Ddl Zan, the discussion in the Senate begins

Ddl Zan, the discussion in the Senate begins

Ddl Zan

The debate can last for at least a couple of days, then the amendments will be presented and only then will the vote proceed

Milan pride 2018 (Claudio Furlan / LaPresse) 8 months after its approval in the Chamber, the bill Zan will also land in the Senate chamber. Today, July 13, the general discussion of the bill, presented by the deputy of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan, will begin to combat homolesbobitransphobia, misogyny and abilities. After months of obstructive practices, fake news and even a diplomatic intrusion from the Vatican, the Zan bill managed to arrive in the Senate in its original form, without the various distortions of the text proposed by Lega and Italia viva, the party of Matteo Renzi .

Introduction: why so much time has passed

Although the objective of the Zan bill is to extend the scope of the existing legislation on hate crimes to attacks and behaviors due to to sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and the condition of disability, the text has been repeatedly opposed by various political parties, by many exponents of the Catholic community and by the Vatican itself. The most critical point of the bill concerns the presence of the concept of "gender identity", contested as too vague, dangerous or contrary to women's rights, but which is actually also contained in the Istanbul convention on violence against women, ratified by Italian Parliament in 2013. Other voices accused the text of being contrary to freedom of expression - despite the fact that Article 4 is dedicated to the protection of freedom of opinion - and others have argued that "pedophilia is a sexual orientation" and therefore it would be protected by the Zan bill. Nothing could be more false given that pedophilia is considered a mental disorder and a crime, in the Italian legal system, while homosexuality or transsexuality are not.

The parties in the most open contrast to the approval of the bill are Lega and Brothers of Italy, the same ones who opposed the motion condemning Hungary proposed by the European Parliament following the Hungarian law against the rights of the LGBTQ + community. Furthermore, the Vatican sent a diplomatic note to the Italian government asking not to approve the text passed by the Chamber, because it could have limited the freedom of expression of the Catholic community. Finally, following the Vatican note, Italia viva recently proposed an amendment to the bill, despite its deputies having voted in favor of the current text in the Chamber.

The stages of the discussion of the Zan bill up to vote in the Senate

Today's discussion could presumably continue until at least 15 July. After these days of debate, the amendments to the text will be presented, which will certainly come from the right, but perhaps also from Italia Viva. A maximum deadline will therefore be set for tabling amendments and only then will the vote take place. If even one amendment is approved, the text will have to go back to the House for a second evaluation, further lengthening the time to pass the law and exposing it to the possibility of new obstructions.

The vote

The vote on the Zan bill will most likely take place by "secret ballot", thus guaranteeing the anonymity of the voters. This practice is mainly provided for when the classroom has to express itself on matters relating to "civil and ethical social relations", as required by article 113 of the Senate regulations. It can be requested directly by 20 senators and senators or by presidents of parliamentary groups. In this way, those who disagree with a text of law can vote against their party without being subjected to the pressures that could result from an open vote.

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