RW Goen announces four new manga

RW Goen announces four new manga

Goen publishing house has announced four new manga. Let's see them together.

Four new manga for RW Goen

MORTAL SHOT Vol. 1 [of 7]

Authors: NAGAI Yoshio, MATSUMOTO Jiro

13 × 18, B + sc, 192 pp, b / w + col.

Seinen / Action / Historical

€ 6.95

At the end of the Edo era , at the sunset of the Tokugawa shogunate and the dawn of the twentieth century, a common peasant finds himself having to face a deadly "selection" among the strongest men in Japan. The return of the great master Jiro "Freesia" Matsumoto to render the work of the historian Yoshio Nagai in powerful images!

SWAN - THE SWAN Vol. 1 [of 12]

Author: ARIYOSHI Kyouko

15 × 21, B + sc, 400 pp, b / w

Shojo / Drama / Romantic

€ 12.50

Masumi is a sunny girl who lives on the outskirts of Hokkaio, together with her sculptor father. Her head, however, is all devoted to ballet, and she dreams of becoming a great ballerina like her late mother. But it is not easy to study ballet in a small town where farm animals tend to interrupt dance lessons. But the girl doesn't give up and she decides to move to Tokyo to meet the famous Russian dancer Alexei Sergeiev. Even if the tickets are sold out, Masumi tries to get behind the scenes ... One of the great manga masterpieces in an extraordinary edition.



12,2 × 17,8, B + sc, 192 pp, b / n + col.

Seinen / Drama / Adventure

€ 6.95

Human civilization has died out, but Chito and Yuri are still alive. Aboard their beloved Kettenkrad motorcycle they wander through the ruins of the past world. Day after day, with no hope for the future, they seek only the next meal and enough fuel to continue. But at least, as long as they are together, a faint light illuminates their dark existence. Whether it's while sipping hot soup or while looking for spare parts. For these two girls, in a world with nothing left, the experiences and feelings they share give them a reason to go on ... The celebrated manga winner of the Won Seiun Award in 2019 as Best Comic debuts under the Goen label.


Authors: Kyouchikutou, SAWADA Hajime

B + sc, 192 pp, b / w + col.

Shonen / Historical / Slice of life

€ 6.50

On a fateful day, a girl finds herself in the Sengoku Era, the era of the Warring States. This girl doesn't have the power to change the world. She is just an ordinary, ordinary, quiet girl, one you might meet anywhere. So there is only one thing you can do: survive. Surviving the Sengoku era.

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