One Piece 98: the review, the battle of Onigashima begins

One Piece 98: the review, the battle of Onigashima begins

One Piece 98

Starting from June 30, 2021, Star Comics has finally published the Italian edition of One Piece 98, the manga written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda published in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 1997 in the comics, newsagents and online stores. br>

One Piece 98, the battle of Onigashima begins

As we get closer and closer to yet another record, 1000 chapters and Volume 100, this latest volume has opened the doors to a crucial point in the narration of the saga of the Land of Wa: the beginning of the long showdown against the Emperor Kaido in a battle with the former faithful vassals of Kozuki Oden, the nine Red Sheaths.

One Piece 98 consists of 10 chapters, from 985 to 994, of which three of them are introduced by special illustrations (in the Weekly Shonen Jump edition they were made in color). The narration is framed within the third act of the Country of Wa and there is also the conclusion of the mini-story "Oh my Family by Gang Bege".

On the cover we find Monkey D. Luffy and the new character who is playing a fundamental role in the war of Wa, also the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Kozuki Oden and daughter of Kaido, Yamato. The two warriors are surrounded by the nine Red Sheaths in combat gear.

One Piece 98 resumes the narrative with the preparation of Kozuki Oden's former vassals for battle: facing Kaido at alone of the Orcs (Onigashima) in order to free the Country of Wa from the totalitarianism imposed by the Emperor and to open the borders of the same country to the outside world, which has always been closed without any possibility of flowering (despite the fact that the dancing cherry blossoms).

Before the great battle coveted for 20 long years, the Red Sheaths, now eight and no longer nine, must immediately lick their wounds after learning of Kanjuro's betrayal. The former vassal, in fact, has always plotted behind his comrades favoring his opponents and consequently playing the role of a real Kabuki theater actor.

But it is not just a theater since the life of Wa's future Shogun, Momonosuke Kozuki, and the freedom of the country are at stake. Having said that, the Red Foders must close their heart and immediately block their dear ex friend. In a heartbeat, the brave Kikonoju does so with a slash steeped in honor, tears, blood and snow. Now the road is cleared towards Kaido, towards the roof of Onigashima. However, before the big move, Kaido needs to make a big announcement about his own unregulated island.

The "New Onigashima" plan

Kaido, in fact, announces the plan " Nuova Onigashima ”and its goal is to transform the whole country into an Empire made up of pirates at its service, servants, military camps and weapons of all kinds to counter all those who are against it. Kaido intends to eradicate the figure of the country to transform it into something clandestine, always closed to the world, but with the intention of conquering that same world.

Allied with Big Mom, Kaido consequently intends to do his ancestral weapons and to reach the treasure of One Piece, fulfilling his dream of an absolute despot.

This plan, however, does not convince his long-time right-hand man and current Shogun of Wa, Orochi. The latter, in fact, cannot even find the words to oppose the emperor's diabolical plan. Kaido has no intention of backing down, but it is clear that he will have to struggle and overcome obstacles to reach his ambitious goal. Speeches and objectives set, now the battle of destiny begins.

Foderi Rossi against Kaido: the battle of destiny

The Red Foders finally manage to reach Kaido's presence, on the roof of Onigashima , and here begins the battle which, combining action and dialogue, perfectly evokes the honorable battles between samurai told in traditional Japanese folklore. The Foderi Rossi know the danger well, they face it also aware of having to sacrifice themselves for their goal. They launch into the attack in unison and, in a screamed impetus, they manage to injure the Emperor, making his greatest fear ever overcome in the mind of the villain: the confrontation of Kozuki Oden before death. br>
Kaido appreciates the honor and joint strength of his adversaries, but at the same time he knows well that their techniques are materially only the shadow of what Oden was able to do. Despite this, the Scabbards continue to advance together, attacking and defending with courage. The Emperor proves to be a despot who acts to achieve his goal without retreating but, on several occasions, does not hide the pride and satisfaction for his own allies.

During the battle, in fact, part of the former vassals (the minks evolved in Sulong mode) also find themselves fighting against Jack, one of Kaido's three first-rate Superstars. Jack cannot get the better of his opponents, but, despite this, the Emperor himself has words of encouragement because he firmly believes that it is not a weakness of his subordinate but a much higher level of strength than his opponents. .

Kaido therefore demonstrates his depth of judgment, which almost clashes with his egocentric totalitarianism: in his actions there is the awareness of accepting the presence of entities stronger than his allies. However, the battle continues and the Emperor, despite the constant attacks received, is always there at the top to show off his dragon power. However, he knows he cannot rest on his laurels, as something predestined is coming.

The meeting of the Straw Hat Pirates

At the same time, inside the castle of Onigashima, finally we reunite the complete Straw Hat pirates, including Jinbe who is facing his first battle as Luffy's pirate.


Disaster has served inside the castle by another Kaido's first-rate Superstar, Queen, who has released a devastating virus that makes everyone present who inhale it evolve into ice monsters. It is a real infectious disease whose devastating power will lead the victim to die after an hour and, for this, a new front is born where Chopper will have to mobilize to create an antidote without distracting himself from the battle.

Luffy, on the other hand, ardently desires, as always, to forge ahead to offer his support to the Red Sheaths in the battle against Kaido, but the latter's subordinates want, instead, to stop him with their own strength. As if that were not enough, other external reinforcements have arrived on the battlefield in the pay of Kaido, the six Flying Companions, whose goal, instead, is to capture Yamato and kill the descendant of the Kozuki Oden family, Momonosuke.

Before aiming for Momonosuke, the Flying Companions must first eliminate the traitor in their ranks: X-Drake (Navy affiliate).

X-Drake, theoretically part of the Flying Companions, actually he is acting undercover pretending to be Kaido's ally, but his real intentions are still not clear. His former companions would like his head of him, but X-Drake, to save his own skin, expressly asks Luffy and Zoro to temporarily join forces to achieve the common goal. In this small juncture it is possible to see fear in the eyes of a cold and calculating warrior, but who finds in Luffy the last lifeline after that, as can be seen in the flashback, Coby reveals to him the friendly nature of his old friend.

Luffy and Zoro accept the proposal starting the battle in which the first deployments begin to unfold that will lead the Straw Hat pirates to divide to face the Flying Companions. Despite this, as already established, everyone is giving their all to allow Luffy not to waste too much energy.

"My other name is Yamato"

The narration finally passes to Yamato, the main objective of the Flying Companions. Yamato, daughter of Kaido, proclaims herself the reincarnation of Oden and, as such, wishes to open Wa to the outside world by making Momonosuke its Shogun for a prosperous and cancer-free future for Kaido and Orochi. For a long time Yamato has wanted to sail and now he has decided to do so alongside Luffy by cultivating the same purpose and the same lust for adventure.

Pursued by enemy minions, Yamato carries on his goal of defending Momonosuke (escorted by Shinobu), although the latter has never before seen the reincarnation of the late father.

Yamato, therefore, proudly presents himself to the future Shogun of Wa and reveals to him the his courageous intentions: to embrace Oden's honor and to do him justice by accomplishing the long-established goal. Yamato takes the field immediately giving support to Luffy and Shinobu (the latter which he recognizes from the fact that he had seen her at the execution of Oden when she was still a child) declaring, contemptuous of her heritage, that her other name is, in fact, Yamato and that he will do everything in his power to change the fate of Wa.

One Piece Volume 98 - reading between the lines and conclusions

One Piece 98 enriches the narrative of the saga with a strong physical and fighting component, but it is not just the swords and fists that are the masters of the narrative process. Oda-sensei, in fact, uses the typical language of the samurai, steeped in words and affirmations that transform the pirate world into a real battle in pure feudal Japan style.

The battle is surrounded by words of sacrifice , of death sentences, but also of appreciation towards the opponent, of respect, transforming the gushed blood into a wind that fluctuates at the sound of destiny. The vassals of Oden are convinced that they are writing history at the cost of death, it is no coincidence that Oda-sensei entitles Chapter 991 "Let Us Die", underlining the 20-year long wait: to beat Kaido or die trying.

There is, of course, the pirate touch with the typical battles of the Straw Hat crew which, once reunited, consciously divides its forces. All the components have a specific role, no one stands by and each acts not only for the good of the Wa country, but also, as Franky says, for the desire to make Luffy the King of the Pirates at the expense of Kaido and Big Mom ( according to the plan of Nuova Onigashima the final objective is precisely to grab the treasure of One Piece).

The battle of Onigashima becomes a testing ground for the characters, but there is no lack of deceptions, misdeeds and also references cultural between history and current events. Regarding the story, the title of Chapter 987 refers to the Kabuki theatrical show dated 1748 in which there were also puppets, therefore it is also similar to the Joruri.

The battle between the Red Foders and Kaido proceeds to favor of the former vassals on the wings of the enthusiasm of the joint effort. Among other things, at this moment also Luffy and his companions become aware that it is a total war. The creation of the Queen virus, which leads to the transformation of the infected into ice monsters, instead seems to be a clear reference to the current dramatic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Luffy, in this volume, in just 10 chapters manages to forge two alliances, once again demonstrating his great ability to seize the moment and trust those who require help: first with Yamato and then with X-Drake with the only great purpose of avoiding expansionist aims. by Kaido.

The graphic style is quite lively and dashed. A strong inking underlines the complexity and criticality of the battles whose topical moments are highlighted thanks to the help of double boards with a great impact. The tables denote the typical chaos of a battle. The backgrounds are full of elements, from fighting warriors and there is no shortage of the most classic references to feudal Japan. On several occasions there is a by now consolidated synthesis and speed in the stretch that is corrected by an impeccable narration and captivating design.

The pirate context and the plot are not forgotten by the author, we find important news, but in flashes it denotes affectation, it could in fact speed up the narration. Oda also produced three color pages for the occasion.

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