Genshin Impact: the best builds for Gorou

Genshin Impact: the best builds for Gorou

Genshin Impact

In this Genshin Impact guide we will take an overview of Gorou's abilities and characteristics and explain which, in our opinion, are the best builds for this character.

Introduced with version 2.3 of the miHoYo action RPG, Gorou is a 4-star rarity character who fights with the bow and uses the Geo element. It has excellent synergy with other fighters who use the same element and is more suited to supporting the team with buffs rather than causing damage.

How to get Gorou

At the moment it is possible get Gorou in Genshin Impact with the "Oni's Desire" banner until January 4, 2021. After that the character will also be available in the standard "Wanderlust Invocation" banner.

Gorou is a 4-star character, so he's much more easy to obtain compared to those of the maximum rare. In the banner "Oni's Royale" as usual are three 4-star characters in evidence, namely Gorou, Barbara and Xiangling. The odds of receiving a 4-star item are 5.1% base and 99.4% after 10 consecutive wishes in which you don't get one. Furthermore, there is a 50% chance that the prize in question is one of the three previously mentioned characters. In practice, in the worst case, every 10 wish in this banner you will have a one in six chance to add Gorou to your ranks (or to receive his Star of Luck if you already have it).

If you are looking to get Arataki Itto, the 5 star character star of the banner currently underway on Genshin Impact (here is the guide on the best buid for Itto), there is a good chance you will also receive Gorou as he expresses Wish, as well as sooner or later you may find it in the standard banner. But is it worth investing resources to empower Gorou? We will try to give you an answer below, with an overview of active and passive talents, constellations, materials for upgrades, fighting style and best builds for this character

Talents, constellation and materials for the boost

The range of Gorou's General's War Banner is quite large composed of at least two members using the Geo element. Also bringing the Constellation to Liv. 4, Gorou is also able to heal the whole team. His offensive potential is secondary, but not entirely negligible. Below is an overview of Gorou's fighting talents:

Normal Attack: Ripping Fang Fletching

Gorou's standard combo consists of four quick bow strikes. By holding down the dedicated button, you enter aiming mode and can unleash a charged attack that deals Geo damage. With the attack from above Gorou shoots a shower of arrows as he falls and once he reaches the ground he inflicts Geo damage in area.

Elemental Skill: Inzuzaka All-Round Defense

By activating the Elemental Skill, Gorou inflicts area Geo damage and creates a "General's War Banner". This banner remains active for 10 seconds at the point where it is created (you can choose the position by holding down the Elemental Skill button) and activates up to three different buffs to all characters who are within its activation range depending on the number of Geo element characters in the team, specifically:

1 Geo character - adds "Standing Firm": activates a bonus to the DEF (defense). The increase is fixed and does not scale on Gorou's DEF but rather on the talent level of this Elemental Skill (at Level 1 the bonus is 206 and rises to 392 at Level 8). 2 Geo characters - adds "Impregnable": increases resistance to opponent interruptions. 3 Geo characters - adds "Crunch": activates a 15% Geo damage bonus (regardless of talent level).

Obviously being Gorou a Geo element character he is included in the count for activating the buffs. This means that the first bonus, Standing Firm, is guaranteed, while two more Geo characters will be required to activate them all.

Elemental Burst: Juuga Forward Unto Victory

By activating the Elemental Burst, Gorou inflicts area Geo damage and activates "General's Glory" for 9 seconds which has similar characteristics with the Elemental Skill banner, but with some rather important differences. First, like the "General's War Banner" it activates up to three buffs at the same time based on the number of Geo characters in the team (they are the same), but in this case the field of action moves with the active character.

In addition, General's Glory creates a "Crystal Collapse" (so 6 in total) every 1.5 seconds that causes area Geo damage. Finally, within the activation radius creates an elemental shard every 1.5 seconds (the fragments created with the elemental reactions Geo), then free barriers.

General's Glory overrides the General's War Banner if active. Furthermore, for the duration of its effect you will not bea> able to create a General's War Banner with the Elemental Skill, which therefore we advise you to activate only at the end of the Elemental Burst effects. Another detail to keep in mind is that Geo damage on Elemental Burst activation and Crystal Collapse damage are based on Gorou's DEF, the higher it is, the greater the damage.

Now to Gorou's passive talents:

Heedless of the Wind and Weather: After using the Elemental Burst, all party members get a 25% DEF bonus for 12 seconds. Useful for increasing the damage of Gorou's Crystal Collapse, but also for powering up characters who use this stat to increase damage, such as Arataki Itto. A Favor Repaid: Gorou gains a 15.6% DEF bonus on Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage (including Crystall Collapses). Seeker of Shinies: Inazuma's unique assets are shown on the mini-map.

Here are the bonuses of the constellation of Gorou:

Lev. 1, Rushing Hound: Swift as the Wind - When a character other than Gorou who is within activation range of the General's War Banner or General's Glory deals Geo damage to an enemy, the cooldown time of Gorou's Elemental Skill is reduced by 2 seconds. This effect can be activated once every 10 seconds. Lev. 2, Sitting Hound: Steady as Clock: When General's Glory's effect is active, its duration is extended by 1 second when a character gains an elemental shard created by an elemental reaction. This way you can extend the duration of the Elemental Burst by up to 3 seconds. Lev. 3, Mauling Hound: Fierce as Fire - increases Gorou's Elemental Skill level by 3 and the level cap reaches 15. Lev. 4, Lapping Hound: Warm as Water - when the second or third buff (therefore with two / three Geo characters in the team) of General's Glory is active, Gorou heals the characters in its range for a value equal to 50% del of Gorou's DEF every 1.5 seconds. Yes, Gorou can become a healer: the heals are not particularly powerful, but between defense bonuses and barriers they are more than enough to support the party. Lev. 5, Striking Hound: Thunderous Force - increases Gorou's Elemental Burst level by 3 and the level cap reaches 15. Lev. 6, Valiant Hound: Mountainous Fealty - for 12 seconds after activating Gorou's Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, increases the Geo element critical damage of all team members, based on the number of active buffs of the General's War Banner and General's Glory: 10% with one active buff, 20% with two active buffs, and 40% with three active buffs.

To bring Gorou to the highest level you will need the following materials:

420.00 Mora 46 Perpetual Heart 1 Prithiva Topaz Sliver 9 Prithiva Topaz Fragment 9 Prithiva Topaz Chunk 6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone 18 Spectral Husk 30 Spectral Heart 36 Spectral Nucleus

The Perpetual Heart is the unique material left by the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss who is located underground on Jinren Island in Inazuma. You can reach it from the portal located on Jinren Island or, more conveniently, from the underground Teleport Waypont that is unlocked during the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest. The boss also leaves the Prithiva and Shivada stones. The "Spectral" series materials are left behind by the Specters, a common enemy in the Inazuma region that you will encounter in the Watatsumi, Seirai and Tsurumi Islands. If you need help locating them, here is their location on the interactive miHoYo map.

To empower Gorou's talents you will need additional "Spectral" materials, as well as Teachings / Guide / Philosophies of Light that you get in the Domain Violet Court on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as the Molten Moments he leaves the weekly boss located in the city of Inazuma (whose name we do not reveal to avoid spoilers).

The best builds for Gorou

Gorou in an official artwork by Genshin Impact After doing an overview of the skills and characteristics the time has finally come to talk about the best builds for Gorou, one of the most interesting new entries in Genshin Impact.

Let's start from the assumption that in a normal formation, Gorou is not a character particularly useful. The true potential of him, in fact, is unlocked only and exclusively in a team composed of two other characters of the Geo element, since only in this way can all three buffs of General's War Banner and General's Glory be activated and exploited at 100%. Another particularly important aspect is the number of active Constellation bonuses. In fact, at C4 Gorou becomes able to heal the team with his Elemental Burst. We are talking about modest healing, but combined with the DEF bonuses given by Gorou and the barriers created with the Geo element, they could be more than enough to support the team. In summary: he is the best possible support in a Geo-centric team that provides buffs, does decent damage and bestows healing (to C4), but he is a character that we do not recommend in all other cases. Note that Gorou and his abilities have a great synergy with Arataki Itto, the new 5-star character from the Oni's Royale banner.

Gorou's bonus stat increases Geo damage by up to 24%. In general, the parameters to be raised are the DEF%, since it increases the power of his attacks and the bonuses given to the team, and the Energy Recharge (possibly 150% - 180%) due to the high cost of the Elemental Burst (80 ). In general, Gorou's play style involves alternating a cycle or two of Elemental Skills with one of Elemental Burst, in order to keep the buffs of General's War Banner and General's Glory permanently active.

weapons, given the importance of Energy Recharge, the option we recommend is the Favonius Warbow, which creates elemental particles with critical hits (60% probability, once every 12 seconds) that allow you to recover 6 points of Energy. A valid alternative is the Sacrificial Bow, although the effect (40% probability of resetting the cooldown of the Elemental Skill) is not particularly useful in the case of Gorou.

As for Artifacts, we recommend a mix of two Husk of Opulent Dreams pieces (30% defense bonus) and two Emblem of Severed Fate pieces (+ 20% Energy Recharge). However, if you have already reached a high value of Energy Recharge or are looking for an alternative, you can opt for four pieces Husk of Opulent Dreams, thus obtaining the effects of Curiosity: the user gets a stack of this buff for each successful Geo attack. and one every three seconds when not the active party character. Up to 4 stacks can be stacked, each of which increases DEF and Geo damage by 6%. After six seconds without getting a Curiosity buff, the stack count decreases by one.

For Artifact stats, we recommend aiming for the DEF% and Energy Recharge bonuses as the main stats. For the substats, in addition to DEF and Energy Recharge, we suggest you increase the critical percentage and critical damage. Finally, as far as talent enhancement is concerned, Gorou's standard attacks are negligible, rather focus on the Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

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