Microsoft and Activision: the funniest memes on social media about acquisition

Microsoft and Activision: the funniest memes on social media about acquisition

Microsoft and Activision

We don't think there are many users who don't know this yet, but to be on the safe side, we repeat: Microsoft is about to buy Activision Blizzard for $ 68.7 billion. This is incredible news, of course, and - if all goes well - the market will change in a serious way. However, there will be time for seriousness in the months. Today, in this article, we want to analyze the whole question in a slightly lighter way with a list of the funniest memes that are circulating on social media!

The reactions are multiple and "analyze" the question under various points of view, including that of Sony. PlayStation would lose a good chunk of IP and earnings if literally all Activision Blizzard games were to become Xbox / PC exclusive. Also considering that the company has already lost future games from Bethesda and the other Zenimax teams. What remains for Sony?

For Wrestling lovers, there is also a famous scene that has been turned into a themed meme.

How's Sony doing after all these announcements? Great, as Reddit says, she has PlayStation VR2 after all!

It's okay, Sony has PS VR2 Will Sony respond to these acquisitions in any way? Maybe with a new Game Pass-style service? Well, the Reddit audience thinks there isn't much left to put within that subscription.

The Office is a meme factory Microsoft takes it personally One thing's for sure, Xbox Game Pass can count on many Activision Blizzard games. To make that happen, Microsoft just had to buy the two companies. Easy, according to Reddit.

Is Superman Sony? Some, however, iron the fact that Sony would no longer want to collaborate with Activision Blizzard, given that the company does not know how to handle the allegations of harassment. "Coincidentally", thirty minutes before Microsoft announced the acquisition, Sony made this decision according to the fake account of Kaz Hirai (ex-CEO).

The public reaction obviously goes beyond the clash between Microsoft and Sony. Reddit players are also thinking about all those titles that are now owned by Xbox. Are you thinking of Overwatch? World of Warcraft? Call of Duty? Nah, the best of all is obviously Candy Crush!

Candy Crush is the real big buy Too bad our good Phil Spencer didn't realize that Candy Crush is free on Play Store. The redditors imagine Phil Spencer's reaction to finding out, with a scene from the recent Peacemaker.

Others, on the other hand, believe that these 69.7 billion were spent on a very specific game. Tony Hawk! Will skate games have a second life under Xbox?

In addition, Reddit users point out that Microsoft is slowly acquiring the largest Western RPG teams: preparing to complete the Infinity Gauntlet!

Microsfot like Thanos Plus, Microsoft is going to have control over multiple shooter IPs, with the arrival of Call of Duty, which adds up to Halo and DOOM. Will a super cross-over come? Reddit hopes so.

A Microsoft FPS crossover? Furthermore, the acquisitions may not be finished at all and who will be the next "victim"? According to the Reddit memes, now it's up to Electronic Arts!

Will Microsoft buy EA too? However, Reddit points out one thing Microsoft and Disney are not all that different: over the years they are buying more and more companies. The funny thing about this meme is that it is made with a scene from Spider-Man, which is in fact one of Sony's franchises, in both gaming and film.

Are Microsoft and Disney the same? All, however, are thinking only of the clash between Microsoft and Sony. And Nintendo? Why doesn't anyone think of Nintendo? Well, some think about it on Reddit and ironize that the Kyoto company has been going on for years in its "small" (and by small we mean record numbers in both hardware and software) with its own flagship IPs, without too many worries. , as he watches the rest of the industry squabble over the biggest companies.

Nintendo has no problems Nintendo watches without worries Three Monkeys Let's not talk about the reaction of PC gamers, who will not be affected in the least.

A meme about the reaction of PC players On average, the reaction is also aimed at what will happen with Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, criticized for some time for his own management of the company, which is facing great criticism (and causes legal) for internal problems of sexism and harassment. What will happen now?

According to some, Kotick's fate - on his first day as part of Xbox - will be kicked out immediately by Phil Spencer.

Others fear he will remain CEO, and while the acquisition is viewed positively, Kotick's non-removal is a problem.

Overall, the Reddit audience is sure they don't want to give their money to Bobby Kotick, but they are ready to give it to Phil Spencer, who certainly has a more positive reputation.

A meme about Bobby Kotick The most genuine public reaction, however, is a pure surprise. Microsoft is becoming like the Spanish Monty Python Inquisition. The difference is that in this case it is green!

Tell us, what are the funniest memes related to the Activision Blizzard acquisition you have seen online?

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