NFT, metaverse and blockchain are in Square Enix's sights

NFT, metaverse and blockchain are in Square Enix's sights


It is no surprise to see how NFT, metaverse and blockchain are becoming a trend in the field of video games. The first to expose itself, with decidedly strong criticism was Ubisoft, but other realities are still pushing more and more in these sectors. One of these is Square Enix and it did so through the words of its president, Yosuke Matsuda, expressed through a letter wishing a happy new year to executives, developers and of course users who play publisher and developer titles.

As reported in the letter, published at this address, Matsuda spoke openly about the metaverse and how it has become increasingly popular in this 2021. "Facebook changed its name in October to Meta, showing an exhibition of how the concept is here for to remain. I attribute this growth of interest above all thanks to new technologies, such as cloud and 5G, as well as the evolution of the blockchain ", reads the letter. However, Matsuda went ahead, explaining his or rather Square Enix's point of view on NFTs.

The most interesting part of Matsuda's speech is certainly the one related to speculation. In fact, at the moment non-fungible tokens are at the center of criticism for the predatory business model and this Square Enix knows it well. "We observe and have examples of how some NFTs are actually speculative," said the president, who expects change in the near future. "I expect a growth in popularity and to see them as a consumer good close to those we already know, such as physical ones," concluded the president.

a New Year's letter from the Square Enix president talks about new tech / concepts including NFTs, the metaverse, and particularly how blockchain games "hold the potential to enable self-sustaining game growth"

- Wario64 ( @ Wario64) January 1, 2022

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The letter ends with a clear declaration of intent by Square Enix. "Our medium-term strategy that we unveiled in May 2020 identifies artificial intelligence, the cloud and blockchain-based gaming as a new standard." The focus of the developer, therefore, is focused precisely on these sectors but they must be, as already stated in the letter, devoid of mere speculative gain and more aimed at serving the user.

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Socialogue - The Social NFT Marketplace


Over the last decade, the NFT market has undergone a massive growth spurt, and there are no signs of stopping it. Our technological infrastructure isn’t able to support the constantly emerging innovations. Whereas it sounds like a limitation. The consumers are eager to try out new things, to be able to connect and build communities, make decisions — all in a safe and secure environment, all without the middleman, and all for zero gas fees. The problem is that, up until yesterday, a platform providing all of the above didn’t exist. Here Socialogue came into existence.

What is Socialogue?

Socialogue is a space where people can trade NFTs as well as build communities and have control over Socialogue's governance, which is also known as DAO Senate. Socialogue is open for artists to promote their works, engage with the audience and sell their artworks without significant fees. In return, the community has the space to share ideas, discuss art and get in touch with their favorite NFT artists.

The idea behind Socialogue founding is that 'everyone in virtual space should have equal rights and not be ruled by a central government. Socialogue is an independent social network where everyone is treated with fairness and where the community members are also the deciding factor on where the platform is heading. Socialogue is taking a fresh approach to community-based platform governance and has introduced such terms as Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Senate. DAO Senate creates a transparent platform controlled by the members themselves. The members in question are the Socialogue Senate.

What is Socialogue Senate?

The Socialogue Senate is a unique community where each member of the senate has the right to offer their suggestions on improving the community and has the right to vote and express themselves freely. Anyone can join the senate by acquiring Socialogue's NFT's with the condition that one NFT equals one vote. This simple structure gives the community the power not only to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss and trade art but also to inspire and execute changes in the platform itself.

What Are Socialoguers?

Socialoguer NFTs grants you a seat in one of the world's first virtual DAO Senates. Consisting of only 10,000 NFT holders, Socialougue Senate is a place where the platform's governance has been given into its peoples' hands. Socialoguer NFT also guarantees active and passive incomes, paid in $SLG tokens. Earn by voting in the DAO Senate and staking your NFTs. It's not your average NFT marketplace: at Socialogue, talk & trade, build communities and rule - all in one place.

Socialogue Features
  • Equality — every creator has equal possibilities to be rendered on the most visible platform place.
  • Community — Socialogue’s main advantage is that it creates a space where artists and art lovers trade digital art and connect and build communities.
  • Transparency — Socialogue’s use of blockchain yields a decentralized network, guaranteeing transparency to users. Blockchain facilitates every transaction on our social marketplace, allowing clarity of ownership and final prices paid for all goods.
  • Accessibility — The unregulated art collectibles market creates inherent barriers that prevent artists and collectors from entering this art market entirely. The social catalog model is the solution for that as it is accessible to everyone.
  • Integrity — Getting hold of our NFT collectibles grants status and the responsibility to be an active and respectful member of the community.
  • Security — Socialogue’s blockchain technology creates immutable records of authenticity and provenance, mitigating risk with fraud and counterfeits in a legally compliant manner.
  • Benefits of Socialogue
  • DAO - Every Socialogue NFT holder becomes a member of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Senate. DAO Senate members participate in major Socialogue platform decisions.
  • NFT Holder earning - Be active and get paid for it. The more Senate members participate in DAO activities, the more additional income they can earn, all paid in Socialogue $SLG Tokens.
  • Stake - Holders are able to stake NFTs for an additional income. It is paid in the form of Socialogue $SLG Tokens, which members can exchange for Ethereum.
  • Royalties - Socialogue will use royalties to buy floor NFTs and reward its users with $SLG tokens. DAO Senate members get rewards after being in Senate for one year. Users who staked their NFTs also get a part of these royalties in the shape of rewards.
  • Recognition - Socialogue appreciates and values every NFT holder. Because of that, each member gets the ‘Senate Member’ badge. In this way, everyone on the platform can see who has the power to shape the future of Socialogue.
  • Metaverse - Socialogue Metaverse aims to give its users much more powerful experiences than any other metaverse out there. It will be an exciting space, open for users to explore, and for Senate Members to meet, host events, and have open discussions.
  • 1+1 - Socialogue launches a DAO senators assistants NFT collection. Every actual NFT holder (DAO senator) will get rewarded. Assistants NFTs can replace DAO members in the voting and receiving rewards
  • How does Socialogue work?

    Socialogue’s ecosystem has 3 main functions

  • NFT Marketplace - At Socialogue, NFT artists get the recognition they deserve. Users earn from content. Due to the magic of blockchain — anything can be owned and monetized. Imagine making your post an NFT and putting it up for sale. At Socialogue — it’s possible. There’s no middle man to tell you otherwise.
  • NFT Social Platform - Browsing, discussing, and connecting are inseparable parts of a thriving marketplace platform, Socialogue invented a space where the consumers can do it all in one place. The social catalog is open for artists to promote their works, engage with the audience and sell their NFT’s with zero-gas fees. In return, the community has the space to share ideas, discuss art and get in touch with their favorite NFT artists.
  • NFT Gaming Battles - A platform is a hosting place for metaverse gaming. Socialogue taking gaming to the next level. Unlike the usual gaming platforms, an open metaverse powered by cryptocurrency allows gamers to do some life-changing stuff, while the NFTs and DAO integration guarantees an extra edge. In return, Socialogue will charge a small fee from the total amount of earnings that the winners receive.
  • Socialogue Senate - As a part of an immersive social virtual experience, Socialogue implemented DAO governance principles that allow empowering users with the ability to make changes within the Socialogue platform itself.
  • SLG Token

    The Socialogue token $SLG is an ERC-20 standard and is the platform utility token that will serve as additional currency in the Marketplace. SLG is the governance token of the Socialogue platform. $SLG Tokens allow Socialogue to add even more uniqueness to the platform and user experience. Users can operate tokens for various purposes. 

    $SLG Tokens Utility

  • Tipping - users can tip each other for high-quality content
  • Staking - users can have a passive income in Socialogue token by staking Tokens
  • Earning - users can earn by participating in the community
  • Paying - users can pay with tokens as an alternative currency in the marketplace and use them as the main currency in the Socialogue Metaverse
  • How to Buy Socialoguers NFTs?

    🕑The date for the books: 29th of December 2021.

    Pre-Sale — 5 PM UTC; The Main Event — 8 PM UTC.

    💲Price — 0.069 ETH only.

    🗽1000 NFTs — 1000 seats at the DAO Senate.

    Use your chance to get these premium NFTs for less.


    Socialogue has been developed to solve the current problems of the NFT market. The users are hungry for more: more connection, more ownership, and more power, and fewer fees. To meet these demands, Socialogue connected two elements — a social network and an NFT marketplace into a single platform and put it on steroids. Besides being one of the first social NFT marketplaces, Socialogue’s vision is to become the first decentralized social network and marketplace for artists, NFT creators, and collectors. The difference between Socialogue's campaign and other NFT crowdfunding projects is that by purchasing Socialogue's NFT, the person gets something of value right away. That is the access to the social NFT marketplace and Socialogue Senate.

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