Winter Party Euronics: absurd prices on many products, and you can pay in installments at zero interest!

Winter Party Euronics: absurd prices on many products, and you can pay in installments at zero interest!

Winter Party Euronics

In view of Christmas, Euronics has put in place a new promotion that not only goes to lower the prices of many products, but also offers the possibility to buy by paying in 10 or 20 convenient installments at zero interest on products of at least € 200. So, if in this period of strong discounts you have found the computer or your favorite smart TV at a bargain price but the figure is still high to complete the purchase in one fell swoop, the Euronics proposal solves your problems, but only up to to December 26th.

Winter Party Euronics, this is the name of the new initiative that will allow you to buy large appliances without the expense affecting your wallet too much. As mentioned, the portal will give you the opportunity to choose 10 or 20 installments, and always on the site of the well-known e-commerce there is a tool that will allow you to quickly calculate the monthly payment based on the cost of the product. Just enter the amount in the appropriate section at the following address and the system will instantly tell you the exact amount that you will then pay monthly until the end of the installment.

Although the portal offers the possibility to pay to installments already with an expense of 200 €, this initiative makes sense especially for those products whose price exceeds important thresholds, such as the 55-inch LG OLED55A16LA smart TV. This TV, in fact, costs € 1,599.00 and, although it is now discounted by € 600, the final price of € 999.00 could push many people to give up the purchase, opting for a less expensive and lower quality model. But now you will have the opportunity to take home one of the best OLED smart TVs regardless of your wallet, since if you choose to pay it in installments you will have to pay about € 50 per month, much lighter than having to pay almost € 1,000. in one fell swoop.

Having said that, we remind you that when we talk about LG OLED55A16LA we are referring to a TV with a panel capable of reproducing self-illuminating pixels, which means that the 55-inch panel will only reproduce the areas where it is required. the actual brightness, leaving the blacks completely off. This ensures that the vision of the images is perfect, with very high contrast and viewing angles. We also remind you that LG OLED55A16LA supports Dolby Vision IQ and there is FilmMaker Mode, which further optimizes the rendering of images to make everything just as thought by the director.

An OLED TV is also perfect for gaming, especially if the software integrates what is usually called Game Optimizer, a series of settings that will allow you to adjust various aspects of the TV and make sure that video games are as fluid as possible. In short, if you usually watch the latest Blu-Ray, high definition programs, both with the PC and with the console, you will surely be happy with this Euronics promotion which, we remind you, reduces the price of many other products.

Although the one proposed by us is one of the most advantageous televisions of Euronics, we still invite you to visit the dedicated page because the surprises do not end there. Finally, we invite you once again to subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and Chinese products. Before leaving, we suggest you continue to follow us for unmissable promotions related to the Christmas period. Have fun!

»Buy now LG OLED55A16LA at 999 € instead of 1.599 €, discount of 600,00 €«

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