NVIDIA renews its Game Ready drivers with new filters and DLDSR

NVIDIA renews its Game Ready drivers with new filters and DLDSR

NVIDIA has announced that its upcoming Game Ready drivers will include several new graphics enhancements, along with the Artificial Intelligence-based Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) feature. Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution (DLDSR) is an AI-enhanced version of the DSR option found in the NVIDIA control panel. DLDSR "renders a game at a higher and detailed resolution before intelligently reducing the result to the resolution of your monitor," the company said on its website.

Photo Credit: NVIDIA According to the company, the DLDSR's downsampling method and artificial intelligence respectively reduce input lag and offer better image quality than normal DSR. As such, the image quality of DLDSR 2.25X will be comparable to DSR 4X, but with improved performance. DLDSR will use the Tensor Cores found on RTX video cards and is set to work with "most" games.

NVIDIA has also announced its joint effort with Pascal Gilcher, author of the ReShade Ray Tracing filter , along with other members of the modding community to produce three new Freestyle filters for his GeForce Experience tool:

SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination), commonly known as the "Ray Tracing ReShade Filter" improves the lighting and shadows of your favorite titles to create a greater sense of depth and realism. SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) emphasizes the appearance of shadows near the intersections of 3D objects, especially in dimly lit / indoor environments. Dynamic DOF (Depth of Field) applies bokeh-style blur based on the proximity of objects within the scene, giving your game a more cinematic suspense feel.

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Photo Credit: NVIDIA The image above shows Prey in running at native 1080p and 145fps alongside screenshots captured from the same game with DSR 4K> 1080p at 108fps and DLDSR 2.25X 1620p> 1080p at 143fps. The announcement of DLDSR comes after the one relating to the AMD Radeon Super Resolution upscaling technology a few weeks ago. Both DLDSR and the new Freestyle filters will be featured in the next Game Ready Driver which will be available on January 14.

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