Battlefield 2042: update 3.2 coming tomorrow, many changes in the next period

Battlefield 2042: update 3.2 coming tomorrow, many changes in the next period

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 will receive the 3.2 update tomorrow, January 20, 2022, but this is only the first step in a phase of intense changes for DICE and EA's multiplayer shooter, set to get several improvements and changes over the next few weeks. >
Starting from patch 3.2, this should bring several fixes to bugs and problems detected in the game, with a complete list of variations that will be published in the next few hours, but it will be a technical update with features perhaps less visible to users during standard sessions.

Update 3.3 will arrive in mid-February 2022 and will bring with it an improvement to the Scoreboard, as well as changes that have been in the works since the pre-Christmas period. There is talk of changes to the interface with new panels that show the data relating to the players and the comparisons between them, particularly useful in the competitive online context of the game.

It is not yet clear whether within the same update 3.3 or later, other planned changes concern matchmaking preferences in All-Out Warfare and VOIP voice communication on all platforms: these works are currently under special observation but there is not yet a precise release period.

Inside the 3.2 update there are also changes to the XP management in Portal, as well as the possibility of granting more servers and game modes in Mastery and Weekly Mission. Additionally, various performance improvements are expected starting with tomorrow's update and beyond. We hope that all this will raise the situation of Battlefield 2042 a little, which in recent days on Steam had fewer players than Battlefield 1 and V.

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Battlefield 2042 update finally brings scoreboards

In a series of posts on the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account, developer DICE outlined its plans for two of Battlefield 2042‘s upcoming updates. The first, called 3.2, is set to go live tomorrow, January 20, with 3.3 arriving in February. While both updates will include stability improvements, neither will add voice chat, which has been absent from the game since its launch.

Scoreboard Refresh

In Update 3.3 we will refresh our existing Scoreboard UI with a new panel that showcases how players are stacking up across the server

Here’s your first look at our Work in Progress 👀

— Battlefield Direct Communication (@BattlefieldComm) January 19, 2022

Tomorrow’s 3.2 update for Battlefield 2042 will include the aforementioned stability improvements, along with a suite of changes to the game’s Portal mode. While Battlefield Portal is meant to be used by players to create custom game modes, some have instead abused the creator to farm XP off of the game’s A.I. enemies.

Tomorrow’s changes address that, restricting progression in certain fields depending on what kind of Battlefield Portal match players are in. For instance, playing a featured game mode in Battlefield Portal will offer unrestricted progression, while playing in a lobby, where the rules editor, A.I., or changes to damage and health are in play, will only let players earn 300 XP per minute and nothing else.

Battlefield 2042‘s 3.3 update will add in one of the game’s long-awaited “legacy features,” a scoreboard. The game’s new scoreboard will let players see their performance in-game stacked up against other players, as well as the ribbons they’re progressing and a simplified match overview.

However, neither of these updates will add in-game voice chat, or VOIP. The feature, which is essential for players matchmaking into a game of 2042‘s objective-based mode Hazard Zone, hasn’t been forgotten by DICE, which claims it’s “still on our radar.” Battlefield 2042‘s community manager, Kevin “Totalfps” Johnson, has previously told Digital Trends that in-game voice chat would be added to the game after it launched.

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