FIFA 22 teaches GTA 5 a lesson! Sports EA is the best-selling game in Italy

FIFA 22 teaches GTA 5 a lesson! Sports EA is the best-selling game in Italy

With a new year ahead of us, we are also starting to see how video games are performing in our beautiful peninsula. The strong boom in video games has obviously also affected Italy, where more and more users are approaching the boundless gaming world. 2021 ended with a very close fight between FIFA 22 and the evergreen GTA 5 and the new year brings forward the challenge between the two giants of virtual entertainment.

As usual, IIDEA reveals us what are the rankings of the best-selling games in Italy over the past week. As for the general classification, it is again FIFA 22 that stands out above all by taking the top step of the podium by force. EA's newest iteration of virtual football, however, is followed by the ever-popular and highly-played GTA 5, which remains one of the ubiquitous titles in these rankings. Finishing in third place is FIFA 22 again but in the Nintendo Switch version.

The ranking relating to sales on consoles remains, again, identical to the general one. To change the cards on the table, however, we think about the ranking of the best-selling games on PC in Italy, where we can see in third place the usual GTA 5, in second place the still very popular Rainbow Six Siege and at the top of the podium we find, a somewhat surprisingly, F1 2021; the simulation of the Codemasters Formula 1 world championship.

The weekly ranking of the best-selling #video games in Italy is online. It refers to combined data, adding retail sales to digital sales. The asterisk is an index of exclusively retail data.

Week 1 | January 3 - January 9

- IIDEA (@IIDEAssociation) January 17, 2022

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In short, it was another week full of video games in Italy, with fans confirming how strong the link between video games and football is still in our beloved peninsula.

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