Buck Up And Drive !, LGBTQ + billboards infuriate homophobic gamers

Buck Up And Drive !, LGBTQ + billboards infuriate homophobic gamers

Buck Up And Drive !

Buck Up And Drive! , an indie arcade driving game, have included billboards supporting the LGBTQ + community, which infuriated homophobic gamers.

It should be noted that LGBTQ + billboards are active by default and that by trying to uncheck them are transformed into LGBTQ + flags. In fact, it is not possible to eliminate these references from the game, by the authors' specific wishes.

Having tried the game briefly, we can confirm this, as well as guarantee that they are elements of the scenario. However, many complained about the bogus option, considered provocative, and the presence of a political message in a similar game.

Developer Fábio Fontes explained the matter to Gayming Magazine, saying that in the game there are pride flags (rainbow and trans) between the objects that flow along the road. Imagining how certain people would react, he purposely created the bogus option provocation.

The reactions were actually different. Of course there are those who have given the worst of themselves, but there are also those who have thought of a bug and who have had a big laugh, considering the gimmick for what it is.

After all we are talking about a completely crazy and immediate arcade game, as you can understand just by looking at the Steam page. The bogus menu option is the least of its quirks.

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Buck Up And Drive! is a retro-racing delight now on Steam

Buck Up And Drive! is a fusion of classic retro endless racing with a few fun twists, like 1v1 car fighting mode. Previously only available via itch.io, it's screeched over to Steam now too.

Since we last wrote about it in the Summer of 2021, it's added a bunch of new content for the full release too and it's looking like it's quite amusing. I grew up with racers like this on the Amiga, so it speaks to me quite personally. The developer is quite funny about it too, saying 'There is time to explain, I just don't wanna.'. Not really selling us on it but the trailer below speaks enough for itself I think.

Game Features:

  • Endless driving game inspired by arcade classics, with simple yet intense gameplay featuring a total slap in the face of realism. And a kick in the spleen, too!
  • Procedurally generated track with multiple environments to visit, ranging from the somewhat realistic to the completely absurd. GO TO HELL!... literally!
  • Go 1v1 against another player (or a CPU) in a fighting mode. With cars. I dunno either, I came up with it while in the shower.
  • Customizable car decals through external image files. Put 'eggplants' all over the cars, for all I care!
  • Controls for both game modes are 8 directions and one button. Play one-handed, if you want! Keep your other hand for... holding orange juice! Yes!
  • Available on itch.io and Steam.

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