Future Games Show: the most interesting announcements

Future Games Show: the most interesting announcements

Future Games Show

The second day of E3 2021 ended with the kermesse dedicated to the indies of the Future Games Show, presented by the iconic Laura Bailey and Troy Baker, two actors appreciated in the videogame scene for their interpretations in the role of some memorable characters from the entire medium .

After the mammoth Microsoft conference and a modest Square Enix event, the Future Games Show led us to discover some titles from the independent panorama, exhibiting some world premieres and some gameplay reveal of previously announced titles in the other conferences , as well as a slew of new interesting projects that have aroused our interest by managing to take a space on our pages. Let's see which ones.


Finally Instinction returns, developed by Hashbane Limited, in a gameplay video that shows its shooter soul in a setting that sprinkles Dino Crisis and Jurassik Park from all the pores. From what appears in the gameplay reveal, the title tries to be the direct heir of both, but proposing anxious atmospheres similar to those we experienced with the scariest horror titles of the last generation of consoles.

Watch on YouTube. We see her protagonist intent on escaping from some dinosaurs avoiding making noise, hidden behind a log while she holds her own machine gun already loaded with bullets firmly in her fingers. In addition, it seems that the camera can be switched from first to third person, as needed.

What struck us, however, is the setting of the island, which reminded us of Peter Jackson's film dedicated to the scary King Kong. Certainly the game plot is completely different from the transposition on the big screen, since we are talking about two multifaceted works but with excellent future ideas, on which the team can reflect.

Grow Song of the Evertree

Developed by developers Prideful Sloth, Grow Song of the Evertree tells the story of the last girl of the Everheart, an ancient order of skilled alchemists now extinct. Left alone with a tree that she must take care of by making it grow to protect it from the elements, her bond with the game world has strengthened to the point that she becomes part of it.

Watch on YouTube. The world of Grow Song of the Evertree is extraordinary and full of life, friendships and people who do not judge us by the size we carry but only by the botanical garden that we have laboriously cured while watering garden plants and old nettles. We were fascinated by the colors and situations that can arise, as well as by the movements of the main protagonist.

There will be so many activities, so many that we will be forced to make the funniest choices to generate a real world in our pleasure with green grasslands, cold ice columns or thick forests. The release is scheduled for 2021, although there is no specific date yet.

ESBC: Esport Boxing Club

Steel City Interactive throws us in the ring with ESBC, a brand new sports simulator boxing that will soon arrive on PC in early access, showing off all its brutality and awakening boxing lovers from hibernation.

The campaign mode will offer a vast customization menu, in which we will give life to our alter ego by outlining its physical appearance, with some officially licensed products that will make us very comfortable during our brilliant career, which will be hampered by various champions with whom we will have to fight.

Watch on YouTube. The fights will be more fluid thanks to the help of Scan Studio, resulting realistic due to the technologically advanced movements on the next gen, giving exciting excerpts during the most excited phases of the fight.

In the video we noticed an obsessive care in the facial expressions of the various wrestlers, who will be accompanied in their battles in the ring by the voices of viewers of the caliber of Paul Dempsey, Johnny Nelson and Tom Grisham. In short, Steel City Interactive has spared no expense and has focused on the best. ESBC will arrive for PlayStation 5 and Series X / S in a final version in 2021.


Developed by Gamious, this new interactive adventure puts us in the shoes of Meredith Weiss, a young woman who decided to do his father's job in his hometown. Not for nothing, we will be postmen in all respects in a cross-section of America in the 70s, carrying out a lot of activities in the existing location of Providence Oaks.

We will have packages to deliver around the city, we will tighten relationships and interact with various secondary characters, with whom we can even have romantic relationships.

Watch on YouTube. Any choice Meredith makes, one way or another, will affect the main story. She will decide whether to later return to the big city routine or stay in Providence Oaks, continuing to do the noble work of her father. Lake will be released on September 1, 2021 for Xbox and PC.

Sonic Colors Ultimate

SEGA, on the occasion of the hottest event in the gaming world, has released a new gameplay dedicated to Sonic Colors Ultimate , the remaster developed by Blind Squirrel Entertaiment, which we look forward to. A new trailer has been shown with the Tropical Resort Act 2 level, arranged by the Japanese manufacturer for all Sonic fans.

In this new adventure, our bluish hero will find himself battling the evil Doctor Eggman , who will do anything to prevent him from winning. Arrogant and conceited, the ruthless doctor has erected an amusement park among the stars to subject anyone to his evil power to attract the attention of the most touchy raccoon in the entire gaming landscape. The Wisps, the usual minions of the villain of sorts, will give Sonic a hard time, who will have to defend himself in every way and fight before losing his winter coat, as well as all the charm of him.

Look up YouTube. The graphics look much better than in 2010. The polygonal models appear better defined and marked, as well as inspired and well implemented. The title will be launched on September 7, 2021 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. Better not miss it!

Happy Game

Developed by Amanita Design, known in the independent panorama for Botanicula and Creeks, we will play a kid in a horrible nightmare after accidentally falling asleep.

he will dream of desperate and malignant faces, bewildered and penetrating eyes, capable of draining anyone, even the strongest and bravest of men. Anyone who underestimates those smileys will risk death, and who knows how slow and painful it will be. Lovers of the grotesque will certainly find themselves at home.

Watch on YouTube. We will go through an inspired and pleasant level design, as intricate and frightening as its dark inhabitants who will wait no more for our false step to kill us slowly, enjoying before our fears, and getting sated with our blood.

Happy Game will arrive at the end of 2021 on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. Currently you can try the demo, downloadable from Steam. Get ready, though: those smileys aren't friendly at all.

Project Ferocious

Officially unveiled last night during the Future Games Show event by the OMYOG boss, this shooter has all the potential to amaze fans of the genre. Developed for PC and exclusively for next-generation consoles, this new open world FPS has all it takes to amaze.

The events will be set on a remote island in the Pacific, which we will not find present on the maps. Some journalists, intrigued by this strange place, will notice the presence of prehistoric beasts and strange creatures that have come from who knows where, protected by a brutal international organization that will act in the shadows, appearing only to put a spoke in the wheels.

Watch on YouTube. Our task, difficult as usual, will be to find the lost journalists and bring them home. It will not be an easy task: we will have to investigate, kill, move quickly and survive the attacks of the threats present on the island, which resembles that of Lost.

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