DC unveils new details on the Batman Beyond: Neo Year miniseries

DC unveils new details on the Batman Beyond: Neo Year miniseries

DC unveils new details on the Batman Beyond

DC has revealed new details on the new Batman Beyond: Neo Year miniseries dedicated to the futuristic version of the Dark Knight.

Batman Beyond: Neo Year, the first details

Last September 2021, DC had announced the arrival of a new miniseries dedicated to Batman Beyond, the futuristic version of the famous Batman character. The publisher has finally revealed new details about it, starting with the title, Batman Beyond: Neo Year.

The return of Terry McGinnis, the young man behind Batman's new guise, will be back for 6 numbers that will make up the miniseries that will debut next April 5 in American comics. Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the latter fresh from the Kang the Conqueror miniseries for Marvel, will be the writers who will write Batman Beyond: Neo Year, whose pages will instead be designed by Max Dunbar.

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According to the official synopsis Batman Beyond: Neo Year will be inspired by the famous story Batman Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli, considered as the origin story of the most famous character on the DC roster that you can find here on Amazon .it (to discover all the other fundamental readings on the character, we recommend that you visit our dedicated article). In the miniseries Gotham City he will literally come to life and, after killing Bruce Wayne, he will disown Terry as his guardian, offering him to escape instead of facing death himself. The young man, in refusing, will unleash the sentient city that will do everything to get him out of the way, including creating new enemies to hurl at him.

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