A featurette from the Vultus V live action TV series

A featurette from the Vultus V live action TV series

The Filipino channel GMA-7 has released a featurette from the Vultus V live action TV series. The video includes both unreleased images from the series and some interviews with the protagonists and behind the scenes. Recall that the series does not yet have an official release date.

The original animated series consists of 40 episodes that aired in Japan between 1977 and 1978 and is the second act of the "super robotic romantic trilogy "By director Tadao Nagahama inaugurated by Combattler V and concluded with General Daimos.

The fact that Tadao Nagahama directed the first 18 episodes of Lady Oscar suggests that the story of Vultus V was influenced by the research done by the director on the French Revolution. Specifically, the theme of the enslaved population rising up against the aristocracy.

The featurette of Vultus V's live action TV series

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Vultus V: Legacy, this is the title of the live action series, is directed by Mark Reyes while the screenplay is by Suzette Doctolero. Cast includes: Miguel Tanfelix, Matt Lozano, Raphael Landicho, Radson Flores, Ysabel Ortega, Martin del Rosario, Liezel Lopez, Epy Quizon, Carlo Gonzalez, Neil Ryan Sese, Gabby Eigenmann, Additional cast members include: Kimson Tan, Migs Villasis, Dave Duque, Joaquin Manansala, Jamir Zabarte, Angela Alarcon, Sophia Senoron, Julia Pascual, Crystal Paras, and Elle Villanueva.

Here is the featurette of the Vultus V live action TV series:

About Vultus V

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On a planet similar to the Earth, Boazan, humanoids live equally similar to terrestrials, with the only difference being that they have horns. According to the laws of the Boazani, whoever does not have horns is automatically a slave, therefore the world is divided into a ruling caste, noble and wealthy, and one enslaved and exploited. Another feature is their society in fact presents this and other relatively backward elements, despite possessing a very advanced technology: the clothes and buildings recall those of the French revolution, there are swords, nobles, and aristocratic values, but on the other the war technology. and others are considerably more advanced than that of the Earth in the twentieth century. On the planet Boazan the successor of the emperor is being decided: the heir is too weak, therefore the son of the emperor's younger brother, Kentarus, and the son of the emperor's favorite courtesan, Zambazir, remain. Zambazir discovers that Dr. Kentarus, although grandson of the emperor, actually has artificial horns, so he unmasks him and has him imprisoned. Emperor Zambazir, after his appointment, began a policy of invasion of other planets, including Earth. Kentarus, on the other hand, who has always had doubts about the discriminatory laws of his planet, also finds himself among the slaves: exploiting his scientific knowledge, he creates makeshift weapons and organizes a revolt, but the forces of the army are superior and the riot is suffocated. Meanwhile, he discovers that his wife has died, giving birth to a son. The scientist, hoping to be able to organize a new revolt against Emperor Zambazir, flees Boazan. Shipwrecked on Earth, he falls in love with Dr. Annabelle, with whom he has three other children: Michel, Ivan and Carl.

featurette of the Vultus V live action TV series The series arrived in Italy for the first time in 1983 with a usual passage on the local networks and an “English-speaking” adaptation. Recently, the satellite channel Man-Ga has revived the animated film based on the series already released on DVD for Yamato Video.

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