Halo Infinite is unplayable due to cross-play, angry players

Halo Infinite is unplayable due to cross-play, angry players

Halo Infinite is unplayable due to cross-play

After the launch of Halo Infinite, the new epic of Master Chief is experiencing very positive first moments of life. In addition to the single-player campaign released less than a week ago, it is the multiplayer mode that has been debating fans lately, who consider it practically unplayable due to a feature that should be viewed positively and instead is infuriating players.

In these hours many players have expressed their frustration on Reddit, running a post showing a player who blatantly uses different hacks such as aimbot and probably wallhacks to take advantage of them online. What gamers are highlighting is the fact that the game currently has no anti-cheat, proprietary, or even third party that can counter this, which leaves online gaming prey to cheaters.

But the question doesn't stop there, another post appeared on Twitter showing a second player using the sniper rifle to make several consecutive headshots in a completely unnatural way. Clearly, the situation is by no means the most optimistic, and as the game doesn't even have an option to disable crossplay, more and more players are confident of finding Halo Infinite multiplayer unplayable due to these issues.

B0oteeSweat7031 rage hacking, blatant cheating and aimlock. Halo Infinite. #cheating from haloinfinite

Currently 343 is already working on fixing some problems related to the battle pass, and the team will probably work hard to fix the problems caused by crossplay and cheaters.

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