Green Hell: survival tips in the beginner's guide

Green Hell: survival tips in the beginner's guide

Green Hell

Survival tips in the jungle guide: Green Hell is one of the pearls of the survival games. After PC players and Nintendo Switch owners have already made the jungle unsafe, PS4 and Xbox One players can now start their adventure. We provide you with a beginner's guide for the virtual jungle and guide you gently and safely into the green hell. The adventure has a story mode that leaves you in the jungle. Even in the first few minutes of the game, the bite of a poisonous snake or an infection can kill you.

You will also come across unpleasant indigenous people who can also make life difficult for you. In the role of the researcher Jake Higgins you and your wife Mia visit the jungle of the Amazon. As a linguist, Mia wants to establish contact with the indigenous people of the Yabahuca and is in danger. Jake uses a radio to keep in touch with Mia and goes on a rescue mission. In these beginners' tips for Green Hell, we provide you with a basic overview of the game mechanics. Just as interesting: The best survival games 2021 in the video special.

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Green Hell - Beginners tips in the survival guide

With these tips for starting the game of Green Hell you will prepare yourself for the excursion into the Amazon jungle. In addition to PC gamers and Nintendo Switch owners, PlayStation and Xbox fans are now heading into the green hell.

Green Hell - Survival Guide to start the game

1 Green Hell - Tips for beginners in the Survival Guide 1.1 Food & Water 1.2 Important crafting to start the game 1.3 Notebook as a reference work 1.4 Dangers of the jungle 1.5 Symbols in status - what to do? 1.6 How do you save the game? 1.7 Setting up a camp 1.8 Orientation and exploration 1.9 Beware of hostile indigenous people

Food & water

Go on a hunt to stock up on food. Source: Creepy Jar First rule of survival in the jungle of Green Hell: Get water and food. The jungle with rivers and frequent rainfall offers a lot of water. But be careful: you shouldn't give in to thirst either from rivers or puddles. There is a risk of poisoning or illness through parasite infestation. You will find coconuts on palm trees, which you first harvest with tools (machete, bow and arrow) and then open. But it only offers a small supply of water. So you also learn how to craft a campfire in order to then boil water in the coconut halves or found objects and thus drink safely. It is the same with food. The requirement is divided into carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If you hunt birds, tapirs or fish, you should definitely cook the meat (protein & fat) on the fire before it spoils or you catch diseases by eating it raw. You will also find bananas, palm hearts (both carbohydrates) and nuts (fats).

Important crafting to start the game

At the beginning of the game you should make an ax and a spear. You make the latter out of a long stick. The ax made from a small stone and a stick. You don't necessarily need ready-made recipes in Jake's notebook. If you make things for which you have no blueprint, you will find a lot of information about animals, injuries, crafting options and more in the notebook. Source: Creepy Jar these are automatically noted in the notebook. Further recipes can then also appear. For example, the campfire requires 8 small sticks, 12 sticks, 4 large stones, and eight small stones. Here your water boils off and turns raw meat and fish into edible food. You can improve axes, spears and, later on, bows and arrows in the course of the game to defend yourself against the dangers of the jungle. You should also try to dismantle things like wood or bones to get possible smaller items. You can also try out your own creations in the crafting menu.

Notebook as a reference work

In the notebook you will not only find recipes for tools or buildings. Animals and their peculiarities are also noted. So if you meet a poisonous spider and let yourself be bitten, a note will be added. If you find a mushroom and try it, the following effect will be noted. Snippets of stories or treatment for injuries, poisoning and more are also included. Right at the beginning you should take a close look at the notebook in order to use it appropriately during the game. You can find many more details in the Green Hell Wiki.

Dangers of the jungle

Not only poisoned water or dangerous snakes and spiders are waiting in the game. If you cross a river, you should search your body for leeches, which you then remove from your legs or arms. It's the same with worms under the skin. Cut bones here to make smaller hooks or needles that you can use to remove them. Your mental health also plays a big role. So you shouldn't just cram all the mushrooms or berries into you. As soon as you vomit, you also suffer from water loss, which can also lead to fainting and death if you have little stamina. Speaking of endurance: Instead of running, you should rather sneak through the jungle so as not to attract unpleasant opponents. The little subtleties of Green Hell are sometimes more deadly than any armed native or dangerous jaguar in the bushes.

Symbols in status - what to do?

You should treat an injury before it becomes infected. Source: Creepy Jar Sometimes symbols appear on the screen that warn you of dangers. For example, your smartwatch warns you of dehydration or lack of food. A head symbol warns of potential hallucinations. These can occur after consuming poisonous mushrooms or berries. A magnifying glass indicates leeches on the body or injuries such as cuts. You should react quickly here, as you can get deadly infections or sepsis very quickly in Green Hell. Have you consumed polluted water or slept on the bare floor, a stomach symbol could be displayed. This indicates a parasite infestation. This leads to Jake vomiting. For example, you can brew a soothing tea from water lilies or relax by sleeping. You can see poisoning from a snake or spider bite by the symbol of the skull. Here it is important to quickly put on tobacco bandages. The thermometer symbol indicates a fever. That also costs energy and water. In the game world you will also find abandoned jeeps or camps where you collect medication. Keep them safe and use them against fever or infections.

How do you save the game

To save the game, a small shelter is sufficient. You can find this already noted in the notebook. You need 3x long sticks, 8x sticks as well as 1x rope and 13x palm leaves. Attention: Sleeping and Saving are two different actions. However, it is advisable to strive for a middle shelter including bed, so as not to spend the night on the bare floor and catch parasites during the restful sleep.

Set up a camp

Achieved during the story After a certain progress, you will find yourself in an abandoned camp, which then unlocks further crafting options in the notebook. You should provide for a place to sleep, a cooking area and drying of fish and meat. Crates or storage areas for items such as stones, sticks, logs and more are also advisable to always have space in your inventory. In the case of drying stands for food, make sure that you place them under one roof so that your food does not get wet during tropical rainfalls. In the camp you will also set up water collection points and filters or even a shower for personal hygiene.

Orientation and exploration

During the Green Hell story, you follow Mia's trail with the help of a map. However, this is more realistic. You learn to use the compass on your watch to plan explorations. Source: Creepy Jar orientate using distinctive locations and the compass in your smartwatch. Unlike games like Assassin's Creed, the game doesn't take you by the hand too much. This creates a dense jungle atmosphere and a gripping survival feeling. First find a safe storage space and sleeping place for exploration trips. Take enough food and water with you and plan to go on jungle raids well rested.

Warning, hostile natives

The Yabahuca live in the Amazon jungle. Originally, Jake's wife Mia wanted to get in touch with the indigenous people. However, while Jake explores the jungle, he is repeatedly attacked by warriors of the tribe. You should therefore be quiet and calm when forays through the woods. Fights usually end fatally, especially at the beginning, so avoid them. If Jake is haunted by hallucinations, the warriors can also attack. This blurs reality and fantasy, but such encounters end just as fatally. So you should also pay attention to your mental constitution in Green Hell.

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