A pirate TV network to watch Europeans has been dismantled live

A pirate TV network to watch Europeans has been dismantled live

The IPTV networks made use of over 600 IT resources including servers, sites and platforms, seized live on TV. Investigations by the Guardia di Finanza also identified users

(Photo: pixabay) Seizure of the pirate site and tracking of the connected viewer, live on TV on screens all over the world: it happened on June 17, during matches Denmark-Belgium and Ukraine-North Macedonia, in Italy officially broadcast exclusively on Sky, as part of an investigation carried out by the Guardia di Finanza on illegal Iptv (Internet protocol TV) reported by Uefa, owner of the broadcasting rights of the European 2020. The Euro Strike 2020 operation, coordinated by the Naples Public Prosecutor's Office led to the seizure of over 600 transmission servers, management platforms, showcase and live streaming sites, in addition the complete list of identification data of hundreds of thousands of illicit users worldwide.

IPTV monitoring has begun since the inaugural ceremony in Rome on 11 June. The system was based on IT platforms dedicated to transforming the "content sources", located in Europe, into data streams redistributed all over the world, to allow viewers to illegally use the audio-video signals, actually protected by copyright. . During the investigation, once the individual IT resources were queried, many returned the message "Xtream Codes Reborn" on the browser, which takes you back to a well-known worldwide pirate platform already dismantled in 2019.

An innovative tracking system has therefore made it possible to trace the users of pirate TVs who on Thursday saw the match interrupted by an information panel: the message warned them that the site had been seized and their connection data detected . The managers of the pirate services risk imprisonment from six months to three years and a fine of up to 15,493 euros, "while end users will automatically receive a significant administrative sanction for an amount of up to 1,032 euros", explains a note from the yellow flames: " This illegal business finances organized crime and causes massive damage to the Italian economy ”. The audiovisual industry lost over 8 thousand jobs in the year 2020 alone (Fapav data) precisely as a result of these criminal phenomena.

"The succession of increasingly frequent and effective counter actions are the result of the close collaboration between industry and law enforcement agencies, to which our thanks go for the commitment in the fight against a criminal phenomenon that damages the entire sports industry, from amateur sports, to enthusiasts, to rights holders and broadcasters, destroying jobs and creativity ”, concludes a note from Sky expressing“ satisfaction ”with the operation.

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