PlayStation Plus, July 2021: A Plague Tale: Innocence and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

PlayStation Plus, July 2021: A Plague Tale: Innocence and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

PlayStation Plus, July 2021

The rumors were founded: among the PlayStation Plus games of July 2021 comes the PS5 version of A Plague Tale: Innocence, the dramatic adventure developed by Asobo Studio and set in the darkest and most threatening medieval Europe, that of the Black Death and the Holy Inquisition .

However, the additions to the PS4 catalog are also very interesting, represented by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the exclusively multiplayer episode of the Activision series, and the arcade and comic wrestling of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which try to relaunch the atmosphere of the great hall classics such as WWF Superstars and WWF WrestleFest.

Did the readers of appreciate these choices? Apparently not: according to our survey, 35% of users said they were not satisfied at all and 27% unsatisfied, while only 12% enthusiastically welcomed the July line-up.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence, Amicia in one of the early stages of the campaign. Almost a month after the announcement of A Plague Tale: Requiem, the new chapter of the series, the engaging stealth-based adventure developed by Asobo Studio arrives in the PlayStation Plus catalog and does so with the version optimized for PS5, which brings graphics at 4K and 60 fps, introduces support for the DualSense controller and various other improvements.

We will be able to enjoy the excellent narrative experience of A Plague Tale: Innocence in the best possible way, getting to know the two young protagonists of the game, Amicia and Hugo, fleeing the Holy Inquisition against the backdrop of a decidedly inhospitable medieval Europe, hit hard by the plague of the black plague.

Taking advantage of this situation, taking advantage of the hordes of rats and the darkness, but also possibly Amicia's ability with the slingshot, we will have the task of guiding the two characters to safety, avoiding the guards who guard the scenarios, gathering resources along the way and exploiting all that the settings make available to us.

Net of a degree of challenge that will hardly bother you, especially in the first half of the campaign, A Plague Tale: Innocence in short, a solid and fascinating production is confirmed, capable of emotionally involving thanks to the issues addressed and the excellent characterization of the protagonists, as well as an elegant and inspired soundtrack. Here is our review of A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the protagonists of the Zombie campaign. Devoid of the single player campaign but rich in content regarding online modes, both competitive and cooperative, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was undoubtedly a breaking episode for the famous Activision series, which it tried for the first time to do without the cinematic story mode that has always accompanied the release of each chapter.

The result is still a very solid title, full of maps and stipulations (many of which unpublished) for multiplayer, suitably refined , and with three zombie campaigns that try to push the limits of this co-op experience further, expanding the universe and involving us in even more frenetic and spectacular situations.

Here is our review of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

WWE 2K Battlegrounds, a cartoonish John Cena throws fiery punches at an opponent. We all remember the fierce controversy that accompanied the troubled launch of WWE 2K20 and that prompted 2K Games to skip a ride while waiting to entrust the franchise to a new development team. In order not to leave the license abandoned, however, the publisher has thought of an arcade-style chapter that would try to resume the mechanics of the Technos Japan classics.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is precisely the realization of this experiment, an immediate and cartoonish title that takes the most famous WWE fighters of the past and present to give us a full-bodied roster and a light-hearted and fun gameplay on paper.

Goal achieved? Unfortunately not: the guys at Saber Interactive should have believed it more.

July 2021 arrivals and departures

No longer available on PlayStation Plus from 6 July

Star Wars: Squadrons - PS4

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown - PS4

Operation: Tango - PS5

Available on PlayStation Plus from 6th July

A Plague Tale: Innocence - PS5

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - PS4

WWE 2K Battlegrounds - PS4

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