Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated

Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated

A group of armed people would break into his home during the night. The murder comes as a result of strong political tensions between the government and the opposition, which led to the arrest of 23 people last February

Jovenel Moïse visiting the Vatican (photo: Ipa) A group of armed men killed in the night the president of Haiti Jovenel Moïse. According to the first reconstructions provided by the interim prime minister, Claude Joseph, and the Associated Press, a commando would have entered the 53-year-old's home around 1:00 am on 7 July. Moïse's wife, also at home at the time of the attack, is currently in hospital, while the perpetrators of the murder are still unknown.

According to Joseph's statement, the murder should not trigger a coup, because the Haitian national police and other authorities are keeping the situation under control. The attack on the president came in the midst of a profound political and economic crisis in the country, which was followed by an increase in violence between armed groups.

🇭🇹 [ALERTE] Le # Président haïtien, Jovenel # Moïse, a été assassiné dans la nuit par un commando armé. The #PremierMinistre condamne l'acte et appelle la population au calme. (communiqué officiel) #Haiti #Assassinat pic.twitter.com/JreYReJ8IC

- La Plume Libre (@LPLdirect) July 7, 2021

Moïse was first elected as president in the 2015 elections, which were then canceled for fraud and repeated the following year. Candidate for the center-right, Moïse also managed to win the second elections, starting to govern in February 2017. Since then, the president has been accused of corruption, for having illegally managed loans amounting to 2 billion dollars, and for having repressed numerous political opponents. In 2019, protests from citizens demanding his resignation culminated in violent clashes with police, during which some protesters and a journalist were killed.

Earlier this year, the small country which shares the island of Hispanola with the Dominican Republic has again plunged into a serious political crisis, due to the clashes between the government and the opposition over the length of Moïse's mandate. According to the opposition, he should have resigned on February 7, 2021, that is 5 years after the 2016 elections and as required by the Constitution. His supporters, however, argued that having only begun to govern in 2017, he should have remained in office for at least another year. In February, hundreds of protesters took to the streets demanding his resignation after the government arrested 23 people, including a Supreme Court judge and a senior police officer. Moïse called in the police, accusing the opposition of preparing a coup that would include a plan to assassinate him.

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