's are just some of the many side projects related to One Piece. Enrich your One Piece themed collection by purchasing the products you find on this rich Amazon page!

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