Elden Ring | Lots of news and details that emerged through Edge

Elden Ring | Lots of news and details that emerged through Edge

February 25, 2022 is approaching and Elden Ring is practically ready for its debut. FromSoftware's new game has been long in coming, but now thanks to the new information disclosed with an interview by Hidetaka Miyazaki in the latest issue of EDGE. We have already talked to you about some details of that interview in the last few days but now the more the hours pass, the more the new features of the game increase, which we are now ready to summarize.

Let's start by starting with the details of the gameplay. In Elden Ring, as we all know, the horse will play an important role, as it will be available for both exploration and combat. Despite the many gameplay videos that see users exploit the animal, Hidetaka Miyazaki has specified that everything will be optional. In FromSoftware they have implemented this feature, but there is no obligation on the part of people to use it. "At no point do we want to force you to use the horse for exploration or battles. Nobody should ever feel obligated to play one way, ”said Miyazaki, who at FromSoftware holds the role of president as well as game designer and author of several games.

In addition to the details on the horse, FromSoftware has including a series of decidedly "strange" collectibles. Although not disclosed during the EDGE interview, this detail deserves to be reported. It is present in the classification of the ESRB and refers to the possibility of obtaining tongues and severed fingers from enemies, indicated precisely as "collectibles". We don't know if they will have a decisive impact on the game or not, but at the moment it seems quite clear that the game will be very rich in gore elements.

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Finally, space is also for sources of inspiration. For Elden Ring, FromSoftware (and probably also George R.R. Martin, author of the game's lore in collaboration with the developers), Miyazaki took a look at a fantasy classic, namely The Lord of the Rings but not only. As stated by himself, in fact, it was also inspired by the series of books The Eternal Champion and some tabletop RPGs (i.e. the classic pen and paper role-playing games) such as RuneQuest. He is not unbalanced, however, on Godfrey, one of the characters who has captured the attention of players since the reveal. In this case, Miyazaki simply said that he was formerly the first Elden Lord. It will be up to the players to discover his story of him, which goes beyond exile and his marriage to the Eternal Queen Marika. A fascinating character who will be discovered when the game debuts on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC on February 25th.

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