Here is the smart yacht with unlimited autonomy thanks to hydrogen and solar

Here is the smart yacht with unlimited autonomy thanks to hydrogen and solar

Aquon One is a newly designed 19-meter long boat, able to exploit solar energy to create its own hydrogen, powering a fuel cell electric drive for potentially unlimited autonomy, as long as the sun is shining and the captain does not is pushing beyond cruising speed. The Aquon One could prove to be the ultimate sustainable generation luxury smart yacht.

The Aquon One has a 134hp fuel cell electric motor in each hull. Swiss Sustainable Yachts (SSY) explains that she opted for hydrogen power due to its light weight compared to batteries or fossil fuels, long-lasting storage capacity and lack of harmful emissions. Another key element for the Aquon One project is the ability of hydrogen to be created in a sustainable way, in this case using a solar-powered electrolyser that separates hydrogen from desalinated seawater. The 64 square meters of solar panels that cover Aquon One's hard-top generate all the electricity needed to develop hydrogen, which is then stored in carbon tanks.

The Aquon One includes a small battery bank for short-term energy needs, both for propulsion and for on-board electrical use. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is compressed and intended for long-term use. SSY claims that hydrogen tanks hold more than 100 times the energy of a modern full-size battery system, offering more range and capacity than it would get by expanding its battery size.

Solar-hydrogen energy is not the only sustainable component of the Aquon One project. A water recycling system separates gray water from black water, purifies and gives the water a second life. The construction process is based on sustainable methods and materials, including bamboo. An electric tender ensures that shorter journeys are quiet and emission-free.

On board, the Aquon One is like a smart home but in the sea, with its 250 square meters of living space, along with a intelligent energy management, state-of-the-art communications and a suite of connected appliances including refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher and more. Mobile device control makes it easy to increase ventilation, lower or raise window shades, or adjust lighting.

The Aquon One layout starts at the top with the flybridge wide open below the solarized hardtop, housing an outdoor social space with U-shaped lounge, outdoor kitchen with grill and bar. The main deck is where passengers will be able to enjoy internal social spaces, including a living room with large windows and its own terrace, a dining area and the main kitchen. The lower deck houses the bedrooms including guest bedrooms, bathrooms and crew quarters.

Swiss Sustainable Yachts unveiled the Aquon One design at events throughout 2021 and last month it collaborated exclusively with the maritime intermediary Fraser Yachts, which shares it at 6 million euros. Latitude Yachts shipyard will take care of construction, and first deliveries are scheduled for 2023.

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