Asmodee Italia: all the news coming in December 2021

Asmodee Italia: all the news coming in December 2021

Asmodee Italia

Asmodee Italia is ready to conclude 2021 with great momentum and energy, the publisher has in fact released the list of news for December 2021, bringing numerous titles to the stores, including expansions and new games. Here is the list of new releases.


Release date: December 6, 2021

Welcome to the beginning of a new school year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! The House Cup invites the brightest students to compete in this worker placement game. It will be essential to use the Knowledge and Magic acquired to learn the Lessons and complete the Challenges. Earning the highest number of points for your home will allow you to be proclaimed Champions of the House Cup!

Players: from 2 to 4 Average length of a game: 75 'Suggested age: 11 years and up Gender: Light Game, Worker Placement Recommended retail price: € 49.90 Studio: USAopoly Authors: Nate Heiss, Kami Mandell


Release date: December 6, 2021

The Minions have invaded the universe of Exploding Kittens! Your favorite explosive card game, in a new Minions themed version, with new card types and magical hotbanana-dogs. A card game for those who love bananas and explosions and flaming unicorns and sometimes even fire hydrants.

Players: from 2 to 5 Average length of a game: 15 'Suggested age: 7 years and up Genre: Party Game Recommended retail price: € 24.90 Studio: Exploding Kittens


Release date: December 6, 2021

A secret resistance movement is the far line of defense in this thrilling prequel to Ubisoft's video game, Watch Dogs Legion. The delivery boy Olly Soames is the latest addition to the DedSec resistance movement, and when a stranger is killed in front of him, the danger is closer than you think. For Sarah Lincoln, a young and warlike politician, a series of murders presents the perfect opportunity to make a name for herself. Former MMA fighter Ro Hayes has gotten into trouble with London's most brutal gang and her survival depends on a dead man's secrets. Ro's brother Danny has a brand new contract with a private military company, Albion, and his new career is taking him down some dodgy paths. Four lives become embroiled in a criminal conspiracy that threatens to destroy DedSec and throw all of London into chaos. Something really horrifying is happening in town…

Genre: Novel RRP: € 16.90 Studio: Aconyte Books Authors: Josh Reynolds, James Swallow


Release Date expected: December 14, 2021

At the beginning of the twentieth century a mysterious island is discovered in the middle of the ocean. The explorers are about to abandon it with their pockets full of treasures, but the island slowly begins to sink. In a panic, adventurers must try to avoid a grim fate. The lucky ones will return on a boat, while the most unlucky will have to swim to safety. But none of them will be safe from the sea monsters, sharks and whales that infest this part of the ocean! Who will be able to reach the mainland?

Players: from 2 to 4 Average length of a game: 45 'Suggested age: 8 years and up Genre: Light Game Recommended retail price: € 39.99 Studio: Zygomatic Author: Julian Courtland-Smith Illustrations: David Ausloos


In The Island, you would never want to abandon anyone ... Now, thanks to this 5-6 player mini expansion that increases the number of players per game, you won't have to abandon your friends either! Play even more fun and exciting games for up to 6 players!


The sea creatures surrounding the island of Atlantis are extremely dangerous and can now swim even more quickly and dive to unleash sudden attacks on Swimmers and Boats! Fortunately, friendly Dolphins will come to the rescue of the Explorers by protecting them from attack ... will that be enough to survive this adventure?


A new sea creature has been spotted off the coast of Atlantis: the Giant Octopus! With its long tentacles, this creature manages not only to reach the Scouts on the Boats, but also those on land! With this new mini expansion, add a new thrill to the exciting adventures of The Island!

Players: 2-6 Duration: 45 'Age: 8+ Genre: Light Game Recommended price: € 19.99 Studio: Zygomatic Author: Julian Courtland-Smith Illustrations: Jean-Brice Dugait and Stéphane Gantiez


A quiz game with 1000 questions to test your knowledge about the universe of the wizard world famous! Just press the button and follow the voice, the console takes care of everything: it will ask the questions and score the points! Players won't have to think about anything but ... the right answer! The goal is to defend the colors of your home by answering questions and earning points. For each mistake you will lose points instead! The House with the highest score will win the House Cup! Who will be the smartest wizard?

Players: 2-4 Duration: 15'-20 'Age: 8 and up Genre: Party Game Price: € 29.90 Studio: Zanzoon


Harry Potter: The Rise of the Death Eaters is a collaborative game of cards and dice for 2-4 players, set during the events of The Order of the Phoenix. Over the course of the game, each player will gather witches and wizards of the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army and Hogwarts to fight against the growing threat posed by Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters in order to prevent them from spreading their dark influence. among the various Places of the Wizarding World!

Players: 2-4 Duration: 60 'Age: 11 years and up Genre: Light Game Price: € 49.90 Studio: USAopoly Authors: Patrick Marino, Andrew Wolf


Heroes and heroines! Welcome to Avel, land of amazing places and creatures, surrounded by dozens of magical moons. Avel needs help! Kurodar, the Dark Moon, has risen into the sky and the ancient power it emanates has awakened the forces of evil. Only true heroes and heroines will be able to protect Avel's most precious treasure, the Healing Jewel, from destruction. In The Chronicles of Avel it will be necessary to create your own character, fight monsters, obtain coins and equipment, explore the territory, prepare to meet the Beast, defeat your enemies and finally save the castle.

Players: 1- 4 Duration: 60 'Age: from 8 years up Genre: Light Game, Fantasy Price: 34.99 € Studio: Rebel Author: Przemek Wojtkowiak Illustrations: Bartłomiej Kordowski


I monsters that roam around the Castle of Avel and, above all, the looming Beast, constitute a real danger for the inhabitants of these lands. It is therefore not surprising that everyone wants to contribute to this battle. Artisans make tools and weapons, dwarves build siege machines, herbalists formulate new recipes and boil potions. The people of the wilderness will also join the battle if courage is shown by defeating the monsters. Their help must be used to protect the Castle of Avel together! New very useful equipment for your characters and new corners of the world to discover (game board tiles) with related effects! New enemies, monsters, but also new friends, animals.

Players: 1-4 Duration: 60 'Age: 8+ Genre: Light Game, Fantasy Price: € 4.99 Studio: Rebel Author: Przemek Wojtkowiak Illustrations: Bartłomiej Kordowski

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