Phantom Abyss: Indiana Jones Flair in Early Access Check

Phantom Abyss: Indiana Jones Flair in Early Access Check

Phantom Abyss

Phantom Abyss recently went into Early Access and we took a closer look at the first-person platformer. We have to admit - we are very impressed by the mixture of hunter of forgotten treasures and parkour. In the meantime, Indy is already a thing of the past and will therefore hardly swing his whip around. Well, only that in Phantom Abyss you have to escape the temple instead of breaking in. And if you want to escape from the temple, please do it in style. In our first early access check, we'll tell you whether the next indie hit awaits us here or whether the game should stay buried deep in the temple.

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1 Whips, what it holds up - even Indy gets jealous 2 blessing? Is there only after inserting more coins 3 Phantom Pain 4 The Lord of the Whips 5 The same game every day, from the playpen to the grave When conceiving the traps, the developers of were also very creative: With spikes, blades, pits, arrows, knives, falling You will get to know stones and much more in the course of the game.


Phantom Abyss | PREVIEW | Indiana Jones hits Temple Run loadVideoPlayer ('83993', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1374663, false, 277634, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Every dungeon that you enter through a portal in the main hub is also protected by an increasingly aggressive guardian spirit. There are three different ones in total. The red guardian, the consuming rage, pursues you through the entire dungeon and brings you straight back into the abyss if it catches you. The blue and green guardians, the eye of torment and the rascal mask, shoot at you with different attacks. The latter two are extremely annoying, but not nearly as dangerous as the red death mask and its deadly touch.

Whip as much as you can - even Indy gets jealous

Relics come in a wide variety of forms. Depending on how deep the artifact is hidden in the temple, it is of higher quality. Source: PC Games If you want to jump the certain death off the shovel and get through the labyrinth as unscathed as possible, then you need a suitable tool. And not only Indiana Jones, but also the developers of Phantom Abyss are of the opinion that nothing other than a whip is an option for a treasure hunter. You can use these, for example, to pull yourself up on edges or to overcome great distances. Even boxes that are far away can be opened with a targeted blow and rotating blade traps blocked for a short time.

The controls are very easy to use and with a little practice you can quickly find your way around. Soon she's swinging the whip as if it were an extension of her body.

And the rest of the movement in Phantom Abyss is brisk and fluid. Missing jumps can be cushioned by a roller and you can overcome slopes faster by sliding and sprinting.

Blessing? Is only given after inserting more coins

. If you are not careful, you will quickly have these little spikes stuck in your body. Source: PC Games In addition to the relics, which are our main goal in the dungeons, of course smaller treasures should not be missing. The coins that you find in chests can be sacrificed at various shrines to get improvements for the current run. For example, you can enlarge your life bar or fill up parts of it. You always start the dungeons with only three heart containers. Various improvements for your whips or your own character are also available - for example the ability to do a double jump. The extras are "nice to have", but not decisive for the game. In the end, it doesn't take more than a whip to be prepared for a successful hunt for artifacts.

Phantom Pain

The rest is up to you and always remember: Practice makes perfect and frequent failure is part of the game. Because when you die - and believe us, you will - a phantom of you will be left in the dungeon. This can be seen by other players, as can the trap that has set you. Your death makes life a little easier for other treasure hunters - or vice versa. Because when you enter a level, the phantoms of other players who have found their end there are also displayed.

If you use this advantage wisely, you might even make it to the heart of the multi-part temple, in which a legendary relic awaits you. If you bag this, the temple will be locked forever and will be blocked for other players. This has the advantage that your path is not too heavily overrun by phantoms. As the first player to claim the relic, you'll feel like the first man on the moon, but despite this mechanic, you don't have to worry about running out of stages. Phantom Abyss keeps delivering new procedurally generated dungeons. And the makers have also given some other thought to the subject of long-term motivation.

Here we have penetrated particularly far into the temple. Hopefully our journey will not end badly here. Source: PC Games

The Lord of the Whips

To avoid frustration, the game keeps throwing in small moments of success. For example, you can unlock new whips by obtaining relics. Not only do they look cool, they also offer certain bonuses on top of that. But watch out, the new models are often double-edged swords and also have disadvantages.

Before you start, you should quickly choose the right whip. Source: PC Games With the obsidian whip, for example, you can get more gold from chests. In return, phantoms can steal your gold. Another whip makes it possible to heal you in the water, but you lose all of your savings as soon as you take damage. So while standard treasures are enough at the beginning, you have to find green, blue or red specimens later. However, they only exist in the deeper, more demanding levels of the temple. So upgrades are becoming increasingly difficult, but also more rewarding!

But be careful, if you die in a dungeon, you lose your equipped whip and have to wait until another player completes the level. Or you can get the lost whip back by using some colored coins. This ensures that you don't always just take your favorite whip with you, but also give the dusty pieces of your collection a chance.

The same game every day, from the playpen to the grave

Many Roads lead to Rome. In the event that you claim the relic, the temple will close its doors. Source: PC Games These tactical considerations, the slight rogue-like mechanics, the asynchronous multiplayer, the exciting setting - all of this put us in a good mood during our first hours with Phantom Abyss. Of course, the title is not perfect: disconnections, stability and performance problems or motion sickness in the roll animation are just a few of the shortcomings that the makers still have to work on. But if we can get this under control in the future and additional features such as share codes for certain temples are implemented as planned, then we are confident that the action platformer has a bright future. In any case, we can't wait to see Indiana Jones swing our whip again to go on a breakneck hunt for relics!

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