Kaer Trolde from The Witcher 3 comes to life in Valheim in an incredible way

Kaer Trolde from The Witcher 3 comes to life in Valheim in an incredible way

Valheim has been one of the most played titles on Steam for several months in a row. The survival with elements of crafting has immediately been able to attract a large community of enthusiasts, who have spent hours and hours in the game world between long explorations and constructions. Now that the phenomenon around the title has shrunk, a niche of fans has remained to play it, and among these there are those who have created one of the most iconic locations of The Witcher 3.

It is the fortress of Kaer Trolde, one of the most recognizable and fascinating environments that players can explore in The Witcher 3. Everything was recreated in Valheim by the user known on Reddit with the nickname of 'm3k6c9hl', who shared some impressive images of his work that he is carrying out within the survival title.

From the shots published on the net we can see the imposing structure set on the side of a snow-covered mountain, exactly like its original version in the CD Projekt RED title. However, this boy's work does not stop outside, since he has also recreated some rooms inside. M3k6c9hl has set up a banquet hall in great detail with long tables overlooking a central banquet filled with food and drink.

My recreation of Kaer Trolde from The Witcher 3 so far. from valheim

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As the creator of this beautiful project also mentions, his version of Kaer Trolde in Valheim is still under construction, and he only wanted to show us some of the completed parts. We can't wait to see how this construction will evolve, very much in line with the official version of the fortress.

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