Microsoft Edge: New integrations with YouTube for followed channels and more

Microsoft Edge: New integrations with YouTube for followed channels and more

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Microsoft Edge is moving towards greater integration with YouTube through some new options that have appeared in the preview version of the internet browser of Windows 10 and 11, namely the Canary build which is currently only intended for a small circle of testers but which should provide previews of upcoming content for everyone later.

Among the novelties there is a new option called "followable web", which concerns those sectors of the internet focused on subscriptions and on channels to which we are registered. In particular, this concerns above all YouTube and the possibility of receiving more immediate information and updates on the channels we are following because they are subscribed or otherwise.

Microsoft Edge, a screen showing the new integrations with YouTube, reported by The Verge As reported by the user Leopeva64 on Reddit and also taken up by The Verge, this involves some changes to the Edge interface that make it more organic integration between the browser and YouTube.

For example, there is the possibility of selecting an icon directly in the internet address bar that refers to subscriptions on YouTube, which leads us to obtain information in real time and feeds on the activities of the content creators and channels we are subscribed to. In this way, among the Collections that can be found on Edge there is also the one on the youtubers we follow, thus allowing you to have the feeds clearly visible all together.

The news for the moment focus on this integration with YouTube, but the "followable web" option aims to include different types of similar connections with other various social media that include subscriptions or followers, in order to make it more organic to follow these sources within the same browser . Among the novelties, the possibility of a Games panel for upcoming browser games had emerged in recent days.

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Microsoft Edge Canary tests new 'Follow Creator' feature on YouTube

Microsoft is currently experimenting with a new way to follow YouTube channels on its Edge browser. Select Edge Canary Insiders including Reddit user Leopeva64 (via The Verge) noticed the new feature earlier this month when browsing YouTube channels, and we’re now seeing it as well on one of our devices.

As of this writing, this new “Follow Creator” button only seems to appear on select YouTube channels. When it’s available, the Follow option appears as a button in the Edge Address bar and clicking it will follow the YouTube channel in Microsoft Edge, no YouTube account required.

Microsoft edge canary tests new "follow creator" feature on youtube - onmsft. Com - january 17, 2022

This new “Follow Creator' feature appears to be an extension of Edge Collections, even though this isn’t currently very obvious: The YouTube channels you follow aren’t immediately visible in Edge collections, and users need to click on the ellipsis (…) button to either see a list of followed channels or recent videos from these channels.

The 'Recent Posts” view isn’t similar to the detailed chronological feed you can get on YouTube today. Instead, Microsoft Edge currently displays the last video for all followed channels, and users need to click on “more videos” to see the rest. Overall, this feature isn't really convenient to use right now because the video thumbnails are really big and it's not possible to resize the right panel where the feed appears. However, keep in mind that this “Follow Creator” feature remains at the experimental stage and the Edge team may tweak it further in the coming weeks.

Microsoft edge canary tests new "follow creator" feature on youtube - onmsft. Com - january 17, 2022

It remains to be seen if this new 'Follow Creator' feature in Edge Canary will eventually add support for other social media websites, but YouTube is an interesting start. The Edge team hasn't officially discussed this new feature so far, but let us know in the comments if you think this could be a useful addition to Microsoft's web browser.

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